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How the plants could keep living indoor in case if the air conditioner has broken down?

How the plants could keep living indoor in case if the air conditioner has broken down❓

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How hot is it getting?

They can live in some pretty high heat but might not grow so well.


I could not measure the indoor temperature currently, but so far so cool but not that comfort in fully, as I could feel with the filter’s fan which I used it for aeration right now. And I switched the internal plant’s fan back to 24hrs ON, which was connected with light cycle on 18hrs ON.


If it feels cool to you then it probably feels the same to the plant. The big problem with no AC, even if there is not allot of heat, is the rise in humidity that is accompanied from transpiring plants and nothing to condition the air.


Currently you cannot measure it, but can you, in general? Temperature is an important number to watch.


Yes, I should I get one once I have the ability without hesitation very soon.


How old are the plants and what stage are they in? Are they still in veg or do you have them in flower?


I have one group which are in one pot and they all are 86 days old now. They began the flowering stage on May.12.2019, except one of three which began the flowering stage on nearly 21st of April, and seemed they all Autoflowering now.

Plus, one plant has sprouted on 2nd of March 2019, almost 81 days old now, and began the flowering stage with that first two flowers in nearly 16 days ago before I trimmed it off, and the reflowered began on 12.May.2019, so nearly close in flowering with that group.

Plus, the last plant which is sprouted on 31.Mar.2019 and she almost now 52 days old in the vegetative stage, and still there are no signs of flowers on her yet.

My plan been to keep the plants in 90 days long, and maybe more in vegetative stage to have enough density, and because the weak light which I currently have by 85W as well.


Yes this light will not get very good bud structure on a plant that spends 90 days in the vegetative state.

An old rule of thumb is 50 watts of light per square foot of growing space


I’ll save that importance in my mind.

And, I’ll switch the bulbs to that king of growing light as shown in the picture it specifications below, once the last plant sprout her flowers up, which I’ve got currently as well.


@tdubwilly Do you recommend me to switch it to that other growing light now, or when the flowering stage began on the last plant, or when the A/C existence?


From what I see the bulb you want to switch to only has 24watts of power. Are you gonna install a bunch of them?

How many square feet of growing space do you have?

And yes, more watts of light will require more btu’s of cooling power…how much cooling power depends on the light.


Let’s say your grow area is 1 meter x 1 meter…

That is roughly 3 feet x 3 feet for a total of 9 square feet.

At 50 watts per square foot we multiply

50 x 9 = 450 watts of light for an area that is

1 meter x 1 meter


Something like this would be a good starter light @Cannabis_Spirit

Grow Light, Roleadro 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 3500k Sunlike Plant Light with Dual-Chip Adjustable Rope, Daisy Chain, with ON/Off Switch for Seedings Veg Micro Greens, Clon

It says 600 watts but it is really only about 250 watts butt it’s cheap and will get the job done.

The 3500k is a decent all around spectrum too


I could only install two bulbs of that kind of growing light instead of the current connected bulbs, and due to the current ability.

I have 100 meter x 96.5 centimeter growing space, surrounded by foil on the four sides for light reflection.


So how many watts are you capable of running at the moment?


48 Watts. Correct?

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That’s the max wattage that you can do?

But you said you have an 85watt bulb right now correct?


So what your saying is that you don’t have the ability to use a 250 watt grow light?


Yes, the current two bulbs which are connecting now has 85W in every single one. So 85W x 85W = 170 Watts.

And the other king of growing light bulbs which I posted it specifications above has got 24W as shown.