How do I get started on Growers Network?

Once you log in, where do you begin? It’s my pleasure to be your guide to success on Growers Network!

  1. Complete your profile
  2. Jump into some of our latest topics
  3. Click on the Categories tab and jump into a specific sub-category to keep the discussions going
  4. Use the search tool to provide content on a specific keyword or topic
  5. Start a new topic in the category of your choice and educate our members or ask some questions
  6. Check out the members in our Directory and send a message to someone in your target audience
  7. Feel free to engage with professionalism in our B2B community

Questions? Send me a message @Kareenabis420 or reply to this post.


And older members, make sure to send a friendly welcome to new members. Remember, each of us was a new member not so long ago.


Great advice @stevo47! To all of our founding members as well as our 2018 members, jump on our Introduce Yourself thread and say hello. There might be someone or a few business owners that you are interested in connecting with. A welcome is always better late, than never.

Happy networking!

~ :green_heart: Kareenabis~


Hey Growers Network community! Bumping this topic to keep this information fresh. This is a reminder to engage. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are eager to learn from every one of you and I know you all have a form of expertise to share with us.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am a direct message away!

~ :green_heart: Kareenabis~


Hey Kareen, hope all is well.

Great to see your post on how to connect as well as how important it is to re-connect.
It’s great meeting all of the new members, new ideas, new products etc…
It is also important to stay connected with all of the “not so new” members. There are still lots of good ideas floating around… revisiting with old members can always bring these ideas back around for another look.

Thanks again,

Key Solutions Group

P.S. If any member, old or new, is interested in talking water treatment and facility disinfection/sanitizing, check out this post and please drop me a line.


Happy Wednesday, Tom!

My pleasure and I absolutely agree! You’re welcome!

Happy chatting and growing!

~ :green_heart: Kareenabis~

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