Empowering breeders and growers to preserve genetics

Hey everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to properly introduce Strainly and let you know what we are about!

Strainly is a peer-to-peer cannabis strains exchange web app with a review mechanism. It allows legal cannabis growers and breeders (medical or recreational purpose) to trade marijuana seeds, clones or pollen and have easier access to a variety of cannabis strains to grow and breed. Whether looking for Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or even Ruderalis, users can browse, filter and find their cultivars while benefiting from a rating/reviews mechanism, fostering trust among the community.

Thousands of members have been using Strainly for over a year, hunting, trading and providing hundreds of strains (currently over 600 listed) under the form of seeds, clones and pollen!

Why you should join?

  1. Registration is free and will always be.
  2. From Landrace to the most hybridized strains, it’s one of the best site to check out when looking for hard to find cultivars.
  3. You connect directly with the breeders (no middle man), from the “underground” ones to some of the most famous American and European breeders!
  4. It’s the only platform where you can hunt (clones, seeds or pollen), and offer your creations and collectibles.
  5. If you can’t find what you’re after, you can post a “Hunting” listing, letting know the community about your quest.
  6. There’s a powerful search function, allowing you to search by terpene, cannabinoid combination and many more criteria.
  7. It’s safer than most platform! You can leave reviews to other members and ask for our support when needed.
  8. We respect your privacy.
  9. There are great value options.
  10. It keeps the genetics in the hands of the community and fosters biodiversity.
  11. Check out [https://youtu.be/qQ-DLq-_Kyc](http://a short video) to get an idea of what we do and why we do it!

Connect with members. Share great strains. Preserve genetics.

Invite your connections

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Hope all your questions were answered :wink:


It’s awesome to have @Strainly, @strainly.io here on GNET! This is an important tool we all should be using!

How can we help get the word out??


I thought that was funny when you said “even ruderalis users can browse”.

I support making strains available. You gotta start off with good DNA.


:pray: Good question! Word of mouth is effective! We’ll be sharing more content on GNET shortly. This will hopefully be helpful to people on here, and if they like what we are about, they are definitely welcome to join :wink:

Keep up the good work guys!


I am looking forward to using your site, how will it work on an international level?

Are there legal restrictions between countries going to affect the process?


Let me help with that:

Interested in joining Strainly? Of course you are!

It’s easy! Click here to join @strainly.io and see who else is already at the Strainly party!


Hey @jay.hohaia

Our terms of use require to follow your local regulations. Cross-state transactions, as well as international transactions are not allowed, since it is putting everybody at risk.

However, there are enough options within the legal states to find interesting cultivars from other members, in a convenient way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our site if you have questions.

@Growernick thank you for the quick guidance :pray:


Here to help, Alan!

GNET, get with @strainly.io!

Lets do this… I will connect you with our CEO


Hey, nice to meet you! I’ve read through this thread - trying to play catch up on GNET - and I get excited about any new app or project that helps people understand the plants better. I tried to watch your video, but youtube said it was no longer up. Let me know, I’d love to learn more about your app and where you are in terms of getting it out there.


Hey Rebecca,

This is our Youtube channel for all videos

The old one has been deleted. Replacing the link now.
Don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions

[email protected]



@Strainly Your community is great. Ive made multiple deals with people and for the most part been happy. But i have a question for u guys. Do u or can you or are you planning on having anyway to verify, the wares of the breeders who advertise with you?? Or is that just a risk participants will have to take?
The reason i ask, a specific “company” advertises beans as he believes they are (or knowingly not), but as ive run a few of his creations as trials. I can confidentially say, on 2 of 5 items, that there has been a contaminating source (which is VERY recognizable if u know what to look for) in the form of a 3rd (or maybe just the ACTUAL parent) strain.
You have an amazing thing, I would hate to see it damaged at all by sloppy/fraudulent asses.
Is there anything in place to help prevent these practices or try and keep the interweb honest? (I know,i know, good luck with that wish).
Thanks loads for the awesome gene shopping mall!!! Cant wait for the next update!!


Thanks for the feedback and questions.

We do not provide genotype nor chemotype analysis. This is a different set of skills and geneticists are best equipped to provide such services.

However, we do encourage everyone to test their cultivars and post the results in their listings on Strainly. We are going to publish an article on our blog in the coming to explain why “testing is good”.

We’re working with labs to get affiliate programs in place where Strainly users would get 10% of their tests, hence creating an incentive.

When you believe you have been mislead, you should leave a negative review, thus reducing the chance for someone else to make a similar experience. You should also contact us to take appropriate actions. After a short period on our watchlist, someone knowingly misleading other members will be permanently banned.

It’s not easy, we won’t pretend we have the perfect solutions but we do care about these questions, 100%. It is very important that members reach out to us in order to address such situations.

Could you please email the details at [email protected] so that we investigate a bit your situation?



I was going to send my site plan so you can see the market we are wanting to cover (its the international market) But read, and hopefully you can understand where we are going and how we can build partnership

Maybe from Foshan China at that time, or California (not sure at this moment), i will let you know as soon as i can confirm dates.




Hey everyone!

Our recently published intro video

Have a great weekend