DIY RDWC 4 gallon 8 site system build

Ok guys i got 90% of the parts and a full build list.
Tools needed.

  1. Drill.
  2. Adjustable hole saw - for net pot install.
  3. Tape measure
  4. Razor blade
  5. Drill bits
  6. Hole saw set. For bulkhead install.
  7. Compund miter saw, reciprocating saw, pvc cutter.
  8. Deburring tool - sand paper, hand file
  9. Buckets $149 - Amazon
  10. Net pots. $26.33 - amazon
  11. Bulk heads $108.68 - uniseal warehouse.
  12. Water pump 1650 gph. $70 - amazon
  13. 2" 10 foot pvc (2) $32 - lowes
  14. 2"- 3/4 (2) pvc tee $10 - lowes
  15. Adjustable hole saw $29 - lowes
  16. 90° pvc elbows (4) $11 - lowes
  17. Zip ties $2 - home stock
  18. Air pump $46 - Amazon
  19. Air tubing 50ft 1/4" $13 - Amazon
  20. 8 pack of 4" air discs $41 - Amazon
    Total cost is $540

Step 1. get the hole saw set up for 6"

Step 2. Snap all the lids onto all the buckets. And cut all the lids for net pots.

Step 3. Mark all the holes saw cuts for the buckets
These were 8-1/4" wide buckets so the marks were 4 1/8" center and 2" up from the bottom of the bucket. For hole saw drill points. This is the lowest point you can install the bulkheads. You want em low to drain out as much water as possible during nutrients swaps.

Step 4. Use a deburing tool on all the holes in the buckets and lids.

Step 5. Stick a bulkhead onto the pvc pipe and mark the depth. Because were shooting for 12" spacing on all the tubes because that’s perfect spacing for a 4x4 and then there all even and flow the same rate.
So after marking them they were 14" in length and when slipped into the bulkheads its a perfect 12". I used my compound miter saw to cut the pcv tubes into sections.

Heres a test fit of a bulk head and 2 buckets.
Step 6.

Drill 3 holes into the lids around the perimeter of the net pots. And the another hole in the side of the net pot right next to the hole you drilled im the perimeter of the net pot. Secure them and snip or cut off the excess.

I ran out of black zip ties!
Step 7. glue the bulkheads to the pvc tubes. * I have not done this yet.* I ran out of time for today.
Step 8.

Set up and install pumps. Ill update this thread later.


Nice bro good set up there @PreyBird1


Ahhhh its backwards lol…

Naw. Looks great big bro…


Sccccchwiiiiing!!! ROck and Roll. baby!..been thinking about digging out my old sog flood tables or setting up a rdwc myself lately…


Doing all that work while journaling. Skilled craftmans!


do it! ten characters


Ok glued all the bulbulkheads. Man that pvc cement is some nasty shit wow! Glad i have a vapor mask wow!


Installed the bulkhead sections.


I Glued the rear manifold crooked like 1/2" man ive never glued pvc together before? Anyways i had to buy an elbow to correct the angle i made. And after i thought about it i should have made the center of the hub at zero degrees. I originally wanted to point it down but it was not happening that way so i thought up would be better. Now i wish i didnt do that. But one positive is tje pump can be submersible or external. And the pump sits like 2.5" off the ground so it helps the stupid angle i created with my lame pvc glue skills. I need 2 more bulkheads. The 2 elbows used up 2 more pairs of each so i was short. But its still cheaper to buy these bulkheads from Australia so i ordered a few more.

I changed my mind on the resivoir and went with this 10 gallon more square shape craftsman tote. It was the least tapered square container i could find under 27 gallons. I can rotate the bulkheads to line the elbows up with the tapered slant of the containers shape.

Its almost done.


Thats remarkable :clap: your slowly egging me on to get into hydroponics diy. I don’t have the money atm but soon will.


Hehehe yeah glueing pvc is a -one-shot- kinda thingy :sweat_smile:


Tip: dry fit, mark on both parts, glue, make sure the marks line up again.


Fit it up dry, get all your angles/offsets set, mark it with a permanent marker hash across both pieces before breaking down before gluing… If my envy gets me and I decide i have to assemble one, I’ll post.

Beat to the punch!..


I was faster! (you need to stop sniffing that glue Dog!)


Toxic. I agree Nasty Shit


ok got the resivoir elbows finished. But i realized that i need to make the water feed line in threaded parts so it can be removed. If i glue it the way it is i would have to remove the rear manifold to remove it from the aystem and thats not gonna work.


Alright there is now 12 gallons in the system. And so far no leaks. I double checked eack bulkhead and tried to use a oil filter wrench to tighten them but it was a hair to tight. I could only get 1/4 turn but it seemed to have worked so far. I need like 4 threaded elbows to get the water circulating. I could glue it and test it i want to, im tempted to but ill wait and return the other parts to cover what i need. It was a process to make this set up but so far it looks great im half tempted to cut 2" off all bulkheads. But at the same time im gonna try and make a mesh to cover the tubes openings.


Setup is looking awesome @PreyBird1


So i solved the plumbing issue using a 1" union.

Also this soft jaw pvc wrench was helpful in tightening the bulk heads. I had one that was giving me trouble and because my accident i dont have enough hand grip to tighten then properly by hand.

I got 4" air discs and they slipped under the bulkheads perfectly. And im hoping these in this spot will keep the roots ouy of the tubes better. Because i noticed on my other system that the roots grew around the air stones and not where air bubbles were. They kind of air pruned around the stone.

Kinda like this.

now its all ready to go. I had a heck of a time getting the pump to work? I had to submerge it to get it to work which i dont like but well see how it works. If it heats the water up im gonna be upset.


Nice build man. Gunna build a 4 pot fallponic system myself as well.
Haha love the digital camo fleece pants :smiley:


Thank you sir! It was fun to build. I think i might make another system one for my other 4x8 tent or move the current 4 site system there. And make another 8 site system on the other side of the 10x10 tent.
Lol yep working in the day off pants ha!

I got a free 6 spot air manifold and i needed an 8 so i went out to my greenhouse and got some of my irrigation 1/4" tubing Tee’s and made 2 tee’s into the center tubes.

now im waiting on the clones to root and some more hydroton to show up and some root net baskets.

C’mon root! Also i noticed theres a nice gentle current and not a sucking current at the return tubes like the 1" system has. Seems to be pretty slow current so i cant see any roots being able to clog up the huge 2" pvc.