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How many Veterans on the forum?

HOw --one son committed sucide ( shoot himself in ther head) my other son bad case of PTSD and to tell the truth when I camback from vietnam I was a walking time bomb myself . years ago they called it “shell shock” a eqrly name for PTSD dam near all World War 2 vet came back with it - when you look at the homeless a good # of them are Vet’s


Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress

Mary Edwards Wertsch


188 ratings32 reviews

Military brats’ childhoods are often scarred by alcoholism, abuse, and an ever-present threat of a parent’s loss to war. This eye-opening, sometimes shocking exploration tells what life is really like for the stepchildren of Uncle Sam. A new recovery group, Adult Children of Military Personnel, Inc., has been formed as a direct result of this book’s publication.


Army 95b 95c 2002 - 2005 -1 Tour, GTMO


Thanks for you serving your country ! and defending the Flag __It’s a shame thay don’t do the “Pledge” in school any more “Times they are a changing” Bob Dylan 1960’s


Swingin with the wing….gawd…those 53s hahahaha beasts lmao


My grandpa was in one of the first sea bee construction battalions in ww2. He was at the island radio bikini when they tested the bombs. Ugly stuff.


USMC 92-97 most of the time was 2-2. I assessed, was selected and switched services to the Army.
USArmy 97-03. Entire army time I was in TF 160th, Nightstalkers. Anyway, good times, medicaly retired, got fucked up a whole bunch from being blown the hell up all the way to those freakin MH47 slams when I broke my tail bone and bruised my ribs. Oh and cant forget the dozens of jump injuries. Hahaha I broke my leg, both wrists, fractured my neck and lower back, and even bruised my ribs on 1 dam jump. Hahaha and the worst part….hand me my shit and Id be first out that gd door again or off that back ramp like a boss!!! This aint no call of duty on the xbox either. Hahahaha Ive got issues, what the hell is wrong with me? Hahahahaha I hope all of you are doing well….Semper Fi and NSDQ!!! Always fighting, Always forward.


Well since we are talking about our families. Mom was a Navy Wave during WWII. My Dad was a paratrooper who fought in the Aleutian Islands and jumped in Operation Varsity (counter attack to the Battle of Bulge).

Wedding picture in 1945.


Super Stallion, haha image


U.S. Navy (ESWS) EM3
Navy expeditionary 2011-2015

Thank you all for your service and answering the call.


And how many veterans smoke weeeed???

You guys and gals are awesome.


WoW - you are truly a hero in my book ---- thankks for defending the “Flag”


Truth be told, and this won’t be liked, but truth be told I wanted to go back to service after a few years of being a civilian. I still wish I was in the service today, almost 20 years from my enlistment date.

Life on a military installation is so much simpler. Life for a soldier is simpler. We don’t have all the unnecessary bullshit distractions surrounding us that makes up life as a civilian.

Case and point, we only had three types of peanut butter at the PX, regular, chunky, and fat people’s (reduced fat). On the contrary if I should happen to visit a Vans or Kroger or Smitty’s here in our civilian society, I have over 75 choices for something that is essentially mashed peanuts. How is this a problem you ask?

Well, when I go to the store I know what I need and where it is. I want to get in and get the fuck out quickly. When I approach a section that has 75 choices for the same item, I usually have to wait behind or around another civilian who is trying to decide which one they want while simultaneously scratching her psoriasis ridden muffin top barely covered by Athletic Leisure clothing.

As I sit there wanting to scream “you don’t need any more fucking peanut butter, you need a treadmill” I have to force myself to smile and remain calm. It isn’t just going to be the peanut butter, it will be everything on my entire list. Lethargic mouth breathers will be strolling like zombies through the battlefield that is my grocery nightmare.

The sad truth is probably that I just haven’t been able to readjust to being a civilian. I prefer the streamline efficiency that is living on a military installation.

Further reflection, I don’t ever remember seeing a car accident or a traffic stop my entire time of service. The military is made up of men and women from all across the globe, and yet there was a surprising lack of traffic issues. When it was a green light people went fast, when it was a yellow light, they slowed to stop instead of trying to run it. Pedestrian traffic would usually briskly walk if not jog through the intersection as opposed to stopping in the middle to check there Pokemon Go account with little regard for people trying to make a right turn. The pedestrian was not always right, nor was the customer. Everything was laid out in clear to understand basic rules of civility.

The people responsible for killing bad guys are far more of a civil society than the people who have not been emotionally and mentally broken down by drill sergeants.


Bad knees too I reckon.


LOL I was going to ask … What would the “Old Man”, CO, NCOIC, “Top”, Master Chief, etc. say about us all being unrepentant pot heads and growers? Mine would be surprised. I wonder how many of “them” are? In fact some of us were “Them” to someone. Yes I was smoking discretely then and so was everyone else in my company. Alcoholism was almost institutionalized as a means of combating drug use in the mid 1970s.


need a lil music in this room :smiley:


totally understand – the military changed me and the way I think – be it good or bad – I understand don’t think any one re-adjust to civivlian life - your military experience stays with you the rest of your life I undertsand what you say — love you brother !!!


How true !!! No one can take your brotherhood away =- it reallly hurt me when people “took” over the capital (a sorry day for the United States) I cried




Friggin Loved the video! Brings back memories of being in Heavy weapons. Those 81mm mortars are awesome!! Wanted to use the 120mm didn’t get to.

Only thing I was missing in the military was the Cannabis to ease the pain and BS haha.