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Do you trust gas station CBD?

From personal experience, I know that a lot of the CBD products on the market are junk. There are retailers likeTruPotency which vet and independently test all of the products they sell, but I doubt the Circle K down the road from me is doing the same. What is the best way to know you’re getting what you pay for?


You would need to look up the company the cbd at the gas station is. If they don’t have third party testing results on the website then I’d question the cbd product. Also looking up the company that did the third party testing is a good idea too.


Due diligence, absolutely! I have run into some major brands that claim to be tested but when they’re sent to an independent lab the results come back and don’t match the claims at all.

I suppose it comes down to who you can trust, but we’re already seeing problems with black market THC vapes, and I anticipate for of the same as CBD gets more and more popular.


Yeah probably not. Go to reputable suppliers only. Which currently I’m in need of.


Cbd lion has third party test results but the prices keep me away (I’m cheap). I got some fractal boxes cbd strain I’m about to throw in flower soon to stock up and make my own distillate soon.


I use CBD Direct online in Canada… 3rd party testing


Nope, lots of random tests out there saying the quality is all over the place…besides they still sell that WakFloca synthetic weed in most places…zombie apocalypse lol



Its going to be a hard pass. Especially with places like.


CBD Pluz

8801 Central Ave Suite C, Montclair, CA 91763
(909) 445-9101

I buy CBD from here… Even get my 90 year old grandma oil drops… She always tells me how good she feels been 6 months since she started CBD


I believe the best way to know what you’re getting is to look out for batch numbers as well as overall CBD potency / cannabinoid profile. One big problem is that there is a large discrepancy in the overall quality of CBD across the U.S.

CBD is legal on the federal level as long as it is extracted and derived from hemp. In states where Cannabis is legal for recreational and medicinal use, we see the practice of people cultivating cannabis with high CBD profiles and then extracting the CBD from there.

Some extracts are the result of a high quality cannabis cultivation facilities, while others may be from a multi-hundred acre hemp farm. We can imagine the difference in overall quality. One facility practices refining the process of growing a high quality flower and getting a high-quality CBD extraction. While another facility is growing hundreds of acres of hemp and then extracting the CBD from there. There are a variety of key components when looking at the difference of Hemp-derived CBD and Marijuana-derived CBD and an article will be linked below citing those differences. Peoples opinions will very of which derived CBD is better. I believe anytime you see that big of a difference in overall production numbers, then overall quality should be considered. A point to ponder as the refining process of CBD continues to evolve.

As more sets of standards and practices begin to develop then there will become more guidelines and as a result we will see an overall increse in quality of CBD products.

Helpful Article:


I don’t think the article is veryhelpful as it does a disservice to high-quality hemp producers.industrial Hemp grown for seed or fiber is nothing like high-quality hemp being grown for flower or high-quality biomass.

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