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RUNTZ strain anyone grown it yet? What to expect?

Well i ended up finding 23 seeds in a 2oz. Of runtz from a dispensary a freind got me.

I planted 9 seeds and 6 did amazing and 1 is a tiny runt lol but ill still let it grow. So 2 died. They were stared in rockwool in parks seed starter called seed success.
I started them here on August 1st.

Here is just before first transplant from cups to 1 gallon pots On August 15th. So 14days! These runtz are growing fast.

August 26th

September 1st.

Today September 8th


9-9-19 last night. We have a female!

there all perked up. Transplant shock lasted 12hrs! I topped the left lower plant to see how it does.


It looks like great smoke. A low amount of seeds in good amount of weed usually means part of their crop hermied and seeded itself. They are usually fem seeds that carry the hermie trait. The plant may attempt to seed itself around the same time it’s parent plant seeded itself, so keep an eye out.

Interested and following for sure.


So far the plants are all females.


Good news found 5 more beans in that last little nug. NICE!

I topped the left bottom plant in the picture.


Growing fast. There getting dakine420 base and grow formulas + roots organics root surge and 4 drops of superthrive every watering plus a misting of reclaimed irrigation water followed by a seaweed folier feeding


So i had this little straggler runt of a plant. It had a drop of water land on it in the humidity dome and it got burned. Well i nursed it along…my brother said throw it out. I didnt and now look at it. It has a fat stem its 6" tall and has a double top and i never topped it. I have never seen this and i like it. Im going to keep it growing.

I read about taking a razor blade and spliting the top into 2 and it making 2 tops without topping it is that true?


Update: the girls are vegging nicely! Im so excited! Cant stand it…its like anxiety! They cant grow fast enough

Just gave them neuts and a misting of seaweed and irrigation water.


Im calling this little guy the beast! Weird mutant plant.

Even the leaf is 2 into one leaf.


Topped all my runtz plant. And put them in the cloner.

If you see there more plants in the veg tent. I transplanted the other smaller runtz plants and added them to the veg tent. The other white runts got transplanted into 2 gallon pots and moved down to the bigger grow light from the small single sprouting light also.

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Runtz are getting bushy.


The runtz are going wild and drinking 2 gallons of water a day.

I love how close the nodes are. I love how these plants smell when you open the tent. And i love how the leaves smell if you rub them. Amazing plant cannabis is.


Ive been playing with watering. And im not liking it. I tried just 18 hrs no water. To see if i was overwatering. And the answer is no. Here is a pic.

So now these plants are using 3 gallons a day. Between the nursery tent and the 4x4 veg tent.

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Here are the runtz today.

The right most back plant is the only one i topped 3 times and it has 8 tops.


Here are some small buds starting.

Soooooo exciting!


Man the buds are doubling in size every 3 days. The plants have gained 4" of height in 3 days.
Here was when i got home from work tonight. Super happy girls! When there really happy the leaves close a little and point up! When ther low on water the leaves droop a tiny bit. When there really thirsty the tips will tip and almost wilt and ya got to act quick.

These were flipped october 4th.


This is that Devils Food Cake cross


Awesome… @preybird1


Very nice!
I love growing the stuff as well!:green_heart:


Wow beautiful!