First Grow — Jazmania

Greetings far and wide from sunny Arizona,

Welcome to my very first grow~! Since this is my first grow, please feel free to share any advice, suggestions or insight, and thank you in advance for doing so :heartpulse:

In the past, I have grown many vegetables and herbs, and with time, I have learned so much. Growing my own weed has always been on the list of things I’ve wanted to grow, however, it seemed very intimidating from the outside looking in. Recently, I have discovered that not trying something new out of fear of failure is not a good enough reason to explore new things. I’ve gathered whatever confidence I have and will do my best! Please look forward to it.

I want to give a big shout out to my cousin for letting me set up my tent at her place and taking on this learning endeavor with me. A special shout out to all the folks down at GrowersHouse for supplying me with everything I need to get set up and for helping me out along the way with whatever questions I may have. A huge and heartfelt thanks to Mike C for hooking me up with my clones as shown below.

Both clones are Blue Dream and came into my possession on October 8th, not sure when they were cut, however, they were transplanted on October 15th so I think its safe to say they are Libras. What do you think?

My cousin had germinated some bag seeds she found and they too were planted on this date, October 8th, but they began germination a few days before that. Still safe to say they are Libras. I believe she had 5 seeds but only 4 germinated, no clue what strain they are, but we figured it would be a fun trial run to learn from. My coworker told me to keep an eye on these in case they turn out to be male, but for now they are still babies starting off their lives. Gender reveal TBD. Please wish them female and look forward to see them grow. Below are pictures of their germination/planting. Dismiss the unfocused seedling, I will get better at taking quality pics.

My current set up is a 3x3 Planthouse tent, I have two of the germinated seeds set up in an Autopot system (wish I had saved these for my clones, but I don’t want to mess with them so I kept them in there). The Autopot containers are 3.9 gallons which I am top feeding until the roots grow big enough to use the reservoir. The mix is 50% coco and 50% perlite, as suggested in the Autopot manual. My Blue Dream clones are in 3 gallon plastic containers which have 70% coco and 30% perlite.

For the entirety of my grow I will be using the Ventana Plant Science nutrient line, which so far working well and the feeding chart is pretty intuitive. I test the PH of my feed before I water my plants, and so far so good (6.3). Excited to see the results as we used this line on some cherry tomatoes and the plant grew vigorously, and is bearing lots of fruit.

The current light in there is a HLG 65 V2 LED. Comes in a 4000K spectrum. I’m sure I will have to add a second light as this one is designed for a 2x2 space. Not sure if it should be the same light or if I should go a different route. Suggestions? Below is an image for reference.

After transplanting it seems like our plants got a bit stressed out. I am assuming its from the transplant and/or the new environment. They started to get a bit yellow and some discoloration in the leaves (they look like lines along the blades). These pictures below were taken on October 14th.

We tried to remedy this by adding some humidity as the room was feeling really dry. Added a small room humidifier and kept it around 40-55%. However, I have been reading that I should be keeping clones in 80% humidity? So we have been gradually turning the humidity up.

Yesterday, October 20th, I went over to check up on the gang. The Blue Dream Clones are getting bigger and starting to show their female parts. I am unsure if you can tell by the pictures but there is still some yellowing going on. I’ve still been trying to figure out the underlying problem(s). Maybe I am not feeding it heavily enough?

New leaves on the seedlings shown below.

Seeds: 4 Mystery Seeds :stuck_out_tongue:
Clones: 2 Blue Dream
Indoor Grow
Tent size: 3x3 Tent
Lighting: Horticulture Lighting Group 65 V2/4000K
Light Height:
Temps: ~75F
Relative humidity: 55-60%
Ventilation: 1 6” Hurricane fan
Pot size: 3-3.9 Gallon
Soil: Coco-perlite mix
Nutrient Type: Ventana Plant Science line [Structure, FlaVuh, Grow, Flower, Expand, and Support]
PH Numbers: ~6.3
Seed Germination date: ~Oct 8


Looking good :+1:t4: one thing i see is that you need more light in there. Even a duplicate of same light would be underpowered. It’ll work ok for the veg stage but you’ll really need the extra :zap: to fatten up your buds.

There will be lots of opinions as to what light you should get. All depends on your budget I guess. For about $275 this Mars hydro would make things happen

If you search this on Amazon it’ll probably give you some comparable lights. Search with the flower footprint in mind, 3 x 3 in your case.


50 watts per square foot of floor space is a good yard stick for flowering so you’d actually look for a 450 watt light with 3 x 3 flower coverage. Hope this helps


It does, thank you !!!


Nice way to start a journal. Looks like you’re doing everything right so far to me. I just started a test run with Ventana nutrients myself. I haven’t really started posting much on them yet for that nutrient because it’s just been hovering while I had to take care of some other things. It does look like your plants could use a little more food, and you’re definitely going to need more light, that is something you should start thinking about deciding which way you want to go pretty soon. Once these plants get well-established they grow extremely fast.


Looking great @jazminchav great start to a journal. Is the light below the one you are using?


Thats the one!


I will look into it today! Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it :innocent:


welcome to another female grower i bought the hlg 65 and spider farm 100. i did a side by side this grow before i put them under the big lights and the spider farm kicked the hlg butt. live and learn :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:


@pptrsha1 Thank you for the warm welcome. Will definitely check that light out ^-^


The spider farmer would kick its butt. Its higher watt board and has more diodes on the board and the board is bigger. I have 2 hlg65 and i use them for over flow clones mainly. There just like florescents really. Id rather run agrolite full spec T5 leds doing clones and seedlings.


Last update I was having issues with yellowing in the plants, so I upped the Support nutrient from VPS. I also have been looking for a new light from y’alls suggestion. My friend is letting me borrow his light since his cycle is about to end. When I get a hold of it I will let y’all know how much it helps. Thank you, Mike! Hope your kindness is returned to you tenfold. The pictures taken below, both clones and seedlings, were taken on October 26th, 2021.

The sensor cards are in the tent because we saw a few gnats, but we also dusted with a little bit of diatomaceous earth and haven’t seen any more since. Notice the yellowing on the top plants, I’m not sure if it shows up in the picture. Trying not to panic, but hopefully the Support(calmag supplement) and the light change will help!

Mystery seeds are doing good. They still haven’t shown any sign of being male, but still we are watching them carefully.

Lately, its been hard to find the time to do my growing -not only my ongoing cannabis grow, but also my vegetable garden and other hobbies. Does anyone else feel this way? I try to remind myself to take it easy and do as much as I can, but its easier said than done. I will continue to muscle through and am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading. Will update soon :love_letter:


Are you feeding full strength nutrients yet. Mine get a little bit yellow and I just give them full strength nutrients added to the tank.


@happilyretired Yes, I upped the feed. I was following the feed chart that came with my nutrient line (Ventana Plant Science). They just came out with a new feed chart so I been using that, it has a low, moderate and heavy feed. I upped it to the heavy feed. Thanks for commenting!


I am also using the same nutrients for this round. I will tag you to my journal if you haven’t been there. I haven’t been posting much but it will improve soon


Interesting im about to start the test run of the same nutrient line. Just trying to get this seed run finished that im doing first.


@PreyBird1 Very cool. I’ve seen some of your posts and your plants always look good. Curious to see how it works out for you.


Hey there! Im also a fellow AZ grower. Ill tag you over in my circus, but it looks like you have some exciting things happening here! Clones and seedlings are coming right along it seems! Looks good :+1:


Update: I took these pics on Sat, October 30th. Went over to my cousins house for a Halloween costume party (I was a weed fairy and won best costume) and we fed the plants. They seem to be enjoying the heavier feed and I only say this because the new growth is looking strong and green. What a relief! Our friend who also grows said that my bag seed plants may end up herming, as most bag seeds do. Don’t want this to effect my clones. I am contemplating taking them out of the tent, but not really sure. It’s only a 3x3 and I want to make sure my Blue Dreams have the room to grow nice and big. My cousins girlfriend has a 4x4 tent, and plenty of room for more plants. Maybe I can give them to her.

My mystery seeds~

Feeling really excited to see them get bigger! Must be doing something right. Like always, thank you for reading :love_letter:


If your bag seeds are going to herm on you, it wont be until you flip to 12/12, and if you are in your tent every day, you can watch the development and if they go south on you, you should catch them early enough. My advice, dont let them get too big and keep them where you can easily see them. I grew a bag seed out and it was easily one of the best looking plants ive ever seen, oh how I wish we could have saved a clone. Oh well, point being, you never know if you dont try, but i understand the anxiety surrounding it, besides they were free.