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Hi Everyone wanted to introduce myself and ask about seeds

Hey guys! I’m new here and just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone! I’ve been watching the forum for a few days now and soaking up a lot of information! The one issue i’m having right now is getting seeds and here is why… I’m only able to use a visa debit card and i’m not able to do international purchases. I’m looking for a seed bank that will just… take my card without any issues. I’m even interested in doing swaps, i live in the U.S. but that issue is, i don’t have a PO box and i’m unable to get one, I just can’t afford it. I kind of feel stuck… i have one plant going, my very first grow (excited and terrified all at the same time) and 1 more seed, after that i’m out. I was given these seeds and i’d really like to purchase more but i keep running into walls. I’m not really sure what to do at this point.

Anyway, thank you for your time! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!


Seeds Here Now will take money orders.

What about a prepaid visa? Although if they dont take a visa debit I don’t know if they’d take a prepaid visa. Worth a shot though!


Welcome @TrashPanda new here myself seems ok so far… ive used ilgm. And worldwidecabnnabisseeds and im sure there are some seed pushers here lurking there always is


If you are comfortable with tech. Some seed banks accepts bitcoins…
You even get more freebies when you pay that way. I will try to post a link for you.


yeah prepaid won’t work and as for money orders i’m unable to get those also. This card is not my own, it’s a family members so i only have the numbers not the card. Getting a money order is very difficult at the moment.

Here :


@kapouic i have NO IDEA how to use bitcoin. I went to the sites and looked around and it scared the shit out of me so i closed the tab and never looked back.

@forsaken1 ilgm is international so i can’t use them sadly. :frowning:

I just sent you DM. But i have ordered from this place with check routing number and acc#

Ok so here is what i CAN do. Use ONLY the numbers on the card… i do NOT have the actual card because it’s a family members, they allow me to use it. Unfortunately, this is literally the only way i’ll be able to get seeds at the moment.

Where are you located?

I’m in Pennsylvania.

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Can you e-transfer or use the card through pay pal… or deposit into a pay pal account…

i know nothing about e-transfer or pay pal. Like i said it’s a family members card so i don’t have the actual card just the info to it.

If you cant find anything. I will send tou something for free! I have lots of connections.


that would totally be awesome but… i don’t have a po box… so i don’t know what to do about that either.

I ship lot’s of of stuff to Pennsylvania… seeds won’t be a problem… I don’t have very many fems at all left but a shit load of regs…


Well, i’m VERY new to this so i’m looking for fem bc it seems to be the easy/best way.

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Regs are awesome! Niceeee liking this so far!


When you’re learning, free seeds are the best! You can practice at getting better and you will learn all the necessary skills to grow great cannabis. And chances are you’ll get females in the bunch :wink:


you most def bring up a GREAT point! still leaves me with the… i don’t have a po box. :frowning: