Grow #2 -->SourD, Blue Dream, Monkey Slapz, & GDP

Hey she works. She has character lol. Put a bandaid on the kink lol make it look good.


Typical shipping companies don’t care anymore I ordered a cannatrol first one came all beat up box said this end up and fragile all over it they pulled it out of the truck laying on its side
Definitely make them send you another one since you paid for a brand new undamaged one


Ok I will. Thanks. I just sent them an email asking for another replacement. I don’t want to feel ripped off.


That strain is so good for pain, arthritis and tremors to name a few ailments it helps with.


Oh man im gonna jave to see if u sent me some monkey slaps. I got galactic mixes i believe from u. My aunt would love the pain part as weve yet to find one that wotks super good on minor pains and such. They ease it rnough to relax and get the good buzz feel but something better would be great especially if it will help me sleep. 3 hrs a noght aint working. I feel twice as old and look like ive aged 10 years in 3 lol. Most i get at noght on a good day is 4 to 5 and its never a good restful sleep always broken sleep and tossing and turning. Gell ill wake up uncovered covers in floor because i toss and turn so much i end up with my wifes covera and mone in the floor. Yes we use seperate covers as i am a rwstless sleeper. Wife says some night i look like im running from someone in my sleep. Peddling a bike which i javnt done in umpteen years now but she says i pedal a bike look like im swimming at yimes. Somenights she wakes and my arms r strait up in the air like im a laying down zombie. Lol. Idk i did rib punch her one night she said as i was in a brawl in my sleep. Ive woke myself up a few times fighting ppl and kicking and shit i remeber one night i was in a big fight went to face kick dude one the ground and i was whaling that foot as i slung my foot to kick it was dead air which woke me up lol. Guess im not a good one to sleep with i foght in my sleep.


I do the same things with punching the wall while asleep and having my arms straight up in the air. It makes sleep not very restful.


Lol. I tried to get in the gabit of sleeping on my right side so my back is to the wife so i dont punch or kick her while sleep. Lol. I hear it on the not a good sleep. Been like this for ne for about 6 years now


Veg Day 78

I’m putting in the SCROG net today after a defoliation. Does this look decent? Should I expect it to fill out more?

:joy: The Sour Diesel has a gaping hole in the center after bending everything outward.

Any suggestions at this point?


Looking good @scryptic!


@scryptic How full do you want the tent if you want the nets to be completely full keep vegging them a bit longer and let them spread out through the net keep tucking them everyday or two once the nets about 70 80% full then flip them then finish tucking it to fill the net and then let them start coming up vertical then they will have a couple weeks of stretch to come up vertically should work for a full tent ,that’s how I run my nets anyways that’d be my two cents :joy::rofl::v:t2:
Looking good💯
Once you start spreading them out through the net so the branches get a lot of light and they will start getting a lot of side shoots making a lot more Bud sites


The only real advantage to running 220v is a slightly lower amp draw and a slightly lower electricity bill. Other than that, 120 is fine. Take your actual watt draw and multiply by 10, that will give you amp draw. Then look at your romex and your attached circuit breaker, if you have a 15 amp circuit breaker, you can run a total of 1500 watts as long as your wire size will carry it. But you have to figure out the watt and or amp draw of everything connected to that circuit breaker. So when you plug stuff in like high draw appliances, you can easily go over the rated load. HTH.


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