Growing now inside now and outside in 2024 here in the NorthEast

I have always loved that photo :slight_smile:

but sadly more work then my lazy stoner ass is looking to do

I was thinking hedge shears


01/01/2023 WooHoo!!! the First Day of the 2023 grow season :slight_smile:

we will here in New York need to work inside a bit longer :wink:

if G_d willing we will be outside in about 120 days

I have gone thru and put all my beans away and I have kept out just

the sixty autos I will be starting in April

I will keep 48 so I can do 6 rows of 8 plants for the hedge project

and find 6 new growers local to give each 2 plants one of each

so I will start 30 of these

Montana Yeti is a crosses Monster OG and Snow Ryder

30 of these

Mephisto’s Wedding x Forum Stomper

I know little about them other than they will under 3 bucks a seed for

feminized auto

I just have to pick out six plants for what the state lets me grow :wink: I have a couple

of my crosses in 3 gallon pot that are females

I have a Island Sweet Skunk female by a Holy Goddess Male and also

a DJ Short Blueberry female by a chocolate Thai male

I may need to cut the roots back and put them back in three gallons for a bit

and go to five gallons pots

to end up in root bound 7 gallon pots to move to the ground

if I can only do 6 plants they will need to be redwoods and big roots is what it takes to

grow big plants

or my wife could stop smoking :wink:

I will have to look I have about five different MAC crosses to round out the six

I may have to do some guerrilla growing I do have a big swamp behind my place

maybe get out the Magellan

there is a farmer that is legal here I wanted to rent an acre split the crop

that never worked out

oh well :frowning: but grow we shall :slight_smile:

a Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours



So I posted here crying how I missed a seed deal from a couple years ago

this place is the best indeed some kind member reached out and offered me seeds

because I am like a moth to the flame when it comes to seeds

it took all my will to pass :wink:

but I bought a few seeds over the holidaze

Scotty 2 hotty x Pressure feminized

Pressure (Gary Payton x Rainbow Chip) feminized

Lava Cake x Pressure feminized

Montana yeti x twenty20 Mendocino knows candy Auto feminized

Og Eddy Lepp x Tk auto outcrosses feminized

Ice Cream Cake #5 feminized

Faygo Cola F1 Frozen Coke F1 x Pure Michigan F2 reg.

few very cheap odd ball things

1-pack of Smurf and the Stone blueberry space has photo regs 10
1-pack NW Hemp Craft Double Grape OG 7 photo regs
1-pack (Ghost Dance x white rhino) X El Guapo— someone told me these are Xolo seed but not labeled. 5 pack photo regs
1–pack of 2 seeds Strawberry Banana Cheese fems

1– pack of 10 regs from Island Dope Genetics island cookies
1- pack of 10+ photo regs of Gods Pink F2
1–pack of Dragon Blood Genetics GMO x Dragons blood f5 13+ photo regs
1- pack of Martini Seeds Orangepocalyps looks like 8 seeds.

1–pack of t-town cultivators 3 blue kings x gorilla cookies photo regs 10 seeds
1–pack of Green Leaf Gelato cookies 3 seeds fems
1-pack Island Dope Genetics Golden Maui 10 photo regs
1-pack NW Hemp Craft San Fernando Grapes 6 photo regs

I said once and will say again

this is what happens with no Adult supervisor on the Net

be safe and a great New Year



I think I need to go to meetings or a 12 step program

the power of the seed it compels me :frowning: I am weak they are strong

email alerts of seed drops, follow me on youtube, look my at grow istascam

this year 2023 with be the year of the Feminized Auto for me and I will make of few

beans of them for next year so I can get the monkey off my back :wink:


Grape Crinkleberry S1 - 10 Auto FEMS

Mango Smile x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS

Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS

Meph’s Wedding x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS


2 packs Grape Crinkleberry S1 - 10 Auto FEMS

1 pack Mango Smile x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS

1 pack Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS

1 pack Meph’s Wedding x Grape Crinkleberry - 10 Auto FEMS

90 beans with shipping from Canada 113 US

I can start a bunch and give them to new growers to try outside

and not break the bank

all the best and resistance is futile



This got archived so I copy the link here

I got a tracking # that went to no where :frowning: but they will reship tomorrow overnight

we shall see


another one, two threads are one too many :slight_smile:

I have a meter to pick up at the Post Office and one on the way

I will more than likely keep both as one I can collect data on a server with one of them

and have history to look at

grow well

edit for better engrish


Saved on a server is convenient AF!
Im going to buy this light meter.

Ive almost bought it 2x already. But it was $180 then.


bought it off Fleabay new for 140 free shipping


Nice i just got a bluelabs meter plus for $225 from greenhouse megastore and free ship!


Damn nice collection there @dequilo i wish we had all that easy access to seed banks over here


see anything you would like to try let me know and I will send them your way

all the best and grow well



“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”


Thank you appreciate that alot bro @dequilo


you are welcome :slight_smile: and I do mean that

so ask if you see anything

be safe and grow well



I am a Network Engineer so I do get a bit geeky with data :slight_smile:

a professor at college told once “data is priceless, hardware is change in your pocket”

that has stuck with me for 24 years now

I just got this meter in and it does what it says it gives you a reading of you PPFD at the

correct PAR for what we grow

my light is good but needs to be on longer to give me the correct DLI

I should have a 16 hour day but 18 hour would be perfect I am only doing 14 hours

which is on the very low end of the scale

so I need to deal with it, tomorrow is going to be in the 40s and I can empty out the room

and redo it

I have three more lights to hang for another up to 900 watts

all the best and grow well



@PreyBird1 in my youth back in 1973 - 1976 before I went to the Joint

this gentleman had a lot to do with shaping my ways

RIP Vinny your are missed

I was locked up when he was killed in 1979 a sad day :frowning:

all the best and be safe



Today is 01/08/2023 and the grow season for me has begun

I will be working on the six plants the state will let me grow not sure

if they are letting us grow rec or just medical

from their clear as mud guidelines/rules I read on NYS website

I have to believe they are not sure either

I will pick out six plants and start getting them ready become redwoods as I can

have only six :wink: put them out in May rebound in seven gallon pots

I am sure I will be on some list to check out and see what I might be up to

so regular/feminized photo plants :frowning:

are not what I need outside this year maybe next :wink:

but 7 to 11 week feminized autos could work out nicely I will try a few

I have been thinking about do whatever I can fit under my lights on the way out the door

this spring. I could get 40 plants in 3 gallon pots in pro-mix in a 4 x 10 or 5 x 12

space with a 1000 - 1500 watts of lights autos from what the gurus say autos are good

with lower light but need the 20 hour day to do their best inside

these are the first two of five 300 watt 20 inch by 47 in LEDs I built with 11 - 4 foot

gen. 2 Bridgelux 27.3 watts strips in 3500k

run them harder and you could get more watts easily run them spec they will

run 50 - 100 thousand hours

so I am running them at about 220 watts for a total of 440 watts

they appears to light the area well :slight_smile:

to that I say with LEDs a light meter that reads the correct PAR is a must to dial in your lights

more so if you build them


light senor for the meter I just got in

this is the number I get which is pretty good but with a 14 hour not really that good over all

with a 18 hour day I can go to 550 this will give me a Daily Light Integral (DLI)of 35.64

which at the right Temp and RH is very good for Veg

this is all before any research or the correct light meter being a inside grower for the

last whatever

you got a plant problem give it more watts of HID and you are good

I have gone with three light to veg I am running them at 225 watts each

21 photo regulars pick out the males

I did get the five clone thankful it was warmer here they came overnight but took

two days and got cold

if the genetics are correct they will work

that get this somewhat up to date

a good day and be safe



@dequilo thats an awesome set up brother and those babies looking good


@st0na they are getting better I will take some photos tonight

the 18 hour day and correct amount of light is doing wonders

my poor plants have taken a beating :frowning:

but this is why I tell new growers you have to work at killing the weed

it will hang on trying to survive

thanks the setup in a work in progress I need to replace the floor as I have destroyed

with water

this time I will use full ground contact plywood cover that with vinyl tiles

also put in three or four shower drains so the water has somewhere to go

I really could use an addition of 8 foot by 16 foot

the room would be 16 foot by 16 foot even if I do not use it :wink: nice to has some extra


all the best and be safe



Today is 01/10/2023

the days are getting longer :slight_smile:

A Tale of Two Meters

I move this over here as I can post in one thread well any more I get lost

I bought one of these off Fleabay for 150 to the door it works well

and it got me to the right place as my plants are getting better

for dialing in your lights a great meter

I bought one of these meter used for 80 bucks to the door

this meter is over the top it does

it does you light PPFD it calculates DLI, tells your CCT, it dose Foot Candles

and LUX, your temperature, your Humidity and you VPD

record changes in your temp, humidity and PPFD the unit runs on external power

also can do your CO2 with an added sensor and it can push all you data to a server

the unit looks like it is new still had the plastic on the LCD

this one has so many bells and whistles it is unreal but for the computer

geek in me it is just what I was looking for

I love data :slight_smile: I will take some photos of it working

all the best and be well