I Have a Question I Think Everyone Should Chime in On:)

ALRIGHT…. I want everyone to chime in cause this will be great for all the opinions. I was thinking, is the Sun or Indoor lights better for Flowering. Could you grow the plants all through Veg out doors and get them huge then bring them inside for Flowering w the LED Lights. Another would be growing the plants all the way through Veg indoors then move it outdoors for the flowering stage. One has to be better than the other, it’s quite impossible for there to not be a clear winner. THE SUN OR THE HUMAN MADE LED. THE TEST WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!


Well taking an indoor plant outside takes time to acclimate to the real light or the plants burn up. Ive vegged all summer then went inside under HPS light but not an led. That worked pretty good. But nothing substitutes for real sunlight though there is no way. Now id like to see an outdoor rcdw hydroponics that would be freaking cool. Or an outdoor aquaponics set up!


that’s very interesting actually, I wouldn’t think it would burn so easily but for sure. maybe I can come up with something, wouldn’t be too hard either, to just need to find the perfect spot in my back yard. I don’t really know because it was shaded to my fence by 7.


That’s wild, I was literally having the same thought earlier. I was wondering if I could veg my plant indoors but flower it outdoors. I would have to acclimate it to the sun and the temperatures of course. And also plan the grow to where the end of the veg cycle aligns with the beginning of outdoors flower time in my area.

The thing is I only have a 120w LED and so far it’s great for veg but I’m sure it lacks the power to get my girl through flower with a desirable yeild.


Nothing beats the sun, but indoors can produce much better looking cannabis. We recently moved all our indoor ladies outside and they freaked, leaves went white, but they bounced back after time. I think if you can veg inside and flower outside you have a win. @PreyBird1, check this topic, was speaking about it 10 minutes ago, might be going there next week and will post some updates. Aquaponics Legal facility.


Thats what im doing with this freakshow


I’ve moved a few plants outdoors from inside without much trouble. That’s usually how I start them for outdoor runs and most of the clones I gift to friends are run outdoors. I usually try to have minimum 600ppfd at the canopy and up to almost 1000. I do 18/6 and the plants are usually a decent size before they go outside so maybe that’s helping them adjust as well. The main difference between a 600 veg and 1000 veg seems to be plant shape and node spacing. 600 is stretcher with larger node spacing, 1000 is tighter node spacing and bushier structure. Going from outdoors to indoors isn’t ideal because you risk bringing in some hitch hikers. Aphids, mites ect. Outdoors they aren’t as big of a problem because they have predators ect keeping the numbers lower but indoors they can breed huge populations that can be difficult to control especially on larger plants


This makes total sense. Thanks!


My thoughts on indoor vs outdoor lighting for the most part.
Some info about CRI" Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement of how natural colors render under an artificial white light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors of objects under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. CRIs under 80 are generally considered ‘poor’ while ranges over 90 are considered ‘great’.

As a general rule intensity usually matters more then the spectrum. But there are a few things to consider. Color can also change the shape of the plant, reds are stretcher and blues are typically more compact. Then there is how UV and far reds can influence growth and shape. The right percentage of far red will cause accelerated growth by making the most of both photosystems. Same ppfd under different percentages of far red will result in different levels of biomass.

(There are dr. bugbee videos on YouTube about on these subjects but I can’t figure out which are what at the moment).

The sun also moves around the plant alot during the day as it rises and sets. I would think the sun also has a bit of an advantage being so high up and able to bounce light around the entire plant instead of focusing mainly on the top of the canopy. Tent growers experience this more so then rooms with lights that overlap footprints. When my plants fill the tent from wall to wall they don’t get the same level of side lighting you would in an open space like outdoors under the sun.

Edit: Far red Bruce Bugbee YouTube link Far-red: The Forgotten Photons - YouTube


My answer would be outside is better growing because u have all the necessities that play a great roll in the grow but inside can be controlled and stay controlled therefore causing little to no issues. Inside has the ability to keep it pest free where as outside u r bound to end up with some kind of bug on the plant somewhere. The sun is better than any man made light.l but the man made light will get u a nice plant either way. I’ve seen better indoor grows than I have outside grows but mainly because of the pests and the issues that come with the outdoor conditions molds mildews ect. Taking plants from outside to indoors to me would be a nono as u r bringing in unwanted buggerz from the outside into the home to start a fresh new controlled life. All in all I like the inside growing but outside would be super fun to do as u can get huge plants outside where inside has limits lol