First time indoor grower - massive frosty buds - sticky icky icky dense kolas all around

Currently in week 6 flowering. 2 months in veg. These 2 indica plants are very healthy and have been babied it’s entire life with the best nutrients money can buy. Each plant looks like they will produce about 1 pound each or maybe slightly less or more give or take. Massive frosty kolas all around. The plant in the back has been topped. And the one in front I did a FIM cut just to see which one produces more yield with my setup. I’m running 2 x China made 300 watt led lights + 600 watt hps light. Small grow tent 3x3x72 inches in height


That sounds unreal, beginners luck? Very nice and healthy looking plants. Nice growing.

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Wow really nice for first grow I wish my first grow produced like yours

Fuck I got 4 pale green male seed’s and a massive headache from my first windowsill grow. All kidding aside I’m in my second week in a 4x4x6 tent and hope my tangerine dream does what yours is doing . Props

Question… wet or dry 1lb…Just saying as by my experience they don’t look 1lb dry…and please don’t take offence…


We’ll see how it goes. Still going to keep it in flowering for 4-5 weeks longer. Buds are very dense and heavy.

Thanks brutha

Thanks man. A friend of mine is a grower so I been getting lots of advise from him. And of course the internet too. : )

Both are top shelf A+ Runtz strain. I just hope all goes well in drying and curing. :pray:

Looking very good!

I was just growing some stuff…

Thought I would get at least a oz per cola, 16 colas. Ended up only yielding about 8. Fluffy nonsense.


I always go very low on yield expectations… that way I am never disappointed…


I’m new at this. And I’m trying my best🙃. I’m trying to calibrate my yield expectations. But it’s hard to get a Handel.

At least it looked and smoked good.

I grew the plants out just before the last one. Looked great. Thought I would get at least 6 oz out of them. Only got 4.


That is how it always works… our hearts and hopes weigh in and the numbers go up… my first grow I thought I had 3lbs got 10 oz dry… that’s my point as gain experience you will always go low and anything over is a bonus… so like this example… I have a male Mendo P… I have 15 plants 8 harvesters 3 breeders…missed this one male so now I am to late to clone and cross my breeders… buddy has my same 3 breeders in his garden plus 2 others… I offered him my male to seed his whole garden… and in return I would give him his crop back in my and buddy’s weed… we talked and with both our experience we agreed on 3lbs… now that to me is good for the seeds…but I am not confident to get 3 pounds…even though realistically my 10 footers are 1lb plants… so if buddy will go in halves and offer up 1.5 lbs I am beyond comfortable…lol…the other option just pay him $4500 for the seeds as that is what he wants for his harvest…lol… so always guesstimate low than you aren’t disappointed… as experiance comes you will get more accurate…


Very wise words that everyone needs to know @Ladithief


Yeah thats usually how it goes. It always looks like more and the reality is getting a pound per plant is more involved than most people think. Veg time is usually two months or more and a crap load of training. But the truth is you had a really decent harvest and trust me the quality of your own grown can’t be beat by any dispensary. Just remember to stay patient until the cure is completed and you really did an amazing job.


I grow outdoors and always will… pounds out doors is simple as long as you don’t have to worry about height, neighbours and thieves… and I don’t my neighbours are good… there are so many plants in my town that are in peoples front yards and far easier to steal… and if you want to steal my 12-14 footer with my ridge back having 24hr access to my yard I will know who you were by the bandages…lol… but yeah I started outdoor and I look at indoor plants and just feel wanting…

Damn $4500 thats 2 lbs of flower in medical sales to me. Man id get some clones of those plants of his and make my own seeds. I have enough genetics to make seeds forever now. But ill make my own crosses that nobody can get but me and i do like to share.


I hear you @PreyBird1 he’s a victim of the COVID scare and may never work again… so he helps me and I help him…@packee knows him… he’s a great guy… so it is to benefit us and help him…so I hear what every one is saying but it’s for a good cause this deal… and gets me a few months if not an outdoor season ahead…

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