How could we solve the nodes split issues, and prevents it from bacteria?

This plant has split exactly from the center of the node accidentally today, as shown in the pictures below. Hopefully heal fast!.
But, In this issue which I faced I decided to use the wool thread :thread:Instead of the cooper wire, because the wool thread light and more comfortable for the plant, also might could let the wound stay dray form outside, I think!.


Awesome, thank you so much for the advise. So any kind of feed that I should give as a supplement now? @vega0284


I appreciated your tips & attention, and thank you so much. @tdubwilly @Bogleg @pomeroymc


I’d like to add for future training on your plants, do it just before watering when the plant is thirsty…the branches/stalk will bend easier if they are not filled with water.

As mentioned above, I keep a roll of tape by my plants for just such an occasion, when a stem gets split usually from training…the zip tie looks quicker to apply, tho :wink:

The plants are resilient…get the edges together as close and as soon as you notice to prevent the split from getting bigger.


I’d be careful with wool, I’d imagine the risk of the wool eventually carrying a bacteria, mold or fungus seems high. I’d use a zip tie.


If you could get a silica supplement, like emerald harvest sturdy stalk, it will help prevent it from happening again. But I dont think itll help repair the split.

You could look at some grafting techniques, but depending on how far along you are it may not be worth the time.

Just my 2 cents. I’m sure there are other solutions as well.


Could you explain to me more What is “WHEN NEEDED” mean please?

Because am unfortunately still experiencing from the split issue, and I don’t know if I have to use that product before I get that issue or after, as l’am still confusing by “WHEN NEEDED”.

I think the solutions that you advised me to do it for now in that sudden adversity are enough currently!. Additionally, I’ll try to find that kind of supplements which has silica in somehow nearby, to supply her as soon as possible.

I really appreciated that all advises, your attention & time and everything.

Thank you so much.


I’ve always put a little raw honey on the split. Helps it heal and keeps bad bacteria out! @Hemp_Nature


I’ve split a couple of plants right down the main trunk trying to LST after topping. Like @tdubwilly, I use raw honey and some electrical tape. Last year I did a manifold on a plant outside and brutal winds snapped off an entire quarter of the plant. A little honey and your garden variety black electrical tape healed it right up.


That’s also what I use for the antimicrobial and antifungal properties. :wink:


@vega0284 @tdubwilly @Bogleg @pomeroymc

Split again surprised me on that stunted plant which is shown in the pictures below when I got up hours ago.

I think but not sure because some of a mistakes that I did not focused on:

  1. The soil was wet after watered when I pulled the branches down by the thread yesterday.

  2. l think I have to wait unless one week after putting the “Sturdy Stalks” to I make sure the plant has received the supplement in full. Yes?




Your plant appears to be flowering.

Once flowering starts the time for training begins to dwindle because branches will begin a “hardening off” process.

Given its size, if it is flowering I would quit any training and go ahead and just let her grow but keep the split closed if it needs your assistance.


I would whole heartedly agree with @tdubwilly.

How long has she been flowering?


One of my plant branches has split directly once I bent it a little bit aside, in nearly couple of days ago, not that one which has split today!. Still don’t know way that happened, but the others branches are being resilient so far as l could feel it.

@pomeroymc The first two small flowers appeared in nearly 10 days ago, but I trimmed it off to let the vegetative keep growing up, I thought. Fortunately I noticed much better than previous on her leaves size after that and more growth. And then stared flowering again that flowers which you seen in about two days ago, and appeared in clear yesterday and today too.

Is right to trim flowers off to have more dense in growth or what I did is chance?


And you can use tape and tape them together after putting some honey in there. I’m not sure if that was mentioned or not, lol




I wouldn’t have recommended that. It seems you might have an auto period cannabis plant on your hands and there is no way for you, as the grower, to decide when it will be in flower or in the vegetative stage. With photoperiod plants you, the grower, decide by switching your light cycle.

Anyway, if that is true and your plant it an auto, I would highly recommend you untie it and let it finish flowering, and definitely stop cutting the flowers or you may not have much yield to speak of.


Yeah with everyone else on your plant is in flower, which explains why your stalks keep breaking.


Excellent, and keep in mind that it depend on the plant’s health too, as I noticed on some plants which I cultivated previously.

Also as you could notice on that current plant which is shown in the pictures below to you as well. I felt her stalk’s potency and resilience when I pulled it down by that thread in nearly couple of days ago. She took two doses from “Centrum Silver” in the beginning of the first week and in the end of the second, during the seedling stage and one more dose in last April 23rd.