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Hey all, whats up

Hey all

Thanks for the invite :slight_smile:

I haven’t grown since 2004, Displaced CW Refugee (cannabis world) due to job restrictions and my wife coming over from another country, and going through the legal process, I had to stop growing and smoking :frowning: (except xmas day, never missed smoking on xmas day since the 70’s)

I am now on disability and very close to retirement and have signed up on a few forums, haven’t posted or introduced myself as of yet on any of them as I am lurking and reading as much as possible because a lot has changed. I will probably use this as my templete for the other forums as well :slight_smile:

I only have a little 400w hps light that will do me ok until I change over to 1 or 2 315’s cmh or led (qb’s) the latter probably not, expensive, my wife would divorce me :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t started growing yet, hopefully within a month, and I have some bagseed to get back in the groove with and on CW I was gifted some g13bw x ghaze x c99 that I really liked and still have, yes, old seeds, but, worth a try for me :slight_smile:

Well, again, thanks for the invite, stay golden …



Welcome to Growers Network @piper :grin: it’s nice to have you here :wink:

If you need anything at all just let us know. You can tag someone by putting the “@” symbol in front of their name like @missiles :grin:


Welcome to the Growers Network Piper!

Happy growing,



This sounds like a really good one :wink:


Thanks all for the very warm welcome :slight_smile:

@missiles, Yeah it was nice, I believe I seen 3 different pheno’s on that :slight_smile:


Your very welcome :grin:

It sounds like it does. I actually have seeds to grow a Cinderella XX and I also have a Ghost train haze also. I haven’t tried either of them yet


Welcome @Piper! Glad to see you here with us.

I’m a huge fan of C99 (I’ll be starting up a new one in Sept-ish time frame) and have decided to use it as a starting strain for breeding my own stuff.


Sup @piper


Thanks @tdubwilly @Bogleg :slight_smile:
@Bogleg yeah I have a crush on Cindy also :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome @piper… I am an outdoor grower who loves to extract… I can’t and won’t help on an indoor grow unless the issue is obvious and in my face… but extract I can help if you ever choose to go there…


Welcome aboard @piper, glad you excepted the invite.


Welcome! @piper


Hi. I’m new here myself. I joined several months ago but haven’t been very active on here since. I have participated in forums in the past though and really enjoyed it. You never learn it all and scouring forums played a big role in upping my growing game over the years. I’m a grower of all things green pretty much, but started my setup about 5 yrs ago after undertaking the care of my elderly mother and disabled husband. I can’t work, am home all the time, have the extra space and the kids are grown and gone, so I jumped in with all four feet. It took me about a year to get everything figured out and I still use the simplest of setups…dirt and light, but put out some really nice buds in a relatively small space. Light is the most important part of the equation. The better the lighting, the more your plants will produce. I’ve grown in soil from day 1 with Roots Original. It’s a superb soil and strategic potting allows me to use the soil and basic tap water out of the sink. I average 3 to 4 oz cured out per plant. Not setting any records I’m sure, but the quality of the bud is very good and it’s worked well for me. Hope to shut it down this December and retool my lighting. Have been looking at the CMH lights and like what they offer. I read it’s still good to throw in some HPS to boost it up a bit, but looking to lower my electric bill some. We run 4, 1000 watt HPS lamps and that combined with the extra cost of cooling the house during the hot months can make one almost afraid to open the electric bill when it comes.

Best of luck with getting back in. It’s a lot of work, time, expense, blah, blah, blah…but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it since I started. Wishing you much success.



Welcome to the forum @thewidowwhite… I recommend all litght retools be discussed with my main man for lights @dbrn32… it’s his primary language with English a close second…lol…


Cmh is said to have the best overall light spectrum. I wouldn’t really think you stand much to gain by mixing hps with a base of cmh. In most cases, you would see some cmh dropped in with large grows utilizing the big double ended gavita lights. The de’s used for coverage and then some cmh added to balance out the light spectrum some. The efficacy on the de fixtures and cmh fixtures is fairly similar, so it makes sense to some going that route. But if you’re already looking at cmh, providing enough light intensity from that alone should be plenty good.

The alternative here would be to get into some of the higher efficiency leds. Not the cheap panels sold on Amazon, but good fixtures. They don’t provide the UV light that a cmh does, but in terms of photosynthetic photon flux per watt can be significantly better than cmh and nearly twice as good as typical 1000 watt hps fixture. Looking to lower your power consumption, this is your best bet.


Really? In what respect? Is it just an overall well balanced light in all colors?


Most phosphor coated leds would be considered more balanced, at least in par region. The biggest difference is that cmh has UV and leds don’t. Cmh also has higher color rendering index than the typical led fixtures you see. Higher cri leds are available, most just don’t use them.


Yeah, I had my mind set to start with 1 315w cmh, instead of the old 400w hps because of saving electricity and maybe a little less heat, but, now I am looking at 2 x HLG100-V2-3k in a 31" x 31" x 71" tent.

I have never used a tent, back in the day I had a cabinet that ran cfl’s on all sides and the 400w hps. They are still at my brothers house and he has hinted to me he is intersested in growing so i might let him deal with that stuff :wink:

So, I think now I am leaning towards the 2 leds instead of the cmh

The leds to me is new, kinda lost on this, but, know to stay away from blurples and I am on a very tight budget.

Hi & welcome thewidowwhite :slight_smile:


Let me tag in the guru of lights… @dbrn32


31"x31" not a very common sized tent. Would you be open to custom building your own light?