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Flowers of the GOTU ๐Ÿ’™

Hi! I just started growing weed this year and am totally enchanted with this amazing plant.
From the slender sativa fingers to the lush indica fatties-- its a gorgeous plant.

I feel really lucky with the timing of my new hobby. Just when Covid was hitting the US, I was planting my first ever garden- at age 64! Tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and exotics etc. So it gave me plenty to do and explore and research, while I was on lockdown. And I loved it! (gardening- not lockdown!)
A month or so later, I found out how to get cannabis seeds overseas and โ€ฆBOOM โ€“ realized a life-long dream to grow weed.
I live in the warm sub-tropics so do my growing outdoors. My first grow was full of challenges. The weather was way too rainy/humid, every bug known to mankind descended upon my garden, and the people I know irl are not fans of my new hobby.
Luckily I met some growers online and now have seen for myself how awesome the growing community is!

I am retired from the medical field, a recovering Clash Royale addict, and the proud mom of 3 great kids-grown-up.
My โ€œchildrenโ€ now are my weed plants which I love and nurture until I kill and consume them-- haha!

Because of the high humidity i cant grow year-round-- outside. So currently, while conditions are a little drier, I am growing as many plants as I can. I have a germinating table in my kitchen for my seedlings and from there they continue veg in my closet and finally get moved outside into the garden for flower. Last night when I went into my bedroom to close jars and get junk off my bed-- between the open jars and the 4 plants in my closet. . . holy kow!! My room smelled like a pot farm! It was strong. I had to open some windows, even tho our heat is on!
Anyway, thats my intro. Thank u for having me here on the Growers Network.

I love to meet people and make friends so please feel free to post and hang out with me.
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Welcome yo. I need to make a journal also





Iโ€™m tuned to watching :+1:t4: :v:t4:


Nice to see you here too! I also have a new grow starting. And one finishing :smiley:
What are you starting?
See you in the journals :star_struck:


Hello @tengaโ€ฆgreat to see you here too!!!


You know Iโ€™m hereโ€ฆ:v:t3::+1:t3:


Hey @tenga ! Following along of course :green_heart: :blush: thanks for the tag


High @tenga

Great to have you here. Your post is full of life, was laughing and read it twice. So glad you found cannabis and gardening during lockdown, and glad you are reaping the rewards already. Would love to see some pictures of your grow or a grow journal. Here is mine, . Shout if you have any questions? Plant them seeds.


No pics Teng? Atleast ya got a thread over here now, it isnโ€™t easy keeping up on more then one site. Well I couldnโ€™t do it, I have enough trouble keeping one up to date. LoL good stuff & good luck some interesting crosses.


Gm tenga, glad to see you here and wish you all the best :grimacing:


hereโ€™s a pic of her Tangi


Oopsie-did I forget to mention that?
Well I came up with this elaborate plan to overlap 4 drops.
Drop #1: Malawi(photo), Bubblegum(photo) & 2 Lemon Haze autos

Drop #2: 2 Tangie (photo), 2 zkittles autos and 1 Na6NL x Haze clone

Drop #3: 3 Waterstone cbd autos, 1 Blue Dream (photo), 3 Tangie(photo), Maui Wowie (photo)-- i dropped 10 seeds of MW- so far 6 have broken soil.

In about 2 monthes i will drop phase 4 which im really excited about bec it will be my first experience with regular seeds. I will be dropping RAP genetics Acid Rain x DJ BB.
( I will appreciate any help/ advice with that-- I especially will be asking for help identifying male plants.) You know sometimes these boys have round balls but Ive also seen โ€œnannersโ€ which are diff from balls. And females have swollen calyxes with threads? Etc. Ive read about it and looked at a lot of pictures and I still stink at identifying the boys. Its very overcast today but I will get some pics to show u guys.

Also ty for the responses and welcomes. Some of u I know but I saw a few new names too!! Party on Wayne!!

Happyman ty for showing them my baby Tangies!!! :blue_heart:

Its raining lightly but i took pics anyway.
Heres my Malawi:

And the Bubblegum:

Those plants stay outside now. They are in transition.

In my closet (sorry about the blurple) I have 2 Tangies in the back, they are finishing veg;
Front left is my Na clone- from my friend Bud and its really healthy! The other 2 in the front row right are my 2 zkittles autos. Very small and forming buttons!

Normally I put them all outside to get sun, but since its raining. . .they get the blurple all day.

My seedling table:

Heres a shot of my back yard/garden.

Some of my hot peppers- red apocalypse scorpion, then Bishops Crown then Sugar Rush Peach.

Avocado and Banana Plants

Lemon and Key Lime trees

My favorite exotic- Klip Dagga

Klip Dagga is a mild narcotic in the mint family. Its very uncommon in the states. It is from Africa. The flower petals can be smoked so I harvest them

I love my crocodile fern!

One of my Penis Pepper plants. It never fruited-Im so bummed!


Welcome @tenga ! It is nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m here sisโ€ฆyou know I wonโ€™t miss thisโ€ฆ:sunglasses::v:


Very cool love the smokable flowers!! I remember smoking egyptian saffron w my grandmother at a dinner one night it was quite stoney but sure was a expensive experience (good thing she had a half oz lol) super unique taste too.have you tried smoking the petals of your flower yet?


@hoppiefrog. Hi Hoppie!! Yes I did smoke it once with Budbrother. I sprinkled a few petals on a joint of Grove Fire. I didnt want the mint to be too overpowering. Bud really liked it. But we had smoked one of Buds joints first. By the time we got to mine. . .I was too stoned to scrutinize it lol. I only took 1 toke and had to cry wimpy uncle!! ( Bud smokes me under the table!) You can get a smoke report from him tho. I just saw him recently and gave him a couple dagga plants.

Now I want to try Egyptian saffron!!!


Ya she was a true arizonian hippie/jazz and blues singer ,she loved to smoke!! Gave her all my trim back in the late 90s she was real happy with it, she started growing white russian in her window of the old age home she lived one said a thing to her lol. She thought it was the best weed in the world and would have so much pride when she broke out her โ€œspecial stashโ€ I would never have let on Iโ€™d rather smoke buds lol. My first truly decent crop o rushed in to smoke some w her and she thought I drugged her and scolded me ,took me a decade to understand she thought I slipped something on her lol. It was pretty heavy stuff :yum:

I believe she said she was stoned in the pic lol


Ohhh i love this!! Her special stash-- growing in her window! :+1:t3::grin:
A very cool person. Not nice u slipped her the mickey!!! Lol just kidding