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Dreamer's Grows

Just got to this site and I’m super happy about it. Here is a little attempt at a log of 3 OG Kush X Blue Dream. It was an accidental cross. I was on vacation for a little over a week and a half and when I came back, found out my 1 OG Kush was a male and had sexy time with my Blue Dream and Chemdawg females. hopefully I do this right and you get some pics.

They are in their first week of flower. I am using FFOFF that got top dressed at 4 weeks with Gaia Green dry amendment. This is my first go using organics and I didn’t add enough for top dress, so they went through some serious N deficiency stunted growth at about 4 to 5 weeks in veg. Still haven’t got it down, so switched back to liquid feed using earth juice. All water is Phed down to 6.2 to 6.5 (country water is sitting at 8Ph) and put through the bubbler for 24 hours.

Here are all the clones I took. First time cloning, so I took a metric butt ton. That’s an exact measurement. lol.

Sorry for the lower quality pictures though. I still have a Galaxy S4.

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So, quick question. This is my fourth grow so far, but my third ended up being nothing but males. I read somewhere that a low N during veg will push the plants to be male. Has that been confirmed? I did have a pretty consistent N deficiency for a couple of weeks on these and don’t want to go through having an entire grow be male again.

I know one of them is a female, because she is throwing calyx out everywhere, but, so far, the other two haven’t shown the same signs. I’ll get pictures in a minute.

This is the presumptive lady.

The questionables.

Don’t mind the yellowing, they just got fed this morning. These ones are all over the place. They claw tip at 1/4 strength, but then show deficiency a couple days later. stubborn asses, but I still love them.

Lord, those pictures are clearer on my computer, but a fuzzy as all get out on the site.

If it was stress or deficiency then the plant would hermie. The fact its a male is just that. its a male.

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Thank you prey. It hit me as odd when I read it. You would think they already have their sex when in seed. Hopefully no Hermies, but it wasn’t that crazy of a deficiency and nothing really stressful has happened to them.

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Yep thats why there is no female flowers. Occasionally a few pistills here and there on a male. I have seen it in person on a plant of a very expensive and very well known seed company. I want to see what happens when its done seeding before i divulge which company its from. And you can make a female grow male flowers with femanized pollen. There are ways.

Wait, you’re saying they are in the process of seeding out a male plant? That’s nucking futs.

So, the smaller one was a male. I pulled it and chopped him up. Now he is being composted. The two girls are at 10 days of flowering and here’s some pics for you.

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Males flower with balls quickly… first 2-3 weeks of flowering at most… if you get 5 or 6 weeks in then see balls or later… that is a hermie…I had a tough one to sex and today it showed balls… I keep it as I am trying to breed…I have an awesome plan, might cost me 3 pounds of flower but it gets me 5 crosses…lol…

The male is Mendo Purp… the whores are RP#5, Willy’s Wonder, White Runtz, Train Wreck and a wookie hash… hitting his whole garden and giving him an agreed on amount of weed to compensate for his well seeded plants…as he has no income from COVID and that would help him…lol…and us have seeds…love the community…


willing to trade?? I have so many of the blue dream X OG kush seeds. If not, no big.Just got some new stains in. Agent orange, orange bud, Super Lemon Haze, Chocolope and strawberry cough… unfortunately all fem.

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on second thought, if you just want some, let me know. I have over 400 seeds.


Now I have a quick question. I am having a deficiency in my plants that are causing the leaves to yellow from the outer side of the leaf, working in.

Any help would be appreciated.

all the ones below and if I ever get a willy skunk male I will cross it with my willy’s wonder then that will be used for all my crosses… the mendo was only grown so I can cross it with ma train wreck and make a purple train wreck…

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I’m willing to trade you for that chocolope, I have plenty to trade!

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I’m only trading the blue dream X OG kush for right now.

That list is just the seeds that I got in recently. If they weren’t FEM I would breed them out, but I don’t have a way of getting males at the moment. I’ll let you know if that changes though.

After inspecting closely and going over my feeding schedule, I am leaning toward being a little over fed in either P or K. So, I fed some CalMag to them to hopefully fix the issue.

Ahhh ok, well I do have chocolate thai and Cannalope haze but I didn’t feel like re making the cross. If I threw you a few seeds of either I’m sure you’d be able to get what your looking for after a back cross or two

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I would be more than willing to drop you my cross I have. They treat me well and they have been frosty as hell the three grows I’ve done.


Here’s a full update. They are half way through week 2, looking better after I fed CalMag this morning and already have some tasty looking frost on them.

Here’s a canopy shot.

A little update on the 4 clones, two from each plant. I ran out of 3 gal pots, so I switched it up to 1 - 3gal and 3 - 5gal pots. They are in a closet in a spare room. I can’t afford two more tents yet, but I will, hopefully, get them soon. Any recommendations on how long to leave them in veg? First time growing out clones.

Here is a little seedling sneak peek at the new seeds I’m growing. Starting from the left is orange bud, strawberry cough, agent orange and then last, but not least, is super lemon haze. They were about to break soil when I left for work, so I didn’t put them under the light and when I got home, 16hrs later, they stretched like crazy looking for anything in my abnormally dark room.

in the background you can see my two pepper plant seedlings. One is pablano and the other is jalapenos.

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