Flushing - DO CannaCrib companies flush?

The Debate on flushing is on going - Can anyone tell me if any of the CannaCrib companies 'Flush" there product ???


That’s a hard conversation. There are a lot of cannacrib folk. I can find a bunch of articles in the Growers Network for ya though.

I do. Last week of being aliv3 gets water only.

I am running two nute feed and 1 water a week. So i keep a flush method all thruout the plants life.


I give mind flushing and also dry periods thru growing/cycles- and flush for 1 week with FOOP ( 8 organics sugars) before harvest . seems like you starve the plantsfor 2 week and a lot of times you can tell it does the plant doesn’t like that by it’s leaves - like to do a flush 1 day than a 1 day dry period before flower cycle better nutrient response


no need to wory about PH at this tine .


My Botany professor at the U. of Arkansas described it to me as this…giving your plants an overabundance of water via flushing will not work simply because you cannot remove molecular chemical compounds from a cellulose based plant structure…just doesn’t work.

At our commercial grow in Colorado Springs, we do NOT flush as we grow in our SoHum Living Soils and produce an extremely high terp profile with very good cannabinoids as well. We are Clean Green Certified at the grow as well as the soil. Check out an article by Jeff Lowenfels at Grow Magazine called Forget The Flush…Forget the Flush: Does Flushing Really Do Anything at All? – Grow Magazine


@jonw !!! It’s great that a commerical grow person has chimmed-in . Find-ly I have an answer from a commerical indrustry _been asking this question fro a few years and NO commercial ciltivation person NEVER answered the “flush” question _ well the debate is over at last from me _NO flushing - the most I will flush at the end of a grow will be for 3 days just so the soil dry-‘s out a bit. Once I really “pushed” the plants and used nutrients very heavy and close to harvest date (tring to increase terpens’ with additives) the harvest was crap , very harsh taste, hated to even smoke it -couldn’t give it away -lesson learned ! ( knew better but just did it anyway - stupid )