I live in Colorado

I live in Colorado and its very dry here. My hygrometer shows that the temp in the room is 73° and humidity is at 27 %. Do i need to put a humidifier in the room with the plants?![20200718_220709|375x


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Yes thats a danger zone. You need to be in 60%-50% range

Here this will help you stay in the zone.

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So @PreyBird1 does this chart help prevent WPM… I am at natures wrath outdoor… I get that but indoor is that a way to avoid…

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Well if you look close there is a range. And staying on the edge of the dry side can help with that. Thats one thing im glad i dont have to worry about that so much. Usually im on the dry side like 45% humidity and 81 degrees.
But tonight i cranked up the humidifier and and the fan and it went down to 77 degrees and 55% humidity. And i could see the plants really liked that! But in my opinion thats a little moist for me. But well see what happens.

You should really try and treat the outdoor plants with a product thats combats that every few days like every 3-4 days. Like an IPM thats also has that wpm benifit also. Im not playing around aftet that mite infestation i had last time. Now i use a couple products. So far so good.

Not close to WPM as it has been dry…I have bugs galore helping take out the pests…lol…and fucking hot…lol…

I got grasshoppers im batteling now. They were worse last year so i thought.

Dry causes hoppers…

Thanks so much! I have a humidifier I can move in there.

Did my plant go male? See photos scroll up

Blurry pics too hard to tell. But i dont see any male flowers.
Here is my male right now im using to breed.

You’ll notice the flower pods. the outer pod opens revealing the pollen sacks or bannanas as we refer to them.

Still looks like a female to me. I really would suggest getting a small grow tent much better way to control your light and microclimate

Yes I am getting one for my next 2 plants. Plus I need a extra light. In Colorado you can grow 6 plants for personal use but they have to be in different stages. I only have 1 light now and my 2 new babies are in with the older plant getting 12/12 light. Will a tent help contain the smell? My older plant even though its looks like hell is still putting out some pretty good smells.

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No unfortunately not I’m lucky I don’t have to worry about it but there are inline exhaust fans that have charcoal filters that trap the odor

No the tent is slowly going to stink up the whole house. I went through a lot of carbon and carbon filters and they always sucked ass. I got sick and tired of it and stressing out because the whole block smelled like a weed farm. I was freaking out because were not legal and i have at any given time 30-100 plants. So i quit playing around with BS and got an ozone generator. In fact they work so well i have purchased 3x of them. At over $1000 dollars. They are not cheap but keeps me stress free and keeps my project secret and the neighborhood cant smell it any more and keeps me out of prison right!

$239 usd. But filters only last so long and you have to rebuild it or buy another one. So just buy this and forget it.

Thanks preybird. My problem is I live in apartment and rules say no marijuana or plants.lol So the ozone thing soumds perfect
I cant believe tou have that many plants. Is that a full time job?

Lol its my after work. Job. I spend a couple hours in the garden every night. Usually im phenotype hunting. Ill grow a shit load of plants and take cuts off the best plants for breeding and cloning projects. And i have my regulars who need there medicine! We all need our medicine and i need it because im a broken person physically. So many problems i can legitimately get a medical card. But i grow for myself and a few sick friends and people. Also for company when they come visit. And its great to trade for work. I had had my whole property cleaned up in trade. I love trading and bartering.

Ozone makes its own smell but most people have no clue what it is. It must be vented outside ozone is corrosive to organic things like plants people lungs. What you want to have happen is have the air hit the ozone generator 1st and use the venting that has the kinks in it like an accordian. And you want as long of a discharge length that you can do. Because as the ozone mixes in the with the odor it destroys it. So the longer the tubing after* the ozone generator is ideal for mixing of the ozone and odor to cleanse it. Once the ozone hits outside air it is dissapated instantly. It has a smell like when lightining strikes. That electric smell. Hard to explain and amazing to witness it work at the flip of a switch. Read about and dont let it freak you out. I use them and is your worried about the ozone smell then use a carbon filter to scrubb the ozone air back to normal air again.

I have grown in Colorado for years now. Ive got grows that are at the front range at 5k Feet elevation all the way up to the mountains at 10k feet. My highest elevation grow was sitting at 10,100’ above sea level. Anyway…get your temps to around 75-77,humidity around 50%. Mine are usually 45-50 there. Because of the density and such, You will start getting the white moisture spots when you get to around 55 humidity and up. Where as some places can go 60% you can not. You need to get the temps up tho to around 77. Stay below 80 of you can. Also…do not get clones from people. The mites and powdery mildew went nutts when the laws changed and all the genetics from cali started coming in with all that powdery mildew. Yuck. Hahaha I have spent a lot of time fixing peoples grows for pm over the years. Nasty stuff. so get seeds and cut your own Clones!!! Good luck!!!