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Hellraiser's World

hellraiser bong


I have this stuck in my mind ever since I saw the picture for the first time.
If you don’t know; I am in limited space 2x2 tent.
Since the picture has been embedded I’m my mind, wondering I’f I can do it.
I still come back to look at the picture and shake my head.


You could do 4 of those in a 2x2, as it barely took up a square foot and ended at 18-20 inches tall.

Here’s a pic of her closer to the end showing off her harvest colors


I have the extra auto seeds too.
Is there anything I should prepare for, or will need?
You have to be chuckling to yourself thinking; “It is a cup for God’s sake”:thinking:
I am to the point where I have to try or it will continue to haunt my dreams.
Thank you hell!
I appreciate ya brother.


No, not really, was a pretty simple grow actually. Just had to water twice a day in flowering to keep her from drying out too much. Once past the tiny plant stage ( a couple weeks old for seedlings), I fed every watering at around 650-700 ppms with plenty of runoff (around 40%) and she stayed very healthy to the end. Cut larger drainage holes than usual, will air-prune the roots at the bottom of the cup so they don’t build up too much down there and start pushing the plant out of the cup.


Thank you for sharing your expertise.
Hey @oltimegrower you going try it too?
The man is sharing his trade secrets.
You are the growing man hellraiser!


Lol…maybe someday guys. Amazing, if there weren’t pictures of your solo cup grow @hellraiser and try try to explain the stats to someone…“you be a hell of a yarn stretcher”.
I’ve tried…and then I whip out the phone and make them scowl…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


When I was a brand new grower, Hellboi was the first person to welcome me to the world of weed growing. Even tho I was just growing plants outside by the seat of my pants with no fancy pants equipment, he still helped me without judgement.
He is imo the best grow teacher on the forums because of his knowledge, patience and lack of inflated ego/hostility.
His solo cup grow is epic. But as a grower, teacher, and kind human being I believe the man is a legend.
If I ever in my life was lucky enuf to meet him irl I would have him and his wife to my house for dinner and spoil him as much as humanly possible.


Aww shucks, thanks for the kind words Tenga, you are an angel. Loved seeing your outdoor growing, you really have a green thumb!


I picked up quickly that he is respected,admired, and even loved here.
Evident by your kind words.
I am the one not worthy, and my name isn’t even Wayne or Garth!


Huh…well I am just sitting here in stunned silence…absolutely amazing! Sights indeed!



Yes @tenga @hellraiser is the man. For anyone else check his journals on lgm. I grew a bunch first try following him!!! The guy spends alot time in the forums helping people. I was extremely lucky to start up growing and meeting him at the same time!!