I want to F-ing cry! Mites at harvest!

I’m literally about to harvest. Today was the second day i had the lights on with no water at all. I was just about to put them to sleep with no light for 48 hours then cut them down. But while doing my inspection I noticed that two plants where much dryer than the others. to the point they were losing their green color. I looked closer and noticed one of them is covered in mother fucking spider mites! the other one has substantial webs. I inspect my plants everyday for this but this one was in the very back and got infect quick.

i immediately took both plants out and put them in another room but i have noticed small webs on surrounding plants. I don’t know what to do now. I’m afraid if i continue with the harvest, that the whole entire crop, will be covered when it starts to dry out.

Should i postpone the harvest, water the plants, and give them another week to fight off the mites?

I don’t want to do a bug bomb or any foliar sprays obviously but i feel like its that or potentially lose the crop while its drying.

Please let me hear what you guys think!


Have you seen Jorges Cervantes bud washing videos? You can wash your crop before drying it! I do it and so does a lot of real growers… (I’m a newbie). :nerd_face:
It get rids of all kinds of nasty stuff on your plants…


thank you @kapouic that sounds like a good idea even though im hella scared to dunk my buds into water let alone baking soda and lemon juice only because ive never done it before but this looks like the best solution to my problem right now.

a few questions-

does it damage the trichomes and stuff?

does it leave a taste or anything like that? if not, then how could it not?

do you think i should wash the mites off? or should i bug bomb them and foliar spray them, then use the method to wash that stuff off?


Personally, I think you should only wash your crop. Don’t spray anything on your buds, that will seriously degrade the quality and safety of your crop…
Washing doesn’t take away anything, in my opinion. But opinions differs…

Here’s a video :

And the one from the Master :


Ok thanks alot @kapouic and @oldguy. I did watch those videos and did some more research and this is definitely the best solution to my problem. I have heard of doing this while the plants are in veg/early bloom but doing it at harvest is brand new to me. This is a great example of why this community is so important and awesome!

I’ll post and update and some pics here in a day or two!

Thanks again :metal:


I agree with @kapouic. Bud wash is the best way out of this for you.
The Jorge Cervantes wash would be my 1 st choice as it’s only 3% peroxide and water.
Nothing there to alter the taste and the peroxide will nuke em when the buds are submerged. :+1::v:


Excellent advice gentlemen :wink:


Why, thank you Milady! :nerd_face:


100% harvest now. The longer you let it go, the more mites will spread. Cut and hang. The mites will ‘mostly’ gravitate to the top, cut end where the last nectar is.

You will have to periodically bomb your entire place over and over again. Chemicals on surfaces, predatory insects on plants.


Burn the house down! How they get in?

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It doesn’t leave a taste if you rinse it properly. The way I learned to do it, the lemon juice and baking soda all go in the first pail with lukewarm water and the other 2 pails of water are for rinsing…


They’re all over the neighborhood right now. I doubled down and duct taped all the possible cracks between the attic and ceiling and everything I could today.

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Lol this is the video I’ve been sending my friends who know nothing of growing let alone washing buds. VOLUME ON!


I hope you cleaned them more thoroughly than what’s on the video… :nerd_face:
Don’t be scared, you’re halfway there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup cut wash,clean room then spray, preditors on plants.i just did the same a CPL days ago to be safe.they are cheap too, you will never grow without them once u see how well they work and clean ur buds stay .the. U can say never sprayed and never any bugs ,clean buds;)


What are you referring to? What is ‘them?’


@kapouic lol a little less than halfway.


A lot less than halfway as far as the quantity to wash I see!!! :eyes:

But halfway there as far as quality of the wash… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: These branches need to be completely in the bucket for a few seconds if you want to get rid of any bugs and webs…, just saying… :nerd_face:


Whoa, your collection puts my six scrawny plants to shame! I never thought about using tomato cages, I just use bamboo poles. Did you build the raised platforms? Is the base corrugated green plastic? I’m a newbie striving for your type of set-up.