Giving it a go once again

Plants are taking off… sucking the water up in less than a day now. Almost a foot tall already. It’s now been a month since they went in the cups after germinating.

The small ‘runt’ (front right) seedling is finally taking off. It’s about time :slight_smile:

Tomorrow might be the day I transplant…No sign of roots peeking thru the holes yet. Think it’s time? Or should I wait a bit more? .



They look good. It’s been a big change in the last 10 days. I think if you want to transplant them they all do fine except may be number four. If that one’s just starting to come out of shock you might not want to mess with it yet.


That’s a sick ass tent. I think for my situation, I’d just make the kids share a room and take over one of theirs :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking the same, leave the little girl alone for the time being. She’s doing too good to f it up now. :slight_smile: thanks!!



I have been thinking about putting a recliner and a TV out there :wink:


Hey check out my thread. On rebuilding carbon filters.


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thanks so much! I sure appreciate it!

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Moved them into their permanent home last night, 5 gal fabric pots. I found out that you have to water slowly or the water seeps thru the side walls of the pot. I re-routed the air to exhaust outside the tent instead of inside. I figured I wouldn’t need a ‘heater’ in the tent anymore once I turned on all the lights.

Sure enough, the tent is staying at about 76 degrees with all 4 lights on. How long I can keep it under 80 will be the trick. Once it heats up I’m pretty sure I’m going to need A/C.

I read that 440 watts of led liight was equal (conversion scale) to 880 watts of HID. Looks to me like my 600 watt HID’s are brighter than the 440 watt LED’s.

Plenty of room in the tent, so glad I was lucky enough to come across it. I still have to make a few mods today, as the LED lights cords aren’t quite long enough. And a section of the duct needs to be re routed in order to be long enough to lower the lights some more.

VOLT lighting VL-1 Comes with a 5 year warranty, and you can control them from anywhere via smartphone if needed. Dimmers as well, and the controller handles 200-300 of them. And they seem to be about half price of similar wattage lights. Here’s some specs… Am I missing something? I know jack shit about LED lights.

PPF: 1220 µmol/s
• Wattage: 440W
• Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J
• Avg PPFD (5’x5’ Area): 459 µmol/m2/s

I’m happy…plants are happy.

Isn’t that a pretty lady in the photo? Just beautiful! Have to say thanks to preybird1 for hooking me up with the awesome genetics!

Thanks guys!!


Very very nice set up. I’d be proud of that…FOSHO :+1:t3:


Man o man look at you all pro now! :+1::tada:

Nice set up and clean. I alway zip tie a surge protector to the inside top roof bar. Then all the cords are up top. When i make longer cords i buy the heavy duty outdoor extension cords and i use them to make my power cords for my light builds. I just cut to length. I also made all my led cords have 25’ power cords so they can be mounted externally from the tent to reduce heat inside the tent. Right now im running 2,400 watts in one tent and it can hit 93° and im only running the lights at 75% if i go higher everything bleaches out and ppants start to fry and melt. But i like that i can dim down to 40% power or over do it big time at 100% power but i treat the lights like nice cars. I dont beat em and race the crap out of them. And on the lights i built i purposely made them have less power to begin with. So if you were to turn them too 100% power the boards cannot hit there maximum wattage because the driver gives 480 watts and the boards can use 140 watts. So after 10% reductions of driver efficiency thats 120 watts each max. So in theory they should last longer being under driven with power. Also when i water i water a little here and then i come back and water a bit more. Gets a bettet absorption rate. Also take care not to let the coco get to dry. It can cause dry pockets in the coco that are hard to get wet again. Its odd but its happened to me a couple times.


I spoke too soon with the happy life shit… you must have ESP w/the electrical talk. LOL Smart move making your own, and lots cheaper as well. Not to mention the safety factor. Thanks for the idea!

The lights started tripping off, the surge protector is the culprit. I had another one, and tried it w/same results. I have everything up on top of the exterior of the tent. It’s awkward to work on as I have to get the ladder out to see whats on top of the tent. I just might have to rethink that…

I’m going to have my son in law come by and convert the electric car charger (220) receptacle over to 110, he’s coming by in the AM

I decided to disconnect 1 of the 600 HID’s temporarily until he comes over.

I found out why the HID’s looked brighter…the LED"S were dimmed to the lowest wattage. DUH… When i swithched it to 440 watts, it tripped the surge protector. AND the temp went up…imagine that. Time to quit when that happens. I need more juice, plain and simple. I don’t want to smoke my plants before I harvest them. :wink:

Plants are in Happy Frog, not coco. I made sure to water them real good. I watered till I had runoff coming all the way thru.

thanks again!!


Could ne the surge protector. Whats its amp rating? I only use the high joules ones frome home depot.

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I have used 2 so far. 1 of them is a cheap home depot, and the other is this one, rated for 15 amps. Both of them tripped out. 2 600’s and 2 440’s = 2100 watts. Of course the breaker box is behind the tent, so I’m really not sure what amp circuit it’s on. I’m assuming it’s a 15. I found this on Home depot, it’s a 240 v to 110 v adapter. Probably the easiest-cheapest, and fastest cure for me. I’m gonna need to power a small a/c too it looks like. Son In law is coming over at 8 and I’ll have him help me slide the tent out for access to the panel.

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Nothing beats a hand trimmed job tho :wink:


Nice grow space! It took me while to figure out what that stuff is in between your pots. I think it is called “space” (aka room to grow). I like it and am green with envy. I might try to add some “space” to my next room. Got a feeling I’d just keep filling till there was no more.


Update…it looks like it’s going to be easier and cheaper to use a 220 to 110 plug in ‘adapter’. I ordered one online and it will be here by 10 tonight. Otherwise I have to move the tent way out, which is a pia. And I’d also have to purchase-change a breaker out.

The adapter has a 15 amp fuse built into it. I’d be limited somewhat once more. I’m going to have to add a/c immediately if I run the lights on full power. I have the tent door 1/2 way open and it was still around 82. Which way to go? leave the lights on 24-7 w/ tent door open to cool, or dim the lights untill I can get an a/c unit? (Hopefully in the next day or two)

Good news is I can run another 110 20 amp out of the box since it’s so close behind the tent if needed.

I should have anticipated this power problem ahead of time. This is my busiest week of the year…LOL How’s that work out? Biggest problems on busiest days.

I have one plant that has just a tinge of brown on the tips. I’m thinking the new FFOF soil is a tad bit ‘hot’ and that I should stick to reg ro water for the time being.

I’ll be glad to get this balanced out and running smoothly. (if there is such a thing?)



updated update…

Scored… a nice almost new portable 8000 btu a/c unit for 100 bucks.

Came back and looked at the plants. 2-3 withered from lack of water already. It’s only been 24 hrs. I mixed the FFOF with 25-30% vermiculite. It drains well, maybe too well. Hit them with some 6.2 plain RO water.

Now sit back and wait for the adapter to come in.

Getting there… :wink:


When you do your straight water it’s a good time to add any Great white recharge etc. it also makes the plants happy if you throw some Cal Mag in there.


They look as healthy as the proverbial horse ! Time to plant!