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Humboldt Seed Company's Hi-Biscus, Magic Melon, and Royal Highness DWC/LED

All right, it’s time to start another Journal! These are all seeds I’ve been snatching up from DC Seed Exchange. They have the whole lineup of Humboldt Seed Company genetics and the shipping is lightning fast in the US.
I’m really excited about all these strains and it’ll just be a straight seed to harvest grow. I’ve got other grows for 2021 and the start of a breeding project on hopefully a very special strain.

I dropped 2 seeds of each strain into amber vials and threw them in my DIY seedling chamber. It’s on my vivosun heatmat in my Veg tent.

As soon as they pop and I see a taproot they go in Root-Riot plugs, soaked in RO and Voodoo Juice at .5 ml/L.

I’ve been getting my genetics from D.C. Seed exchange lately and they kick ass. Tons of breeders and I get my seeds in less than a week after ordering. :+1::+1:



It’s time for an update on this grow and I’ve had a hell of a time getting my Humboldt Seeds to germinate. I’m on round 3 to get where I’m at now. I gave up on the Royal Highness Fem seeds. They won’t even sprout when I soak them in h20. But I got some Magic Melon and Hi-Biscus seeds to finally sprout.
I didn’t have these genetics when I started my journal. They were a late edition.


Durban Poison plant

Magic Melon left, Hi-Biscus right.


I think I will follow


I see people using peroxide these days.
Which I dont understand yet.
I tried an aerogarden last time.
I put rockwool in the plastic holder but I think it was too compact. It did work though


So the reason behind h202 is to oxegenate the h20 your soaking your seeds in. I’ve never tried it but I think I should give it a go on the next round. Not sure the proper dilution ratio so I’ll have to research that.
Thanks @Hydro. I’m excited for this grow cuz I’m flowering these plants in a new house and room of their own. I get to finally vent all my exhaust outside to really help control my environment in my tents.


Repins12 does it that way.
He has helped me a lot and grows some awesome plants. I’m sure he would be glad to share the info


Thanks, I’ll hit him up. :+1:


Are you growing in buckets?


You know I’m gonna follow this grow and I always grab a seat in the front row for the Dope Show! Go get em @Tygrow78 !


Yes, these plants are going in 5 gallon buckets. But I have extra seedlings now and empty tents so I think I’ll grow a couple plants in Rockwool Grow Blocks. I don’t want to waste these seeds now. I think I’ll grow the same strains in different media and under different lights and see if I can notice any difference.


I have a plant in a bucket.
That bucket wears me out


I second this feeling.

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Alright, so I was successful germinating round 2 and 3 and now have 3 Magic Melon and 3 Hi-Biscus seedlings. I bought new Root Riot plugs and put Round 2 seeds straight into the plugs, right side down, and then watered. Round 3 I soaked for 24 hrs in RO till the taproot popped out then into plugs.
Still a no luck on the Royal Highness. I’m very disappointed, I really wanted to grow it… :frowning:

I’m using my blurple leds right now turned down pretty low. Daytime Temps 74-77f, nighttime 68-70f rh 55-60%.
I’m still running my vivosun heatmat under my rockwool cubes to help keep my temps up at night.

I’ve improvised some covers to keep the alge growth down on the rockwool. I see roots popping out the bottom of all 6 cubes, even the large one’s. I’m excited and impressed with the fast web of roots its already established in the cubes. Almost too fast because I need to stall them for another week while I move and setup up my new grow room. :smiley:


Following along. Looking good


Babies!? I leave you alone for 5 minutes wth?

Wooooot! Grats, Dude!


I’ve not had good luck with Humboldt seeds. Last summer tried to germinate two different Humboldt varieties neither of them germinated. But I got the seed from someone who was afraid to grow and sold his seeds and lights and complete setup, now sure how old they were and how well they were cared for.


It’s about time for another update.
I should have had these plants in buckets a week ago. But I’m still setting up my new grow room after my move.
Plants are looking good, except the ones in the large rockwool blocks. They’re a little behind after being ovewatered a few days. New growth looks great, just a little slow. These size blocks are new to me.

Daytime Temps 72-74f, nighttime 65-67f, rh 55-60%.
Feeding Connoisseur Grow .5ml/L, Voodoo Juice .5ml/L.

Next post they’ll all be in there home’s.


It’s time to show these plants since they are well into Veg now. I stalled them as long as I could. But I don’t have a home for 3 plants yet. I dropped my Hi-Biscus plants in lids a couple days ago, and all have at least one root in h20.
My Magic Melon plants are still chillin in Rockwool cubes. They are very tall and stout, with thick stems already.
It’ll be Tuesday when I get my other tent set up. I just built my undercurrent rdwc system.
I’ve got alot to setup still.
My newest edition is a 48"×48"×80" Vivosun tent.
I’ve got a 8’-11’ tall vaulted ceiling in my new room.

I started feeding these plants Connoisseur Grow 1ml/L, Sensi Cal-mag .5ml/L, B52 .5ml/L, Voodoo Juice. .5ml/L, Piranha .5ml/L, Tarantula .5ml/L, Bud Candy .5ml/L.
Daytime Temps 74-77f, nighttime 66-68f, Rh 50-55%, Ph 6.1-6.3, Ec .7, h20 temps 67-70f.

These are my Hi-Biscus plants. All have just 1 root in h20 this evening. Many more to follow!

2 Magic Melon plants in 3"×3"×2.5" Rockwool cubes.

My other Magic Melon plant in a Rockwool #4 Cube.

Their home till next week. I’m still waiting on a few things to setup my original flower tent. Ill be able to combine all my exhaust from each tent and send it outside.

A quick look at the build of my new undercurrent rdwc system in new Food Grade buckets.
I ran the others for 27 months and felt it was time to rebuild.

Lot’s of work but I’ve been working on what I can each day. I enjoy every minute of it, jamming some good music and high on my Maui Wowie. I get shit done when I take a B-rip of that. Only 1 tho… Just waiting on some more supplies coming tomorrow morning. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good brother.
Building my 2nd system sunday