Flowers of the GOTU 💙

G’day @tenga and thank you for the warm welcome GOTU!!! You and I are gonna get along very well, that’s already clear to me :grinning: :grinning: :ok_hand: :+1: Nice crops mate! Looking forward to watch you growing those babygirls you’ve got going there!

Well fuck me sideways! You got that right sheila!

Thit cunt is out. Gunna hit the sack for a while now, my back is killing me. Need to get myself up and running again, asap, I should be flat out like a lizard drinking, but that cunt of a back isn’t cooperating. Heaps of work to do.

Peace out! :v:



Wait “We Thought you was a Waffle”


I will ask one last time to please stop using that word. This is a public forum and there is other women that come by here that do not appreciate it. So if you would please refrain from using it it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Ya C -dub is around! You know he sticks to dm’s mostly. He’ll stop by surely to bid you a howdy doo. Can’t keep a good grower down and all that pazaz. And yes you and Monkey are one of the same just about. He’s in Belgium btw… pretty cool. I always forget that this site is worldwide and all the different walks of life we have in here. You know us damn Americans… Thinking we are a world superpower and all. … Oh wait!! LoL
Tang did you grow the choc Thai yet?


For the record dog… oh brother is in my top 3… Space balls, caddyshack, oh brother… That’s like comedy 3 or Shawshank be’d in there. Movie is classic gold!
" You seek a great fortune… although it will not be the fortune you seek, you shall see many things… You will see a cow!! On a rooftop of …of…a cotton mill". LMAO ne er gets old


Not too many non-US’ers around here tho… :cry: Maybe I’m on the wrong forum! Maybe there’s another one full of sauerkrautz, frenchies, mustachios, and cheese-heads! Wait…what? That sounds awful! I’ll stick around here… :rofl: :rofl:


Now that’s just silly… I’m outta here.



The ministry of silly walks! :rofl: Long time ago that I saw that!!! Aaah good ol’ Monty python never disappoints! :heart:


Oui? Ils acceptent n’importe qui ici… :wink:
Même moi! :rofl:

It’s a very cool place! :sunglasses:


Tes Francophone @kapouic? Viens d’où?


Une ville près de Montréal. Et toi?


Oh sunny day…miss t is back…lol


I guess that would fall under Frenchies… lol oh I dont never forget about our Canadian Boyz. Can’t if I wanted too neither… :joy: the old Cap- ē - tahn …


Près de Louvain, Belgique :slight_smile:




Je ne sais pas ?ca? - I don’t know about that…
Not sure on the about that part… lol


Ty for the well wishes Flasher! And btw, nifty new profile name and pic! Just don’t be pulling any full Monty’s on us! Slymer doesn’t allow it! Even for medical purposes!
( Lol, sorry SS, but u know I gotta give u all crap possible, but only cuz I like u so much!)

Anyway Bobberino, I gotta get back to the BBP. The dust is finally settling here!!

@LoCoRocK yes I did grow CT. And it did in fact smell like chocolate! I was surprised since the strain ( from rap) was mixed with two others, haze and ummmm NA5, I think.

But it did not taste chocolate. It tastes woodsy. And the high was different than the trippy, cerebral highs I’m used to. It was a body high, very relaxing and put me to sleep!

@MrMonkey420 Monkey pants, lol. . . U will have to dm me so we can use our Aussie lingo! Happy man has a good point about the possibility of someone stopping by who is unfamiliar with the positive uses of that word. Happy man has other good points too, but I won’t go into that.

@Dog_Fart1 Canine flatulence!!! You completely and utterly shocked me with that oh brother video clip!! I post that often! It is the best line from the whole movie!
We thought u was a toad !

And Loco, ur recall of that cows on the roof line was impressive!!
Yeah, I love that movie! How about how Clooney is so obsessed with his hair! Lol. He says “my hair” in his sleep!

Well I was hardening some autos and lost track of time and burnt a couple. Dang it!!

Ok picture time

Acorn squash-- first time I’m growing it

My new way to propagate, done with a Hibiscus cutting, keeping the inside of a grocery bag humid. It worked great!!

Paint stir sticks to hold the bag off the leaves.

Cajun hibiscus, created at Dupont Nursery in Louisiana. I got a couple while I was in Alabama. They are only available in that region. They are patented, oversized flowers with brilliant colors. I have three varieties now. This one has some blue in it!!

Devil’s Spine, also from Alabama. Reminds me of my pencil cactus a little bit.

Hope y’all are doing great! Happy growing!


He is a Daper Dan man… and by golly if that store didn’t carry it. Good thing it was a geological wonder, 3 days from everywhere. :laughing:


Lol!! U have a photographic memory?!

Love this song!
I am the damn pater familia!


I love that movie