Dealing with mold

Im new to growing i started my first grow in a 3x6 closet 1000 watt led. Mars hydro. I started with 10 plants from seed at different strains i put a humidifier to keep a 60 to 70 percent. I think i dont have proper ventilation the humidity is hard to control ir the house temp chanes there humidity juped to 100 percent then mold kick in i got rid off 3 plants then fought with mold for 2 more week got rid of 4 more feeling i was over crowding im every 3 day pull every thing out of the room bleach spray then a alcohol spray then drench the in fungicide set 24 then clean water wash now im down to 3 plants one strain i believe is a auto flower that plant whanted clones from for nex grow. I didnt because of mold but it when into flower way before the photo plants i made a decision to pull clones in fower at any day 4 sence i clones it they live what if have mold also how can i stop the fucking mold. Do i just need to upgrade to to a tent with proper ventilation. Is the ventilation the problem.
And what the best way i should deal with the mold please i need help


Ventilation and air circulation. Ventilation is a must to get out the heat and stagnant air. A fan that oscillates can move the air around and strengthen the limbs of the plants, along with not allowing mold time to set in.

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Do u have solution the mold off my plants

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I should i just over im upset i like to save this grow

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Welcome to the growers network… sorry to hear your having wpm issues. These are some threads that have info on how to remove the mold.

This is an article that has the fixes on it.

If you create a journal we can advise more. Help your grows from start to finish with many professional and hobbiest to chime in.

I just ordered some green clean i going try this product if all fails im ready spend a few on a tent and proper vent and filter and just start over and i hope to gind a soild auto strain that i can stay with

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Do you have fans on the area?

Yes and keep the door cracked open. Im not happy with my first grow when u start to think that u might know what ur doing and find out how ignorant u really r. Im not ready to give up.


Hi @bosco

Welcome to GN.

Im not ready to give up.

Thats the spirit. Ventilation is key and you will need some good fans to pull air in and then then pull the old air out. Because you have already had mold, its a good idea to wash everything down again. That includes washing down the blades of any fans you may have. The mold spores could be sitting on the fans, and reinfect your plants.


That seems like a really small area for 10 plants. You need better air flow thru the dehumidifier. I think you might be overcrowded. But then again, what do I know? LOL

Yeah u really need that airflow and 10 plants in that small of a space also adds to the mold build up I’m sure u could modify the closet but that’s alot of hassle I’d go with a tent imo and welcome to the forum

A solution of “Dawn” dish soap and baking soda will help rid the mold.
After you chop your plant use a 3 bucket system to wash your weed. 1) with hydrogen peroxide 2) baking soda and lemon juice 3) plain water. Make sure water temp is tepid. Not hot nor cold. Dip cut branches for a few minutes in each. Hang to dry with an indirect fan.
Also, if it is covered… don’t smoke it. Just use for cooking, lotion,edibles. Because mold is killed at over 150 degrees.


My cousin couldn’t fight mold anymore either. Someone advised her to burn the mold spores so they wouldn’t develop anymore and then clean up the remnants with a simple chemical. So, she ordered fast fire restoration repair services after she burned the whole house down. Told them about her way of fighting mold. The guys laughed and advised her to remove the dampness on the walls that come in contact with the cold air on the back side. She insulated the outside walls of the house, put an air gap in the corners where the mold was. There were no more spores in her house, but she sold it after two years anyway.