Growing with Cannabis Journal

Already a couple gigs lined up to speak about cannabis, next weekend The Garden Route Cannabis Cup, and in September I will be speaking about cannabis at EarthDance, a major dance and trance event in South Africa. Looking forward to it.


Whoa that’s cool


Just got back home from the 3rd Garden Route cannabis cup, hosted in Plett over the past weekend. Besides south africa’s regular turmoil like violent strike action, loadshedding, screwed economy, it was a total success and seems like mostly everyone had a great time, networking, listening to informed talks about cannabis and crowning Canna Porium the best on the garden route with their well grown Blue Dream Skzittles Cake pictured below. What a top strain, crystals everywhere, dark and a smooth dank smoke.

Also great to be back at The Canna Club who kindly hosted me over the weekend. Spent most of my time at their Clubhouse enjoying meeting many different people, smoking some great weed and enjoying good weather.


So glad to say new genetics are under the hood and lights are on. Looking forward to our new grow season and popping some beans soon… managed to get my hands on white widow, pure michigan, super gloo, elvis, super cheese…

Round 2.


Looks like a great time


Busy prepping for the mushroom walk and talk this weekend, got to get them numbers up. You sleep strange hours, must be 4am where you are.


So excited to head down to EarthDance 2023 and open the weekend talking about cannabis legality and how to #ovagrow the system.

The Earthdance Global Peace Party is the world’s largest underground music and dance event for peace. Held annually since 1997, the event features hundreds of music artists, DJs, dancers, and speakers at local Earthdance events around the world, on the same weekend each year. The Earthdance event is aligned with the annual international Peace Day on September 21; and includes a global synchronized affirmation for peace.Earthdance is produced by Earthdance Global, and supports the Earthdance International non-profit organization.


Part of my talk about overgrowing the system will be a short poem to share with the dancers, hippies, traders and good people of earth.

~Ode to Marijuana~

I fly
High and high
To the reverberation
To the bliss

I fly
High and high
To the goddess
To the serenity
To make love with the unsung hymns

I fly
High and high
With the puff
Pondering Self, the elf
Calming down
When the whiff gulps down
The pain
The body weight

I fly
High and high
To the void
Knowing I am not this
I am not that
Searching the Self, THE I
I fly
High and high

  • Puvi