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Free Self-Watering Containers (3-Pack) GiveAway for Your Honest Feedback

Hey, there. I am the Business Manager/Partner for a small company called GroTech Garden Products. First off, to be completely transparent, I know next to nothing about growing cannabis, but I’ve received multiple inquiries about using our GroBucket gardening kits for growing cannabis. So, in an attempt to better understand what our product may offer, I did what most folks do and searched YouTube, which led me to this Growers Network. I’m not sure I’m even posting this in the correct category, but hopefully Nick will steer me in the right direction if not.

Basically, the GroBucket is a device that turns a 5-gallon bucket into a portable self-watering container garden. I’ve learned, many cannabis Growers already use 5-gallon buckets and DIY techniques to achieve similar results, but the GroBucket takes mere minutes to set up and has added benefits, so for those who grow more than a few plants, it’s a real time saver. From what I’ve been told, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, it’s very important to maintain consistent watering and ph-balance while growing cannabis, especially at certain growth stages. Since the GroBucket provides nearly 2 gallons of water to the plant, once the soil has been soaked and the reservoir filled, it’s very beneficial to meeting these parameters. It also has a water-level indicator that makes knowing when to water easy and the air gap created between the device and the bucket drain hole encourages healthy root growth and protects against rot. I’ve been told our system is helpful with the mothers, especially.

I’ve had a few cannabis Growers, who’ve found us via YouTube and on Amazon, tell me the system is working very well and I’m interested in getting some more substantiated feedback from some experienced Growers. Here’s a short video on how our product works. You can find more details on our YouTube channel (needs updating) and on our GroBucket website. We are also listed on Amazon

We currently sell exclusively on Amazon, but are contemplating setting up eCommerce, so we can sell in bulk to folks who need large orders for growing specific plants. Before we go to the hassle and expense of coming up with our own inventory tracking and payment system, I want to test things out and see if this is even something serious Growers will be interested in purchasing in bulk.

What I’d like to do is offer a complimentary 3-Pack GroBucket garden kit to some interested folks who are willing to stay in touch and provide honest feedback of their experience growing in GroBuckets, complete with photos. Ideally, as I said, I request experienced Growers who can provide expert advice on specifically how GroBuckets are better than other techniques and/or how we may improve the product to best meet specific needs.

I’m happy to provide that feedback here on the forum, once we get some people willing to try out the GroBucket system and share their experience. If you are interested, maybe the best way is to start a conversation here and share about your expertise and growing experience and how you may be willing to try out GroBuckets and possibly compare against another “test group” of your current technique. Does that sound fair? I’m open to suggestions. I obviously can’t send out countless freebies–we are a very small start-up company, so I hope you’ll be willing to allow me to determine who may be the best fit for this test group based on our conversation. As I said, I’m open to suggestions. I ask for US residents only to help minimize shipping expense.


So who does the drilling me… I am not ready to go back inside until my outdoor is finished… so mid October… a 3 pack would fit beautifully in my tent and I run many journals… so let me know if you are will to send a test pack of 3 to Canada…

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Yes, the kit does not include the buckets (made shipping cost prohibitive), so you’d purchase or get 3 recycled 5-gallon buckets and drill a hole about 3.5 inches from the bottom, and insert the GroBucket device.

We’ve had some Canadian Amazon customers find an US mailing center near their border, use their own phone number in the Amazon order, and then pick up from the nearby mail center. If you have close proximity to a US border mail center, I can look into possibly shipping direct from our warehouse to the mailing center.

Sorry border is closed… possibly until the the end of the year…thanks anyways…and I am looking at the USA across the river every day…


Will stay in touch here. Maybe see what the shipping would be. I know we are working on getting in Amazon Canada at some point as we’ve had multiple inquiries. Thank you.

@carriezrun… I would be willing to try your Bucket system on a few. Do you want a side by side to see results from my normal way of growing?
I am soil only.
@Ladithief can’t you hop on your boat get across the river?? I am right there… LOL!! In the US … wish it was still that easy. :woozy_face:


I am willing to test a few ladies.

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I would love to try out your bucket and I have a grow journal on GN as well, would love to try your bucket system!

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I’d like to try them and I can journal it here

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I am always up to trying new ways. I already grow in a 5 gal buckets. With a water rez and air bubbler on bottom.


i would love to give them a good tire kicking & upload a basic journal. i have an aero farm system & was contemplating my next upgrade or addition.

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If they can water a soil system. I would LOVE to try them.

Just came back from a trip to a dead plants Bc my plant sitter didn’t water properly. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have no issue journaling your product here.

If your trying to choose people to test u may want to run the names in the test and research thread and see who fits your style of feedback.

Just a hint (some people just want handouts). But I’m sure that’s no surprise

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Hi, your setup looks interesting. I would be interested in trying out a few; if they work well, I could even be interested in supplying my whole grow with them afterwards. I’m also in process of opening a large online ancillary cannabis shop selling everything from traditional headshop items like glass and vapes, as well as seperate sections with CBD products, knives, cannabis culture influenced clothing, and growing equipment, and may well be interested in carrying your product at my store.

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Thank you so much. I will check out that thread. Really appreciate the tip. Be in touch…

Wow, beautiful. Just want to make sure you realize our system is soil-based? Again, remember I confided I’m basically clueless in growing cannabis, so if those pots in the photos are soil-based no judgment please :wink:

…lol… bigger fine than lying at the border… and I can guarantee you I would get 14 days in Wayne County’s border pod… no thanks…I try to only do time in my own country if I have to…lol…

St. Clair County…little better than Wayne… LOL
It just used to be easy to go back and forth across the river.

Hey, All!!
Thanks so much for your interest and quick response.

Reminding you this promotion is for the 3-pack GroBucket garden kit.
Please note:

  • I does not include the 5-gallon buckets (too expensive to ship).
  • It does not include an irrigation system (still under development).
  • I’ve used a potting soil in my GroBucket garden veggie garden, but my Partner says you can use coco coir, hydroten, perlite, lava rock, or rock wool.
  • Must reside in the United States

Please email me at [email protected] and we’ll arrange for your promo pack to be sent.

I’m now pausing this offer, effective today, 9/10/2020 at 2:40pm.
Anyone who has responded to my inquiry prior to this time is eligible to test our product.

Before emailing me, PLEASE carefully consider whether you definitely will be able to follow through with providing feedback and follow-up photos to this thread. I’m trusting this group to be honest and forthright. If you don’t think you’ll be able to follow through, please pass on this offer and simply keep an eye on the thread to see what others think of the product–Unless, of course, they hate it…then, disregard :wink:

Appreciate you!!


Thank you @carriezrun yes they are soil on top with a water reservoir on the bottom. I check water level with the blue tube the black tube supplies the air.

The border gets me to Wayne county jail…lol…those days are past me now… I try to stay on this side of the bars…