Getting it together. Rebuilding after a year of learning and mistakes

Let me tell you a story. Sit back grab some coffee and or popcorn and enjoy a good read.

About a year ago, I decided it was time to make a change in my life. Marijuana is not legal in my state however hemp is. So I started a small grow in a 4x4 tent and ordered a handful of seeds.

I’ve got lots of reasons for making this change. In 2011, I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease. I’ve been on multiple pharmaceuticals and nothing really helped. I was a cannabis user when I was young so I’m well knowledgeable about it. I also grew it but stepped away for jobs that require testing.

I decided to test out some cbd flower, vapes and the like and found great relief. I immediately noticed that quality of the products I was purchasing were never the same. I even found mold and bud rot in some of the products I purchased. Then there was the whole boom about e-acitate(sp?) in vapes so I stopped buying them.

Of course living in Virginia, marijuana is still not legalized state wide or of course federally. I needed medicine that I could trust would have the same quality and medical help. I was like, what am I doing? I can do this!

So over the course of the past year my little tent has grown into 2 tents and 2 open tables in a 10ft by 12ft room. During that process I came to learn about so many things I didn’t remember from my grows 15 plus years previously.

My first problem did not initially show itself until my first seedlings started to flip and stunt on growth. Found the ph from my well water was averaging a 2.5ph, omg talk about crappy well water. So called a buddy of mine and had a whole house ph neutralizer and water softener installed. Things got a little better but still not seeing the growth unexpected after a 2 week flush.

I thought I could be cool and go with nutrients that said they were organic. I’m sure they were some kind of organic but I have a feeling these were on someone’s shelf for years. After using them I noticed not much was coming out of the jars. Apparently they solidified in the bottom and my plants weren’t getting the nutrients they needed. Back to basics, flushed everything and went with General hydroponics nutrients and life came back.

I then had my HVAC system die in the middle of the summer. Talk about fun times. Had to replace both the indoor and outdoor units. The temperatures during the replacement and lighting were all messed up since power had to be turned off while they removed old and installed new over the course of about 8 days. Plants didn’t know what to do for a while.

I had a dehumidifier system installed and found that the humidity was way too high through the house and the room I was growing in did not have the ventilation it needed nor the proper airflow.

Numerous other little issues cropped up like power surges that killed my smart switches for my feeder pumps or keeping lights on indefinitely.

Towards the end of the year on the last couple of plants I was waiting to finish flowering I had pests get in the room. My daughter brought them in by accident after playing outside.

So I cleared out cleaned up broke the room down. Sterilized everything, dealt with the pests. And now I’m starting over again.

I completely rebut my room,. Pulled the tents out and setup 4 open tables. Installed ventilation ducting and carbon filters. You know doing it the right way.

I’ll post pics now so you can see the room rebuild.

Here’s what I had setup before…

Here’s the build process of my new setup

New cloner seedling setup in closet.

And here’s my new seed starts

Trying out some Suver Haze and Mountain Mango and 4 seeds of an accidental hybrid from my previous strains.

We shall see how this. Hopefully over the next couple months I will see some better, happier plants.

I have also been posting my farm stuff on reddit. Hopefully this is allowed but you can keep up to date on

I will try to maintain this post as well.

Wish me luck!


Looks like it’s going to be a hell of a new build keep us apprised of your progression good luck


Also to add, I needed a way to have music and less hand interactions with my smart switches. So I found a way to mount an amazon echo in my overhead ceiling light. So now I can voice control music and smart switches when my hands are full.


@daurwid nice to meet you . I am kk I have been battling the crohns for 30 years growing my own meds for the last few years. I like your new setup. I used to grow in tents too but now have my grow in the basement. I keep my parameters better in check this way. This is a great place for knowledge and contact with like minded others. Happy growing!!


Glad to here your growing your own medicine for your Crohns @daurwid. It really does help more than any rx out there. No one wants to have bowel obstructions and a ng tube stuck down there nose. When I talk my patients through the ng placement I also start the education process on how cannabis will help them more than any rx out there.
Most people will try anything to never have to go through that horrible process of having a tube stuck through there nose, down there throat, and into your the stomach.
I like that your growing in rockwool. If you have any questions as you proceed, @devjyarn is the man to ask. He’s got a lot of experience in rockwool.


It helps knowing others medically treat themselves the same way I do. Thank you for sharing. May you also avoid future surgeries that are invasive. And may you grow bud that makes you happy and feel better!


Yes the surgeries SUCK but the did help me get 10 yrs symptom free. I miss those days…the second resection was harder but…I am still here finding my way. I have found so far the more natural I stay the better I feel. I went plant based last year and it really helped. I still miss the pork though. Mmm bacon… anyhow its nice to talk to someone going thru the not so fun battle with the crohns. I am also in a backwards state now so my grow is inside in the basement. I would love to grow in the sun… maybe someday… hope you have a High day with no symptoms. :wink:


I understand. My diet was the first thing my wife made both of us change… She doesn’t have crohn’s but she wants to be as healthy as possible. No eating out fast food. Also had to do single food testing a while. There’s lots of vegetables that are a big no no for me. And no spicy foods ever. I did not give up bacon completely. I am sure I will have to one day… hopefully not soon.


Smart woman!! I am lucky too my wasband (cuz he was my husband a whole other story) is open and tries all the new and different foods some are super bad but some are surprisingly tasty. I can’t do raw veggies unless I put them thru the blender but I love a good salsa or gazpacho. Heat doesn’t bother me but I can’t drink liquor and only the occasional beer. Cannabis is a lifesaver it has taken me from 16 different kinds of meds a day to only 1 shot every 8 weeks woo hoo…but stupid state I live in doesn’t recognize it as medicine. Go figure. Anyhow good luck on your journey if I can help you in any way just shoot me a line.


Wow. I’m opposite. I can’t drink beer, but I can have a tiny bit of whiskey every now and again. I’m grateful for my wife. If she hadn’t of figured some of this out, it’s possible I might not be alive right now. I was in real trouble for a while. And she was my advocate for all the doctor appointments and fought for legit answers none of the doctors we went to were easily willing to provide. Most of the doctors just wanted to use me as some kind of test subject and pummel pharmaceuticals down my throat. Most of which did nothing to help me. So now I just use Cannabis and when I feel a flare up I go smoke a hemp cigarette. Usually I’m good, some days I need a lot others not as much.

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I’m going to suggest taking a whole plant extract as an edible way of consuming cannabis @daurwid . You can put the oil in a gelatin capsule and swallow it. Now this has a far greater medicinal impact on our bodies ECS, because of the way our liver is metabolizing the cannabanoids. It absorbs into our bodies ECS in a different way. It would help you better in the long run to take a daily dose of oil 1-2 times a day and in time you’ll never feel your body flare up. 1:1 strains seem to work the best also. You need thc to really help the healing of the intestines.
This is the way most Oregon MDs suggest using cannabis for Crohns. At least the one’s that know the many medicinal aspects of cannabis.


Very interesting. I have not had great experiences with edibles. My assumption is that my body does not digest it fast enough before it’s out. Although that’s great news. Won’t be able to do a 1:1 unfortunately. I do agree the entire contents of the plant provide a more complete medicine. Makes sense! Thank you for sharing.


Everything looks great man keep it up


@daurwid I saw they dxd you in 2011. Me in 1990 back then was really bad doctors thought it was in my head couldnt find anything on scans and when they finally opened me up saw 3 ft if my intestines had turned to rock was the way the surgeon described it he did my first resection and had my second 6 yrs ago. So edibles for me are a no go. It’s not that I don’t like them its they have No effect on me I think they took out that part that processes the thc in your intestines. Doc told me that next time its bag time. Not gonna… so I am taking as good of care of me as I can… sorry if I am texting your ear off its just I don’t get to talk to many people who understand… hope you and the wife had a great day. Kk


Ok so I had been writing that last text over a few I just saw you last text…have you had resection also? If this is too personal I understand


Let’s stick to growing hemp for this threads purpose. We can chat offline. Or in another thread.


Moved from dome into main tables. They seemed like they were begging to be let out. We shall see if I chose the time to move them was the right choice, probably not. Tested everything today to make sure things would go well. Pumps work, lights work, fans work, nutrients are in. Here we go!


You talking about the rso?


I really like the pools idea.


Yes, RSO is also called whole plant cannabis extract. It is the 1st step to making distillate. It’s called crude distillate.
I used to use that type of recipe, but now I only use 200 proof ethanol. It’s definitely more expensive than IPA, but healthier. I also use a h20 distiller that I can adjust the temps to, so I can reclaim my ethanol and save me $$$. Plus a few other tweaks to the process. I always keep my temps low to preserve my terps, and flavanoids.
It is the most effective way to medicinally use cannabis.