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Here I grow again

I’ll put up a few photos to show my history of late. It’s easier than trying to explain.
Here’s what I started a few years back.

Here’s how it turned out…

Then I decided to do an indoor grow but my wife wouldn’t let me do it in the house. I wasn’t feeling well the time so instead of building a shed I just bought a tough shed because I wanted to get started. Wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it’ll do. Here’s how it started.

Ran autos for my first crop. Wasn’t my best moment started off good but ran into lots of problems later on in flower so I moved onto Photos and they turned out pretty good other than I had a light leak and they all Hermèd. It was good smoke but you had to pick through a few seeds.

Then summer came and it got too hot to run the grow room so I move back outside and here’s a couple of pics of how that turned out

And here’s where I’m at today.



My grow room is 8x12 I have a 5 x 8 flowering area and I built a veg/cloning cabinet out of some old kitchen cabinets. I have a 9000 BTUs mini split heat AC unit. I have 2HLG 600 H lights for flower on a light rail. The light rail is a new addition as well as I am adding CO2 this round. I’m not venting my room this time and I’ve sealed it. My light leak has been repaired from the last grow.
I’m growing in rockwool this round also.
I’m using DynaGro nutrients.

I have lots of tools and I like to build things. Here’s a few photos of some of the things I have built for my cannabis adventure.

Here’s the first light to built for my veg cabinet and a shot of my veg cabinet.

Here’s some pictures of some pipes I made.

And here’s a couple shots of a Press I just built


Here’s my new digs. Going to be a little slow for a while early stages of vegging. Thanks for looking…:v:t3::+1:t3:


Thanks for the tag my friend,
wouldn’t miss this party :grin::v:


I’m watching…


Set to learn…


Im here. Sorry i slept in a bit.


Here’s a journal I just started.

Some absolute monster outdoor plants!

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@oltimegrower… I started a journal over here in case you’re interested. I’d love to see what you got going.

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Nyasu Happy Man! Im looking forward to ur journal!


Good morning folks. Quiet cold morning today here on the West Coast got super bored couple hours ago so I decided to build me one of these.

And here it is.

Here’s how I did it…:v:t3::+1:t3:

I might go out and try it later if it warms up a little bit.
Total cost two hours… Love it…:wink:


6061-T6? Nice bruh
Um,what is it? Lol

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It’s just plain old aluminum bar stock. Just left over from previous projects.

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Still have no clue what it is. But like the lathe work
No matter what it is. You have a groove tool? And or a
Tool for knurling like handles?

Yes I do and I have enough tool steel to make whatever I need if I don’t have one. I have several different styles of knurling tool also.

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Another question, your a tool guy I accidentally burned
A blower bracket lol lost bolts in that ordeal some how
And trying to figure out thread size. U don’t buy chance have a blower laying around with bolts? Emailed
Vivosun there not to bright of people imma guessing
Wanted to know what model but these all take the same bolts I know just don’t know the dang size.still
Waiting on a reply

What type of blow are you talking about exhaust fan?

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Yes blower, exhaust

Bracket at bottom bolts bolt it to blower

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