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Icandy literally

These are my buds.


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@diesel welcome to the community! Very nice buds man what strain?

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@scotty17 what light are you using?

Icandy from envy genetics

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Definetly LED. Not sure why he posted here but each to their own.

That wasn’t very nice to say! Appreciate it man lol

It’s a 1200w full spectrum LED with veg and Bloom functions

He only meant there is a thread called “show us your buds” and you should have posted it there. I dont think he meant it to be rude at all. Nice light i like it. How long have you had it? I just got a quantum board led. And im always curious to learn more.


Let him post there then. I was introducing my work. This is me. Maybe I dont fit here cause I dont hijack proples posts.

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Ah i see he put his pics into your thread. Sorry didnt see that at first. Yeah that would make me a little miffed also. Maybe he should remove them and appologize. Have anymore pics of your awesome plant. What is that strain by the way it is beautiful. How many weeks is it into flower?

Icandy is the strain and thatvwas at harvest 64 days

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Very nice very nice indeed. Congratulations! How did it smoke? I love purple strains. Just amazing to me how they can look under a white led when cured.

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That was at harvest. Thank you for the compliments.

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You did post “these are my buds” thought You were just starting a new thread… I don’t have any icandy to share tho… Those are chemdog

What?? You posted some led half flowered pics under my thread. Its a social group but you are hijacking my intro post. Tact and respect go a long way with me. Your actions do not say that.

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No bad intension intended!

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Would you like us to merge your pics into a new topic dedicated to your grow operation?

Looking good :raised_hands:

All good! I’m just going to stay away from this thread…much appreciated!

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