Growing in Pakistan, temperature in summers stays between 35 and 42

Hi i am growing out of pakistan, the summer temperature now a days is 35 - 42 C.
I tried growing in small pots. The seed germinated but as they grew they started falling down, i put them in sun light and they dried up.
please help ?
Best regrds


Hi @qazi

Welcome to GN and great to have you all the way from Pakistan. Hot temps and winds are hard to deal with. There are several ways you can work around this. Bigger pots for one!!! Bigger pots hold more moisture. Did you start growing indoors and then take the seedlings outdoors?

The topic below is a great way to learn how to deal with heat issues outdoors, Arizona has a very hot and dry climate. Check it out for more information.


Liquid karma by botanicare will help with root zone in hotter than normal zone, even in dwc. Help stop root rot and keep roots white. It does work.


Thanks for the warm welcome, great to be here. and all the helpful suggestions.
To answer your question, I started indoors, moved to a shade area, and then outdoors in direct sunlight. This was a failure. but not losing hope.
I will try the bigger pot and shade cloth. A few more questions though.

  1. cannabis/hemp grows naturally in this area like weed. So can you help me identify the local species.
  2. if i am growing outdoors with seeds from a different area of Pakistan( i am using cannabis plant that is used to produce hash.), do i have to worry about female plant being fertilized by species that grows naturally. (i am uploading the pictures of local species and ones that i am growing.
    thanks :slight_smile:

THank you for the suggestion, but there are limited options available in Pakistan for plant food/fertilizers. I will try to find liquid karma. Also Is it possible to go for organic alternatives.?


KNF is your answer!



I grow inside and outside in Arizona. I’ve tried various ways to enhance production. The changes the year are larger area beds as opposed to large pots, hoping for a difference in evaporation rates and root spread. The tops of the beds are being planted with cover plants. Melons in both with some wildflowers for insect reduction.

Supplemental lighting is being used until the natural photo period is adequate to prevent early flowering.

I run 50% shade cloth and have an overhead misting system that is on the timer that gets changed according to aridity situation as they develop


WOW ! , cool setup, i intend to grow ouside, and your setup is something i will try to build. For the 50 % shade cloth, do you remove it when it getts cooler?

Also i am attaching some pictures i took of will cannabis/ hemp plants… can someone help identify them.


Hey glad you getting great advice here. Difficult to talk the exact strains through a picture, but your plant is looking happy and healthy, needs further flower development though and only in a few weeks flower, so atleast another 6 weeks to go, maybe more.

What are your cooler weather temps over there?

Question I would like to ask, Pakistani hash is well known worldwide, can you tell us more, do you know of hash makers in your area? Is it all made by hand?


Apology for the misunderstanding, the pictures are of the local strains that grow naturally where I live.
We mostly consume local strains to make BHANG something similar to a canna-milk.
Attaching the picture of cannabis plant used to make hash.

This is the picture of cannabis field from Teera valley where it will be turned into hash.

The coldest temperature it gets in the area I live in is 17 /5 c.

Hash is considered illegal; so it is mostly made in tribal areas where its legal. But it grows almost everywhere in Pakistan , so legality around growing and consuming wild weed is somewhat vague. So to answer your question, we don’t have local hash makers, especially where i live.

Although I visited the place where they grow and make hash, and it is still made by hand. From what i understand, it is essentially dried buds , crushed and then strained using a fine cloth to produce a powder(garda). The strained powder is heated to turn it into hash.

I was planning to produce buds rather than hash. Also wanted to experiment making RSO oil.


Welcome. Have u looked into landrace strains from ur area. Best prolly to find some strains that do well in high heat. Lots of landrace strains will do great growing in ur area just finding a solid set of genetics is key. Can’t wait to see some pics when u post as I love seeing all the different areas in the world thru pics.


ah great advice @Mark0427 , look for strains that are already climatized.

Thanks for all the information @qazi , that is great to hear. Many people can help you along your growing journey here and we would love to see what you can grow out there. Awesome solutions on here to make concentrates and RSO.

BHANG something similar to a canna-milk.

Is this similar to GHEE?


this is like milk drink. not ghee. but ghee would be better. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great advice, But I don’t know how to identify the plant. Is it hemp or cannabis? have attached the pictures of local plants. How can I identify the plant strain?


I remove the shade cloth when weather changes to monsoon, usually mid July. Having overhead “rain system” allows me to program more cycles per day on the days that spike to extremes on occasion in August and September.