Grow 2-Jilly Bean and Flu Shot Cough x G13 Haze Fem Photoperiod

Grow Journal Check List-2/3/22-Grow 2

Seedbank: Chitown

Strain: Jilly Bean (Fem) and Flu Shot CoughxG13 Haze (Reg)

Indoor: Grow Tent 2x4 SF 2000

Lighting: SF 2000 LED

Light height: 28” w dimmer set at 30% (for seedlings)

Temps (70 to 75 degrees): Using small electric heater in room, not tent.

Relative Humidity: Running a humidifier in the tent and humidity around 70%. Without would be 20%

Added Air : 2 Fans and a Humidifier

Ventilation: SF Carbon filter

Pot sizes: Starter cups but will go to 5 gal fabric pots and keep 2 in the tent other 2 will go outside when weather permits

Soil: Dynomyco applied under the seed. FF Seed Starter Light Warrior- will move to Pro Mix HP when transplanted.

Nutrient type: Dakine 420 starter sample pack and Dakine Cal Mag. Bud Bust Pro Foliar Spray (BBP)

Ph numbers: ? Have been using bottled distilled water for now.

EC and PPM: ?

Water Temps: Room temp.

Co2: The Exhale 365 bag-not hung yet.

Seed germination date: Seeds sprouted 2/1/22, 2/2/22 and 2/3/22 and one still to come.
Veg duration: 5 or 6 weeks? Not sure.

Nutrient cycles: I plan to follow the feed schedule on the box.

Grow 2 JB and FSC x G13 Haze Fem Photoperiod

Hello everyone. This is the start of my 2nd grow. My first grow was last summer and fall. It turned out okay. I made some mistakes but wound up with pretty decent weed anyway. But I would like to do better. I’ve been reading up on the forum for the last few months and am going to try and copy what a lot of you use.

I plan on using Pro Mix HP and the Dakine 420 sample pack with Cal Mag as well. I will also use a Bud Buster Pro sample bottle as a foliar spray. If I read the instructions right, I would only use BBP once every 7 days once I start. Is that right, Bob? @TheMadFlascher

My plan was to plant 2 seeds. But they were taking a while so I thought maybe they would not pop so paper toweled 2 more. Now I have 4. I am hoping my timing is okay and I can move 2 of them outdoors before flowering.

They just popped out of the soil a couple days ago, but do you think they are too stretchy? I did lower the light a couple inches tonight to 28" and moved the light dimmer from 30% to 40%.

Please feel free to jump in and offer any advice you all might have. I really appreciate all the help you guys gave me last year. @happilyretired @preybird1 @ @Slym3r

Some pictures:


Looks like your off to a great start! Good light the spider farmers, I would get it a little closer though, they are getting kinda spindly. Get a gentle breeze on them if you don’t have already.



The Flu shot is a Reg seed. So be careful and make sure you watch for males. But I guarantee you that freebie will be some of the best weed you grow. He is a great Breeder who puts the work in. Thanks for your support. Have a great day.


Thanks for taking a look. I lowered the light and turned the dimmer up to 40%.

However we are having an ice storm here in the NE and now have no power. So moved the plants out of the tent and near the fire place for warmth.


Good to know Automatik. This will be fun. I’m glad I planted 2 now. Thanks for the great genetics.


Looks like you’re off to a good start.
As far as putting anything outside that you’re starting now, it depends on how long you’re planning to veg. I don’t think I would try to go out side before 1 May. That tent is plenty big enough to grow out 4 plants. If you’re planning on going outside that early with the plant it’s already been growing two months I certainly hope you have enough room for a plant that’s 10 feet tall. Because you will have one if you want. :+1:t3:


Hi happilyretired.

Thanks for taking a look. I was unsure about how many plants should be grown in a tent that size. My first grow, I went way overboard and started 12 plants. I wound up with 8 growing in the tent and moved 2 outside so finished up with 6. It was pretty crowded. So I thought that I would go with just 2, but maybe I’ll try the 4 inside.

I was planning on transplanting these seedlings into 5 gallon fabric pots for the tent.

I am also planning on growing a few auto-flowers outdoors when the weather gets good and I was going to go with 7 gallon pots, on the deck.

I was thinking of trying 2 photoperiods, in the ground, in my backyard as well. But I worry about bud rot, come mid-September. The spot I have in mind gets a lot of sun–more than my deck. Because of the weather, I’ve also been considering just putting them in 2 10 gallon pots. So, not sure yet.


When you’re shopping for seeds to grow outdoor check the description. Eight weeks of flowering doesn’t mean shit. You look for plants that finish flowering early. I got a strain called 11 roses that I grew out door last year and I harvested that plant on September 2. It started throwing pistols July 1. Look for strains that finish mid September. I don’t remember where I got them from. Google it you can probably find them. :+1:t3::v:t3:


I was planning my first application of BBP when the first plant hit 2 weeks old, on 2/14/22, Monday. But I noticed the roots are starting to come out the holes at the bottom of the cups.

Do you guys think I should transplant now, and give it a few more days before starting BBP? @TheMadFlascher I was planning on putting the Jilly Bean into a 5 gallon pot of Pro-Mix HP and the Flu Shot Cough into a 5 gallon pot of Roots Organic soil. Then the other two, which are a few days behind, put the JB into the Roots Organic soil and the Flu Shot into the Pro-Mix. Just to see how differently they grow.
@happilyretired @preybird1

I appreciate any input you all have. Thanks for looking.




Morning Dirt!
Looking good! Transplanting really won’t have an effect on your BBP schedule…
It sounds like you are working right now with 4 plants of slightly different age…
I think what I might suggest is just go ahead and transplant whenever it’s necessary…wait until your YOUNGEST plant is 14 days old, and hit them all at the same time! That will put them all on the same schedule for you and make it easier!

With the little ones I would suggest just mixing your BBP 1ml/4 oz water and you’ll still have plenty leftover to apply to a few of your favorite ornamentals!!!


I on the other hand would not transplant yet. I would go ahead and do the BBP and wait until the foliage covers the top of the cup before I would transplant. If you do it now there’s a good chance of your root ball breaking apart when you remove it from the cup. Next time try planting in clear cups and then slide the clear cups inside a solid cup. This keeps the light away from the roots and you can pick up the clear cup and inspect your roots whenever you want. Give it a shot next time. :+1:t3:


Thanks @TheMadFlascher @happilyretired for checking them out.

I’ll go ahead and let them cover the tops of the cups before transplanting. They all popped out of the soil within the first week. So, I will probably spray them this week, maybe Thursday night. I’ll get a BBP before picture before starting.

So Bob, once I start with BBP, does it become a once weekly application? I was unsure about that, or should it be applied more frequently?

One thing I did that I forgot the mention above was when I planted the seeds I applied Dynomyco to the soil. I guess that stuff might be helping those roots out.


Yep and yep. I’m not much of a schedule person so I usually go 7 to 10 days.


Sure @dirt51 !

Let me clarify for you…your media applied nuets/supplements are completely up to you…use whatever program you are most comfortable/successful with! We only insist on using NO OTHER FOLIAR applications to your treated plants!

We LOVE the 7 day application schedule as it is a ‘spoon feed’ program that will evenly provide the BBP needed to keep your metabolic potential at max throughout the grow. This has a side benefit also later in the grow when the nutrient demand kicks in high gear as it allows you more time to respond .

Once starting the program on your seedlings, you can just mark your calendar for every 7 days!

We always start with a 2ml/8oz (1ml/4oz) dilution ratio and will gently bump that dilution ratio up as your babies develop more foliage density. ( I’ll follow along on your journal updates and help you make those decisions)

Let the games begin !

LOL Hap is going to need some ‘home schoolin’ on how to mark a Calander every 7 days when he starts his applications!!! :grin: :rofl:


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how the ornamentals like it too!


They’ll love it!
When you start your veggie garden treat some plants with a similar dilution ratio and schedule…be sure and leave some plants untreated and report back to me on their yields and flavor!!!

It’s a lot of fun!!


Naaaa… I do all right without a calendar Bob…:wink: :+1:t3:


LOL, you do excellent without a schedule…just couldn’t reisit the opportunity to bitch at you !!!
:upside_down_face: :joy: :rofl:


Hi Bob:

I just applied my first application of BBP to the 4 plants this afternoon. They all started the week of the 1st. The picture below will be the “before” shot. They should be getting sprayed every Tuesday.


Just an update for the journal.

I transplanted the four plants on 2/19/22. They seem to be doing okay. I have started feeding the 2 in the middle, with the temperature gage on them, Dakine 420 Grow and Base at 1/4 strenght . Those 2 are in Pro Mix HP. The other two are in Roots Organic soil so just giving them water for now. I also gave them a shot or Roots Organic Surge last night. All four get a spray of BBP every Tuesday night. They got their 2nd dose tonight.
@TheMadFlascher @happilyretired @sssportsmfg @preybird1