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Ditch, brick or mex weed. Groovy finds

All I know is I am growing this weed. Bought from a bush dealer recently on a dirty and dusty road I was already excited as I saw the strange orange/black colour of the bags when slipping them into my glove compartment. In Africa weed bought from locals is like buying ditchweed, its grown badly, dried badly and packaged for resale as skunk, white widow at inflated prices.

I cant explain how bad this weed smells, its pungeant, smelly at first I thought black mould. But not at all. Keeping all the seeds and getting ready for next season. What your thoughts, the infamous congolese black?


Hi @chrisj!
It looks like the thing that is sold in any street of my country, Ecuador: mold, smells bad, very hard to grind, and, of course, buying to narcs contributes to violence and illegality. That is why growing for self consumption must be allowed, to be able to use a safe and clean weed with no blood involved.



Greetings Paul

I hear you about the “black market” concept and totally agree we should all be legally able to grow our own, something iam passionate about. I do know who I buy from, and he is a weed dealer. Its about as good as it gets.

This weed is interesting though, it does not smell bad ( bad in that way ), i dont see or smell mold and its easy to grind. Its different from the norml ditch weed.


Here you go! This is what I’m toking on until my next successful crop.


Some Bruce Banner #3. They don’t have the best “trim” but I don’t care. It’s not for sale and it tastes really nice!


Critical Blue Auto

Utopia Haze

P Jack


Well, street weed wasn’t bad all the time. And there’s were I found my first seeds!


Damn, tasted hydro grown bruce banner a couple months ago, best smoke I have had in a long time. Sory correct, Major General Banner. Still got some seeds and mates growing it out. But really great taste, smoke and high.


Where most of us found our first seeds and its still a great hunting ground! Sometimes I go deep into the bush to a small village about 8 miles from my house and buy really backyard weed, you can be pleasantly surprised at the quality of seeds. But generally I try and grow my own as its legal in South Africa to grow for private use.


Lucky you it is legal!

Here in Ecuador law is not clear. It says it is ilegal if you grow with the intention to sell… but it doesn’t say how much is legal if you won’t sell. Hopefully, we will change the law in this year.



That looks like what we call in the states “mex” or “stress” or “swag”. Basically Mexican dirt weed gives you a lazy high and a massive headache after. Grown horribly in Mexico and bricked up as tight as a rock and sprayed with a bunch of chemicals to hide the smell then smuggled over to the us border and sells for $1 a gram. I haven’t seen it about 15 years.


I would give my left nut for some “mex seeds”

Guerreran Green, Zacatecas Purple, Tijuana Brown, Michoacan Spears, Highland Oaxaca Gold, Acapulco Gold, I can go on with the brickweed

Best sativa strains I ever smoked

Whatever your smoking now is most probably related to mexican brickweed someway or another.


I can feel and hear you piper. Some of the best. One thing I have not seen for over a decade is malawi cob. I used to buy them like fairly often in the city. What you call mex we call majat or jat ( low grade outdoor rural weed ) . I know lots of people who prefer it rather than the fancy “medical” grade weed. Always called it workersman weed cause you can smoke as much as you want for not alot of money.

Below are some samples of malawi cobs I once bought and also something interesting which you dont find at all anymore, DP sticks or Durban Poison sticks. They come in bundles, you need about two sticks for a decent sized joint.

A mate from malawi used to bring in these cobs about 15 years ago. Used to be sold at $3 per cob and contained about 30 grams of seeded weed.

Now the picture below gets me really excited. Homegrown, homemade malawi cob. Damn this was delicious. I used to break a piece off, grate and grind it and then just enjoy a long uplifting high. Lots of stories about the making of these cobs. Eventually I turned most of the harvest I was given into hash.

Buying cheap weed can often lead to some exciting highs and lows.


Damn mighty fine sheez there, been at least 2 decades since I had malawi, never had the cobs, that is some fire for sure


Yeah Christmas they definitely looks like a black I’ll be excited to see what comes out of that little gem

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Chris not Christmas stupid auto correct

Banner is in my top 3 favorite strains

… wanna trade?

Thats one of the ones I want. Congo strains!

I recently received some Congo crosses. I will crazy happy to see them grow next round.

I received some congo crosses… going to grow them out soon…

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