Feeding Time - RUNTZ Strain

hi network! what is best way to give plant food/nutrients and how often should you do this. is it a daily thing or every few days? or just when you transplant? and does that change during the veg/flower periods? how much should you give each plant on each feed? Some places say to add the nutrients to the base of the soil? is that correct and how would u do that? or do you add to the top of the soil like when pouring in water? any advice greatly appreciated! thx


What are you growing in? How large are the pots? How old are the plants? What stage of life?

It all affects watering. Let us know a bit more about where you’re at and we’ll help you out.

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Assuming you’re not doing hydro:

If you’re building a soil or using certain powdered amendments, you mix various elements and such into your medium, and then usually you don’t add anything except water, unless a deficiency occurs or you want to add a bloom booster/etc.

Otherwise, you’re going to handfeed/water. This usually means feeding once a week by watering in nutrients and then adding plain water between feedings, as needed. Some mediums can be fed more often. When feeding, follow the manufacturer’s feed schedule for general guidelines.

And always check/adjust your pH. Ppms/ec are also important.


hey thanks so much for your reply.

so its very basic setup but am hoping to get something out of it possible! ive just transplanted into a 1 gallon pot. am using regular tomato planter soil and led grow light in a cupboard (with air filter/fan). I added some root enhancer on the 2 occasions i have transplanted to larger pots but apart from that just water every other day. never grown b4 so presume with nutrients, better light set up and more careful monitoring of plants they may be bigger than this by now (25cm high after 45 days). i’ve attached a pic to show where one of them is up to. How healthy would u say it looks?

Also aside from when (and how) to add nutrients, how long should i wait before changing to 12/12 to start flowering…and after changing to flowering how long does it take roughly to see buds forming?

I’m also curious to know if i should top the plants? and if i should prune any lower leaves…esp the 3 leaf ones. I’m on about the 8th node i think…the first 3 nodes were 3 leafs…then 5 leaf…then 7 leaves. Is that normal? The strain is called runtz. One of the 7 leafs didnt grow properly (you can see on the pic) - should i cut this off or just leave it?

i appreciate there’s a lot of q’s here…any help with any of them greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



Lots of good questions! I’ll do my best to answer what I can, and hopefully there are others who can fill in the blanks.

First off, your plant should double or triple in height from the time you change them to 12/12. That should dictate a lot of things. If the cupboard you have to grow in is small, keep that in mind.

If it’s going to stay small, you might be able to get away with using a good, nutrient rich soil and only water in an appropriately sized pot. That will depend on how big you want the plant to be in the end. Watering and feeding will depend on what kind of growing medium you finish your grow in.

Your plant looks great. Very healthy! The number of leaf tips changing as it develops is normal. It’s in a good place to be topped right now. You could probably top it and have 1 good clone.

Any more questions, let us know.

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thanks so much for that…really appreciated and will be using this info.

couple more things from what you wrote…

what do you mean by the medium i finish my grow in? can i not just transfer into bigger pots each time needed until fully flowered and i’ve cut? what are the options towards the end?

from what you’re saying i could start flowering now if i wanted to? not that i want to yet…i think highest i can go is around 150cm so i was planning to start when it gets to around 40/50cm…although this might take another 3/4 weeks and not sure if thats too long to be vegging for (i think im on day 47 now)…or does amount of time vegging not matter and is up to grower to just decide when ready?

finally…im going to top it as u suggest and start a clone!

thanks again


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Medium - are you going to plant up to the next size pot in a nutrient rich soil, or are you using hydroponic nutrients?
If it’s in a good soil and a large enough container you might be able get by with just watering the plant. No need to add nutrients. If your container is small or you’re growing hydroponically you will need to add nutrients as time passes.

If you’re growing for yourself time doesn’t matter so much. Some people veg their plants for 12 weeks and grow a few monsters, while others veg for 4 weeks and keep the plants small and consistent in size.

Grow it to about half its final height, then switch the lighting. Do you know exactly what you’re growing? You can look up the genetics of the plant and get an idea of final heights and how much it might stretch.

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hi thanks again for the help. was planning to just use soil (not hydroponic etc). the soil i’ve been using from the beginning is called levingtons tomorite tomato planter. i dont know exact nutrients in it but it says ‘charged with tomorite tomato food’ and ‘with seaweed extract’…hoping it will be ok until the end! but i guess i’ll see how the plants are doing and presume you can add nutrients if needed?

i only know the strain is called Runtz (i think white runtz). i cant find too much info about it out there but there is another grower on here i found who is doing a similar thing at the moment and waiting to see what he can advise too!


Sounds like you’re set for a full grow with that soil. Most people will use at least a 5 gallon pot for soil to flower a plant. Bigger is better.

@PreyBird1 is a bit ahead of you in his grow. He might have some good info. RUNTZ strain anyone grown it yet? What to expect?


@PreyBird1 Yea. I joined this site because I was basically in the exact same boat as you, been lurking this for a few days…same story with the runtz here with a few minor differences. It grows exactly how you are seeing. Similar to a gelato from what I’ve seen…
heavy feeder as you’ve noticed and would shock with colder temperatures late veg/early and late bloom…

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hi @dollhouz hope all good and welcome to gn! i also joined recently to get some advice on the runtz grow. hows yours coming along? how far are u up to? L

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Yes its a heavy feeder. Im getting away with lots more nutrients than most. Im at 550ppm and i can get a feeding in every 12 hours 5-6 days a week!

There loving it.
Im doing 2.5 grams of base nutrients and 2.5 grams of grow nutrients with the dakine420 line. And im using roots organics surge at 10ml and 4 drops of superthrive per 1 gallon of water. Follwed by a misting of water and a folier seaweed every 2 days.

@learningtofly thank you for the gracious welcome​:pray: awesome to hear :slight_smile: I’m actually about to end veg in a week…I’ve been raising the mother for a few months so far. My set up is very challenging as I’m in a PC case these days…hence the dollhouz
I do everything organic so I’m curious to try the difference between the retail product and home product. I Think the drying/curing is going to be the real challenge to get that perfect smell!!

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@PreyBird1 are you continuing superthrive even in 12/12?

Yes i go full term. I also continue roots organics surge full term. Complete life cycle sorry for the late response.