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Harvesting, Drying, and Curing my last grow of the season

I didn’t want to start a journal at the tail end of my grow, but I thought I would share the harvesting, drying, and curing process I typically use on my grows.

The 3 plants I’ll be harvesting soon aren’t my best due to a bit of laziness during their stretch, which caused some light burn. This was a last minute grow, of strains I was just trying to get rid of, so I wasn’t as focused as usual.

These are autos, grown in a mostly Promix Bx medium using Earth Juice and lots of microbes, under qb lights on a 12/12 light cycle since germination.

Sweet Tooth–grown once before, but wasn’t a fan of her taste or yield; I decided to mess about and top her, this time; she looks to be about the same, yield-wise, as my previous attempt

6 Shooter #1–grown once before, but wasn’t a fan of her yield; I decided to mess about and top her, this time; her yield looks to be at least 1oz higher than previous

6 Shooter #2–same as above; I decided to mess about and top her, this time; her yield looks to be at least 3oz higher than previous.

Sweet Tooth is just about ready for harvest; the 6 Shooters have a few more weeks.

Today, after 7 days of no food, I watered Sweet Tooth with 2 gallons of very, very cold, plain, unpH’d well water. I got ½ gallon of run-off. She won’t get anything farther from me, except the chop. I am thinking she’ll be harvested on Tues June 4th, Day 69 from germination.

I will post pics as soon as my internet allows. Stay tuned!

Here’s a link to help tell you when to harvest. I like to harvest at 10% or less amber, myself.


Here are a few Sweet Tooth trich shots from earlier today:


Nice quantity and length on those trichomes!


The one thing Sweet Tooth definitely seems to have going for her is her snow, that’s for sure! Both that I’ve grown have been so frosty.

Here are a few bud shots. She has tons of single-fingered sugar leaves just dripping with glitter. She is a shorty, per her strain profile, but her buds are fat and tight.

excuse the light burned leaf tips


I gotta be honest: I forgot to document Sweet Tooth’s chop/trim! It happens.

I will not forget to document this lovely lady for you!! She is a Six Shooter. Her last feed was 5/31, but I was actually planning on feeding her this Friday, til the trichs told me otherwise. I expect to harvest her around 6/14.

Yesterday, she got 1 gallon of plain well water pH’d to 6.4. She will get plain water only til harvest. Right now, I don’t plan on doing a preharvest water flush, especially since she’ll have 2 weeks of no nutrients. The rh is staying in the 30’s, which is quite low, but just fine for finishing up buds.

She’s under QB lights, but I have an attached tent which is still under blurples, hence the weird side light. :grinning:


You are really crushing it in the trichome department!


Thank you! Not sure what I’m doing to coax out that beautiful snow, so I’ll just blame the nutrient regime and genetics.


Checked the light level. Running at 699.9 PPFD. Lights at 300 watts and 20" from top of canopy. 7-10 days til harvest.

I am quite timid with my light. The plant can surely handle a bit more, so I will probably drop it down to 18" before the weekend. As long as she doesn’t start foxtailing or bleaching out in the last week, all’s good.


Someday I hope to be consistent enough to mess with my lights more and determine the line of diminishing returns… gonna be awhile, I have a lot of other things to figure out first. Heh. But if I could get the same yield I just got with 450w instead of 600w… well in the long run that is worth striving for.


According to this, the approximate growth rates at different ppfds are: 300 at 45%, 800 at 85%, and 1500 at 100%. To be honest, that report is mostly gobbledly gook to me, but I’m trying to understand it better.


Six Shooter #2 Day 73, approx 5-8 days from harvest:

Top right are the Twin Colas that can’t be seen in the bottom, since one hides behind the other.

Gave her 1 gallon of cold well water, today.


Today is day 77. She’s been getting a gallon of plain cold water every couple of days. I am thinking she’s going to push it to Monday/Tuesday.

Tuesday is the longest I can push her, due to my job.


Looking awesome! And these are autoflowers?


She is a Six Shooter Auto from fastbuds.


You know, I completely skipped 6S#1. I chopped her today and am trimming her, now. That’s her empty pot.


How could you forget her? She was looking great :grin:


The lowest branch from her. No larf on this girl.


There she is :grin: nice trimming :wink:


This plant has been a breeze to trim. Scissor hash tastes wicked, too. I might have to give this girl another shot, especially if she tastes as amazing as she smells.


Best part of trimming if you ask me :wink: