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Having a tough time finding trim

Does anyone know of a vendor who has decent trim? Right now I’m looking for 1 unit, and I prefer indoor. I’m in the SFV, near Tarzana.

Thank you


@greenmountainharvest might know a few growers who have good trim.

Execellent. Feel free to send them my way if they have some indoor for sale.

Thank you!

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Hey hunter I know this is an old post but do you still happen to know some growers looking to unload their trim? Specifically lower grade around $28-30 a unit.



@growopowners - Can anybody help @cdtsdistribution out with this?


@Hunter @cdtsdistribution @canexdelivery

I just reached out to a group, as they cleared out a cpl rooms last wk. Had a celebratory business smoke sesh with them yesterday. They passed State compliance product testing and are within the top 5% who made it through. Anyhow, Cali indoor good stuff! Will get back to u as soon as I hear something. Thanks!


Appreciate this! Let me know when you hear back, semi urgent :grimacing: thank you!!

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