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GreenThunder perpetual tent with HLG QB

I’ve been growing in my home for 2 years in a 4x4 tent, first with 1000w HPS and now with 2 260w HLG QB. I started in coco (accidentally) and have tried hydro (dwc) which drove me back to coco. I currently have a pair in autopots sharing a res and 3 being bottom fed by hand.

This is Wonder Woman, she started to flower around June 27 and I think she has at least 3 weeks left.

She’s currently in the closet by herself, and loving the space! The closet is 2x4x5 with a 260 HLG QB and is generally used for vegging.

She has a friend who hangs out on her branches, below the canopy…

Inside the tent, first a group pic…

The two short ones on the right are clones from Wonder Woman, they were moved into the tent on August 2 and have just begun to show pistils. I’ll say today is the start of followering; breeder estimates are 9-11 weeks.

On the left we have Critical Purple Kush in the back

And Amnesia Haze in front

They are in autopots and share a res. They seem to be getting along just fine

I use the Lucas formula with GH flora micro and bloom. I add hydroguard and calmag and flowering supplements. I also use sfl100 weekly plus liquid karma and florakleen as needed.

I knew nothing when I started and am amazed to be growing delicious, stony weed. I know I have so much more to learn, but I’m finally starting to feel a generally comfortable trot (2 years in)


My recently harvested strains:

Chemdog June 16
Blubbery Auto June 22
Dark Devil Auto June 29
Purps clone July 7 and 13
Jack Herer July 13 and 20
Sweet CBD Auto July 30

It’s the first time I’ve had this many strains in jars; and the first time the harvesting was staggered just right.
My new relationship status (single) means much less usage. Previously, we’d smoke it up just around the time it’s getting a good cure. I’ve had to share all of the above and will share what’s currently growing. After this batch, I’ll close up for a few weeks to get the floor in the grow room fixed. After that, I’ll be growing exclusively for myself.


Good to see you still growing. Looks like you got the hang of it.
I’m missing the solitude of the southeast. (That says a lot considering I grew up in MI) Hope all is well.


Nice plants, need to get me one of those Wonder Woman.:slightly_smiling_face:


Once you’ve lived in AK, you’re hooked for life :blush: I’ve postponed my departure, not looking forward to another winter here but I realized I’m not ready to move so far away from my mom. She depends on me for errands and a place to crash when she comes to town. My sister can’t (or won’t) provide the same help. When it does come time to move, I’ll bring mom with me :sunglasses:


Hey, @greenthunder907, how are you? You’ve come a long way, your plants look beautiful! Well done!


Hi Pom! I’m doing great! I’ve turned my life upside down and it’s wonderful! Besides my new status of single, I’ve also quit my high stress job and will be starting another soon. I was invited to apply for the new job, by the CFO! :astonished: I did not even know there was a job available and I gotta say, it felt good to be ‘wanted’ :sunglasses: She is an acquaintance and contacted me after a recommendation from the HR manager at my old job :blush:
I feel like things are falling into place for me on so many different levels. In January, I attended a women’s conference and it was very empowering. I also did seek counseling before making such big life changes. It was immensely helpful. I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time, truly happy, not just the existing kind (you know what I mean?)

Gosh… that was more than I meant to say! :upside_down_face:


Sometimes it is very needed!

I’m thrilled to hear you’re happy, you’re plants are reflecting exactly that!

You’ve got all kinds of doors opening for you, congrats, girl, you deserve it!


Looking forward to following your grows, here.


About three weeks ago I was overly aggressive when pruning CPK and ended up with a couple of clones. Aww shucks, right?!

Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a couple 3 gallon pots and flip them because

  1. I’ve always wanted to try growing a small plant.
  2. I need to take my tent down to fix the floor in the grow room.

The closet should be big enough to flower 2 small ones.

In other news, I (finally) made tincture!! Mega-thanks to @blackthumbbetty for the guidance. I used popcorn and trim from my Sweet CBD auto with 100 proof vodka for my first attempt. I think it was a success…

I started with 1.5 ml and have taken 3ml. My back and hip pain are greatly reduced. And I’m strangely calm about the big changes in my life, which are not happening at the pace I would like. I had an informal job interview today and will meet the CFO Monday before they can officially offer the job and set a start date, hopefully Tuesday. I don’t have doubts about any of it, which is unusual for me. Also, I’m waiting to purchase a new-to-me car. It’s been in the works for months and I’ve nearly given up and bought something I didn’t really want. I feel like the CBD tincture is helping me be more patient (hallelujah!) Oh, and I’m sleeping better :sleeping:


Yes! That’s fanfreakingtastic!

I have found that CBD oil does the same for me, at least mentally. The switch that sends me into anxiety mode (and ALL the crazy that entails) just seems to get temporarily taken off-line when I sublingually dose with my 72MG of CBD.

I imagine with the THC, the entourage effect would kick that into overdrive.

So far, no noticeable reduction in any pain.


Hey GT! I was wondering about you lately so good to see you! So happy you are doing well. Growing great weed as always I see.