Denser, harder nuggets

Anyone know how to get denser, harder nuggets? Quality of crop is excellent. Denser and harder nuggets would be great


What kind of light r u running. This may be a big cause of lighter buds. Light is the main key to a grow. Lights and feed. Everything else can basically be winged thru.


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There are may ways you can improve the bud density of your flowers. Below are some previous posts that may help.


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Good nutrients and good lighting


So this is something substrate/hydro growers will tell you is a symptom of soil. Like Mark said light is the second most important part to growing the best weed possible. First being genetics. Picture genetics as potential, bad potential and no matter what you do, it can never be THAT good. Light is second, make sure during veg your PPFD is between 400-600 and DLI is about 35. In flower you want to start at about 600 ramp up into 800-900 by week 4 then by week 6-7 start decreasing back to 600. A good rule of thumb is about 150w of led per sqft. Third is water, not just balanced but schedule. In soil pH is very hard to maintain. This is why it is best to let your soil fully dry out before providing a good soaking to better keep the pH around the roots at the level you want. Fourth is nutrients, ensure a proper feed, whether compost based or soluble minerals I suggest soluble kelp as well. 5th is climate temp, humidity, co2 levels, intake and exhaust. During veg most plants thrive between 25-27C with a RMH of between 55-60%, always ensure you have intake and exhaust into your tent and the intake should be about 30% of your exhaust to cause a negative pressure system lower in the tent which holds cO2 there. In flower you are looking for a max of 25C in the day and 15C at night (lights off) with a humidity of 40 and 30 respectively. Last couple pieces of advice, don’t over prune…do as little as you can get away with, and in a plants last week it hardens, and increases its terpene content and THC content exponentially. So maybe you are clipping a bit early? A jewelers loupe or a cheap USB microscope can be used to look at the glands of the trichome and see when they have all turned to an amber or honey colour. That signals the plant is finished.


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