Legal Aquaponics Cultivation Facility

Thought of posting this to grow journals as I will be documenting this legally licensed facility in the future!!! Yesterday I spent the day with Shannon who runs and manages this grow facility in the eastern cape, South Africa. His products are certified and export quality, majority gets exported to Australia!!!

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What a clean and well run facility, huge drying and sorting warehouse with kilos of top quality cannabis. Some of the strains are exodus cheese, francos lemon cheese, karoo pink, skunk #1, to name a few. Karoo pink is one their own strains and smells delicious. The thousands of plants are managed by a small professional team of only 5 people.

Karoo Pink

Exodus Cheese

Francos Lemon Cheese

Shannon is very passionate about his facility, showing me this strain and that strain with a twinkle in his eye, and a beaming smile. I eventually gave up, all my 10 fingers were filled with resin, I could not make out the difference between any further strains, and we started laughing cause even the end of my nose had resin on!!!

What an amazing day in 40 degrees heat. Looking forward to the next meetup. If you would like to follow him and his work on IG:


Are the pictures here of aquaponically grown cannabis? If so, do you have pictures of the fish and the fish tanks? I’d be interested to see what his process is.

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Yes they are. The fish are red nile Tilapia. The aquaponics is their main source of nutrients for the plants throughout. The way I see it, its a couple 1500 litre tanks ( like the Karoo Pink picture above ) with fish in them and then one spare tank to collect .There is a aquaponics company a couple miles up the road from there that supplies, installs and runs educational programs for interested people. I would be happy to ask Shannon to give me idea as to how the system exactly works.


beautiful, clean setup Chris very impressive


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Lollllll. We did have a good laugh and thanks for the laugh on a monday morning. I have a nose joke with an old gumpy ( his nic ) man, so being credited with inventing nose hash, well, gives my nose more credibility. Thanks bud. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Several weeks ago I took the Canna Club to this facility for an awesome tour and finished off with a barbecue at the local farmers bar. This is a cool video just published about part of the tour including the aquaponics facility, called SweetWaters.


A few pictures i took a couple weeks ago at this grow operation when i went past with the canna club…


i was part of an aquaponics op once. it was pretty cool. i think he had coy and perch, and when we wanted to, we could grab one up n eat it lol. the system itself was a marvel. absolutely loved it… until it went a while collecting dust (and gross stuff). cleaning that sh!t up was absolutely horrid. he went to jail n it sat for 6 months, poor fish. the system produced great buds though.


Its the reason I would like to try my hand at aquaponics, another form of sustainable food, and nutrients. Great buds and faster growth is another reason.


Yep have you watched any of the videos on you tube?
@chrisj i want to make my own aquaponic system also. My friend has a shop and i like to watch this guys videos of his bell syphon system that constantly self waters without electricity. Its very fascinating. Here is a link for you!

I love vidoes like this. Soon ill be getting my new place and im looking to do this exact thing myself. Hope this helps. Lol another rabbit hole to go down…


if i ever get rich lol. i loved workin the one a few years ago, but it was a basement setup for the fish with water lines running to the plants outside. efficient, but coulda been prettier. and was a pain in the neck to clean, even when the fish didn’t die. i’d still like to go that road one day, just to have done it on my own.


This is what id like to be doing.


So national drug testing day (421 ) we spent on a roadtrip and went blazing through to SweetWaters Aquaponics with a couple promoters and a SOP consultant. Wow, 850 kilos of dried bud, resins and thousands of plants. What a tour and expereince.

This facility has recently been bought by LABAT, a large company here making waves in the cannabis space. Its a well run facility that has been around for several years already. They have just completed their major harvest and resetting their systems for their winter grow.


A couple more pictures from @stoner_by_the_sea and @es_thc_ee on IG.


That’s amazing!