Early signs of Herm?

Good morning! Is this the first signs of pollen sacs?!

I’m new here…thanks for having me!


I guess I’m getting antsy because this is my 3 plant. The first two hermed. This is a completely different genetic and strain. First two were fem and this is an auto.

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I don’t see any balls, just swollen up Calyaxes on the stem. (female) The one on the stem always get big and fat like that.



Thanks, Marty! I really appreciate it.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but with your pistils looking like they do and that hermie in the lower left tucked in the crotch.
You’re gonna have a good supply of crap beans.

S1’s you can kinda expect them pending on breeder.
Autos I don’t have any experience and what goes in goes straight thru.


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You’ll be looking for yellow.

The pistols are there to find pollen. While the pistols are out, then no seeds.

As soon as the pistols find pollen they retract back into themselves and start making seeds.

As long as no yellow bananas and your pistols are out your good.


Nanners are fine they usually appear towards the end of the plants cycle.
It knows its about finished and it’s the means of self preservation.
Usually nanners are sterile and buried into the bud too far too open.

If host plant is in fact holding beans and you know it’s from its own nanners, this is the best presentation of selfing.

Now nanners and balls are 2 different things, your girl starts throwing nuts it is hermie prone.

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That’s confusing. Balls are pollen sacs right?

Nanners are pollen sacs.

How are they sterile?


What you’re seeing are male balls and when they open those nanner looking things aren’t nanners (anthers). So I can see where the confusion lies.

There are 2 different kinds of male flowers that can develop, allout balls as you have in your pic there and something we call actually nanners.
Nanners usually appear on the tops of buds just a nanner or here or there and are sometimes sterile.

Regular male flowers can also be sterile.

So your saying when you see pollen sacs that they won’t seed lol.

Cause everytime I’ve seen pollen sacs I’ve had seeds.


No, I’m not saying that, what we call true nanners yes can be sterile, yes there is such a thing as sterile balls also.
The more ya grow the more ya know

Nanners usually appear just under the bud surface and get kinda locked in there so they cant open also.

But nanners are not anthers, it’s a different flower all to itself.

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Here is something that brings up sterility.

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Anther info

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2 examples early herm 3 weeks after flip or so.

Here I just tripped over this one, even earlier Muds herm photo Bottom pic.


I see the sterile anther context. Seems like that is a hopeful point to have if u see them! Lol


“The more you read the more you know.”
I’ll just leave this statement like that and a firm believer in it
Unless people know the basics they should not be treading water.
There’s 2 different sides to learning to grow there’s classroom and lab.

The problem with nowadays beginners is they take what they hear as gospel and they hear it from their beginner friends.
And these people are chucking pollen and don’t know what they’re actually doing or for what for.


Well we are eager to see a journal from you to see your skill levels.


You won’t, this is a public site

42 years what do you think they’d look like.

So is your domain. If they want to catch you. Your internet told on you long ago.

Don’t worry about pics. As long as your not In them. Or your house or stuff that can tell on you.

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Great points! I see newbs on another site cant fart without having their hand held, paying with endless sore knees and GrowJobs.

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