Happy 420.. new grow room in works

Happy 420 @kapouic @docdre @devjyarn @dollhouz @oldguy and everyone… I hope it has been cloudy for you all…
So… all the planning I have been going through as paid off hopefully by the end of this week I will have started work on building my new grow space… I have a group of seed started/starting my plan is to keep them in the groups … for now atleast

These first 3 got a little stretchy

This red diesel had a little studder when it first came up… i thought she was gonna die

These 3 were just dropped

But as for the grow space my plan is to have a 6x10 ft room to house a 4x8 footprint for flower as for the veg i havent locked down the size because i don’t know if I want to have my prop space in the same space as my veg. And I plan on having a space for drying

Now I know it looks like a shitty storage space but after a couple of days of hard work I will be good…


Happy 420 and trust it was an irie day. You have a sweet space to convert, looks perfect. just be careful that back wall looks very wet, you will need to make a plan if damp is coming through the walls before growing.


Happy 420 @docee!
Set to watch and learn… :nerd_face:

I wish you plenty of success! :smiley:


Hey @docee
The space looks Sweet. Abit of elbow grease and you will have a Awesome Space. The Babies look good and ready. Are they photo’s or Fem ?
What growing method or medium are you looking at? Lights?
Just be careful with the damp wall like @chrisj said. It can cause mold and may give humidity problems, depending on your damping problem.
Keep us posted :muscle:

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


Happy 420 fam!


@docdre @chrisj… oh of course i do have a plan of dry locking it or getting a d-hum… maybe both.
@docdre as far as whats I have going on you’re all female photos. I am gunning to be growing in Coco perlite mix. I am going to be getting the floraflex matrix system for watering for auto watering atleast in flower maybe I will hand water in veg. As far as lights I am going with a QB style led. I just got the maxsisun 2020 qb style and I love it so maybe more of the same light.


Looks like a nice blank slate! Should be an exciting build.

At this point take some time (hell, even take some cardboard and string and make a mock-up) and plan out what the layout might look like. Consider the way that air is going to flow through your space - can you do it with one or two extraction fans to move air through all of the spaces? Can you have passive (light blocking!) vents between the sections to allow air to move from the lowest VPD to highest VPD. Can you think of where it would be nice to have a floor drain or where your reservoirs are going to be?

Figuring out the plumbing and HVAC first is really important! It’s the same reason when a hosue is built the plumbing drains go in first, then HVAC, then everything else. Those things are very difficult to change after the build out is done.

I plan for 40-70 grams per square foot of flower space per harvest when running photo plants. Each square foot of flowering space will need 50 - 70 PPF, so a flowering space that is 6’x6’ would require 1800 - 2520 PPF. Growcraft X6 - 1000 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit - LED Grow Lights - Commercial Grower Max Yields | ChilLED Tech This light puts out 2450 total PPF, comes as a DIY kit, and is fully made in America. Might be a good option.

That would leave you with about 4x6 as a veg space, which is plenty of area for a veg/mom/clone space. A 2x4 tent set up in the back of the 4x6 veg space would give a nice, stable drying environment (heck, you could even have it separately vented to allow it to be a breeding space).

Apologies if this is a bit of ramble. Please let me know if there is anything else you have questions about and I’ll try to answer them!


@devjyarn No man thats not a ramble at all… that is some really solid information and tips… iblook fowaed to the knowledge you drop…i have to level the floor so once that is done I will be framing everything out … i will most definitely look at those lights… and i will be looking into light blocking vents I like the sound of that … so obviously I would be going from my flower room to veg then out…


Happy 420!

Major fan of the Red Dragon. Looking forward to seeing your setup and following your grow.


Buddy grew Red Dragon last year outdoors… it was crazy big plant… and great smoke…


@Quest thanks man

@devjyarn is that 40 -70g per sqft is that based on a certain way of training or or about the light


It’s more dependent on light than training.


Thanks man


So here an update on the new grow area. Unfortunately this project has taken a lot longer than I planned. Everyday my honey do list keeps growing… and i have been working on that most of the time … but i got dri lol on the walls a a rough frame of either the flower room or veg havent decided yet

This space is 7x7

This space is 6x10


I remember my first proper room it changed my grow style and ultimately my life;) I hope you find the same experience that followed for me ! Looking great man!!


Oh I am sure it will do the same for me … after everyday I work on it I get more and more excited… just wish this was the only project I am working on right now … it would have been much further along … but thanks… you are one of the growers that I look to


Thanks man :wink: I love to hear ppl found that all contagious passion and sense of pride from growing the so very beautiful gift God had given us to cherish and evolve along side !! So cheers excited to watch you grow​:yum:


Thanks hoppie…


Ok so now I can finally get some work done veg room 90% done … just have to hang power strips fans light and get the girls in their new home till flowrr room done

And figure out how I can clean the wall at the door


Ok so i can now say the veg room is done enough to put the girls in…

I still have to order the environment controler… and just for budget sake I am gonna get the ink bird pair. And another light to match the one I have edit and add a drain to the table … and so odds and end. But for now on to the flower room