Effective and affordable Mite Control

If there’s one plague that every cannabis grower fears the most it’s MITE INFESTATIONS !
There are good predacious mites that are available as a biological control. Six Spot Thrips are just incredible but not widely available. The problem with biological controls is that the predators need something to feed on to survive, so getting them established can be problematic. Another problem is that mites reproduce at astonishing rates and if you have a infestation it may take them weeks to control the population.

There is a source that provides economical packaging of effective miticides…BEFORE YOU FREAK ABOUT USING POISONS…uderstand this is not 1960 and most of these materials are insect growth regulators specific to mites… So do as you will but at least I wanted to post this source just for the awareness of the community…

Miticides and insecticides For Sale (flytrapcare.com)


Great post Bob!

I have been lucky that I have never had a mite problem in any of my indoor grows inside, but I have been lucky as I will work in my garden and then tromp into my office and then mess around in my grow tent with no ill effects so far. I did have whiteflies on an outside grow, but they didn’t seem to harm the plant any. I’m gonna go check this out now.


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