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Diatomaceous Earth and Extraction

Good morning.

I’ll be the first to admit @DMG joined this forum as an opportunity to spotlight our minerals as an inorganic soil media. However, we received an inquiry via our website from a medical practitioner who makes medicinal cannabis oils for cancer patients. I figured I would reach out to this community to see if anyone has used Diatomaceous earth in this manner:

I am a medical practitioner and I make up medicinal cannabis oils for cancer patients. I try to get the cleanest extraction I can. I soak about 8 oz. of cannabis in 190 proof Everclear. This dilutes out all the cannabinoids and terpene’s, but also alcohol causes the waxes and chlorophyll to also dissolve into the final extract after it has been purged with heat. I have read on a few sites that Diatomaceous Earth is used in the filtering process will take out the green. Do you know of anyone using DE in this manner?

Would love to provide some useful feedback to this individual.


Good afternoon Eric!

I’ve never heard of using DE in that manner before but I’m hoping that means I get to learn something new!

I’m going to tag in some of our processor facility owners (@ProcessorOwners) and employees (@ProcessorEmployee) and see if they would be able to offer some insight.

Further, if you’d like an interesting read on winterization, there’s a thread on here you might find of interest!

It will also give you an idea of which members have an active interest in that type of processing!