First indoor, and first post on the forum

Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Shane , not Ben, or Jay, and definitely not Blazen.
I have grown outside or even in my window, but never indoors to this level. So I’m learning to say the least. I have been stalking the crap out of the posts on the forums, trying to find any info I can use. Wow at the info. You peeps are on your games.
So a little about my setup, it seems to be changing constantly.
I purchased a used 4x4x7 setup with a marshydro tsw 2000 off of Craigslist. I have a 6" exhaust fan, with a 6" clip on fan, and a 10" oscillating fan.
I’m using bush doctor coco-loco, currently in 1 gallon plastic pots. Using ro water, with cal-mag (just started this) and with dyna-gro grow. Have the dyna-gro bloom for flower.
My wife dropped these seeds when she was planting desert rose seeds. These seeds came from a medical dispensary, unsure on the strain, either blue dream, or galactic glue is what I think they were from. For whatever reason, she dropped 2 seeds per plug, because she read it somewhere that it bettered the chances of one popping up. Well these both popped 2 up, and I did not split them regrettably. They popped up May 1st using one of the jiffy starter kits. I planted in clay pots, roughly red solo cup sized, and allowed to grow until May 10th. Just using tap water at this point.
I transplanted to 3 gallon pots with fox farms ocean forest. In my reading here, that’s when I found out it was too hot of a mix, so I swapped to coco, and 1 gallon plastic pots until I upsize to 3 gallon pots before flower.
And that’s were I’m at today. Pictures to follow.
Sorry to babble on, and hope I put enough info out here to show my basic set up.
Please feel free to smack me and let me know if I’m screwing up. I’m a big boy, and can take it.
So I’m here for any knowledge anyone might be able to share, and any tips on making things easier and/or better.
Thanks all.
Pics are from yesterday.


Welcome to the forum. Great looking plants!
You have an issue. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Without knowing it, your wife made extra work for you.
Split them now before they get any bigger.
Get a pair of fabric 3 gal pots and fill with the FF Ocean Forest. Yes, it is hot, but not that hot. I use it and so do many others here.

Take a sharp blade (clean, don’t spread fungus) and slice them apart giving each half the roots. Quickly replant them.
I like to hold the plant where I want it with the roots hanging down. Then my wife fills around them with the soil. This gives the roots more area to feed from instead of being all packed in a ball.

The plants can take it. Do it now before they get huge.
If you don’t and one of them hermies, then what? You would loose both.


Let me help you get started here in the forum.
Whenever we diagnose any plant issues, we always ask for the grow info.

I’ve compiled all the things we like to know so we can make accurate suggestions.
If you fill it out and post it, it will serve as your baseline to compare to. In many cases, filling this out lets you see where something changed and makes it easier to correct.

Grow Diagnostic Form
Soil, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Airponic or other?
Seedbank: Where did you get your seeds?
Strain: What is the name of the plant you are growing, ex; Big Dawg, Durban Poison, unknown bag seed…
Indoor, outdoor: Are you growing indoors (inside a closed environment) or outside?
Tent, Room Size: What is the size of your grow area in feet? 2x4 or 20x10
Indoor or Hybrid Lighting: Where did you get your Grow lights? What company made it/them?
Lighting type: LED, (Light Emitting Diode) or MH (Metal Halide) or HPS (High Pressure Sodium), Natural Sun only, Hybrid/Mixed
Light height: How far is the light from the top of your plants? In inches please.
Temps (day and night): Also add your record high and lows if you have them.
Relative Humidity (day and night) : If you get the hygrometer (10/$10 specials online) then have three of them right next to each other and use the average of the three depending on their accuracy.
Added Air (fans, portable A/Cs, heaters, dehumidifiers) Kind and amount (Ex: three 6” oscillating fans)
Ventilation: Rated power of the equipment please and size if known. Ex: I have an inline fan hooked to 4 inch duct tubes.
Pot sizes: How many gallons is the pot this plant is in?
Pot Type: Cement planter, pottery planter, air pot, fabric pot, other type
If Outside: How was the soil prepared?
Nutrient type: What brand of nutrients do you use? Note any special additives not in the basic feed program.
Ph numbers before and after feeding: This can indicate soil issues.
EC and PPM before & after feeding: This is the measurement that tells you how much your plants are eating. Adjust your feeding amounts accordingly.
Daily avg Water Temp: Temp of your water going to the plants.
Daily CO2 addition in ppm Is this added by machine or do you just go in the grow area and do some heavy breathing?
Seed germination date: It is a seed until it pops open and begins growing a root. At that point, it is a seedling until the first set of real leaves emerges. Then it is in Vegetative mode.
Veg duration: How many days in Veg mode?
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water): How and when do you feed/water?
Reusable Soil? Is this a natural grow with reusable soil?
Soil Brand: What company made your soil or is it a hybrid mix of your own?
Soil Amendments: What brand and line of amendments are you using?
Current Stage: Germ, Seedling, Veg, Bloom, Harvest, Drying, Curing, Smoking
Photos: Photos should be of leaves up close, both sides. Whole plant pix should show the plants height and nodal spacing. Top views are great for over all canopy conditions.
Calibration Date pH Meter
Calibration Date EC Meter
Calibration Date Other Meter 1
Calibration Date Other Meter 2
VERY IMPORTANT: What changed in the last few days?

@Homey thanks for the form, I will get that filled out soon. And thanks for the welcome.
But about splitting these, I’m assuming I’m washing them down to the roots before I split, correct? And then just clean cutting the roots even amounts for both plants? Sorry for the stupid questions, just want to be sure.


They don’t really need a wash, just shaking them off should be good.
Make sure your blade is clean. I’ve had this happen before. I used the same knife I trimmed a different plant with and the juices did not mix well. I finally had to get rid of the plant. It was cucumbers by the way. They grew deformed.


Wow look at that long ass form.
Where is @Slym3r form?
If I had to answer all that I would just go to a different forum


Welcome to GN.

And here I was just going to suggest bigger pots lol


@MrBlue @Olcoot @PreyBird1 can you soil guys help please


@happilyretired @OlyBoy @mudman


Dude, when I drop one seed, it usually shits the bed. When I drop two, they both grow. This is normal.

Your plants are looking good. But you will want to either (1) split them up and have 4 plants [this won’t be too hard], or (2) kill the smaller of he two plants by just cutting one off right above the soil [even easier than option 1]. I’ve got a feeling that with your 4x4 setup, having 4 plants might not be a problem.

And @Homey has got you covered with advice. Cut the roots, or shake em off, and replant. Your plants are young and resilient. I’m tagging along to see your grow.

@mudman has three plants in one pot now (RIP Kim Chi). check out his grow and see what the Limey Bastards are doing in Kim’s house. lol!


Type in support ticket and it will pop up

•Starting with a support ticket will help strengthen your growing abilities. It will help you guide your next grows with prev data that you can build from.

This is a support ticket. Fill it out to the best of your abilities. The community will help with any questions you may have.

Grow Journal Check List

Strain (bagseed too):
Indoor, outdoor:
Tent, Room Size:
Light height:
Temps (day and night):
Relative Humidity (day and night) :
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) :
Pot sizes:
Soil, Coco, or Dwc:
Nutrient type:
Ph numbers:
Ec and PPM:
Water Temps:

Seed germination date:
Veg duration:
Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water):


I did a 4 banger. They live and my pot was clear! Lol wasn’t the prettiest but the survived and rocked…

Kiss method.


I wouldn’t even split them, personally. I would up pot to 12gal pots or bigger if you want to use soil, probably 8gal or bigger if you stay with coco, and then train them away from each other like @Arrow and @kapouic do with their back flux plants.


We had 3 in one pot but they were far apart. They made it, but it was difficult at times.


Be careful diagnosing problems. We are here to help not hinder.


I’ve been using Diana grow for two years. P.m. me if you have any questions.


Good call. I didn’t even think of that. Those back to back plants looked pretty cool.


They’re turning into pretty healthy looking plants actually. All things considered. … :smile: Starting nutes soon and training as soon as they’re big enough.

These 3 were “volunteer” plants. The mom was partially pollinated by a male I was keeping for a different cross. I couldn’t keep up with picking off all the seeds as they matured. 5 of them fell into the ProMix and sprouted. 3 survived until their mom got chopped. If I did my math right the milk crate is somewhere around 8 gallons.


Welcome to the forum, by the way! :metal:


@Homey I split one of them. Grabbed the one that had the widest spread between them. I feel like I just scalped my plants. Lol. I had the wife take a pic of one half, the other half looked identical. Looks like they had grafted together. Worried me about the other one being closer together. Wanted opinions before I chopped that one.