Illinois Hemp Cultivation, Processing and Cannabis Cultivation

Good day all. I am relatively new to growersnetwork and have been catching up on all the material here. You all are amazing and helpful with sharing your knowledge. I have Hemp Cultivation License here in Illinois along with Hemp Processing License for three years. We have several locations and as we set up shop I would like to know some best practices, things to be mindful of, growers, equipment and SOPs that benefit the business while we build out our facilities. We are in the processes of applying for Cannabis Cultivation and Dispensary here in Illinois as well. Illinois will be recreational use January 1, 2020.


Calling all @memberdirectory for IL opportunities and to help out @stone.

@stone, are you looking for business partners/growers?

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Thanks @Growernick for the reply. Yes, we are open to business partners and growers.


You’re welcome.

Very interesting opportunities in the Land of Lincoln. What is the best way for interested parties to continue the conversation?


Welcome Stone!

Our ancillary company is located in Chicago, and my business partner and I would be happy to help you with introductions to people that may be able to add value to you.

Please feel free to contact me at


Hey Stone,

Our product, The CVault, helps create an SOP for curing and storage.

We have had numerous dispensaries package their ounces in our containers, branded with their logo (yes we do white labeling), and saw increased ounce purchases through this program.

Our larger CVaults are perfectly used to create an SOP for curing and storing at your grow.

Coming in October, we will have upgraded pharma-use 316 Stainless Steel Extract Vaults. The Evault will be the safe, sanitary, storage solution for extract.

Check us out, and good luck on your journey! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Ryan Parker

Office 800-574-5456 ext. 802

Direct 951-414-9229


The World’s Smartest Curing & Storage Container

No Thinking Required!


Don’t forget if you are a business owner for a dispensary in the Illinois cannabis program - Training will now be required for the entire program (rec & med) through the responsible vendor program! - The department is reviewing the applications for the companies to be accredited right now! - Info will be available in September regarding the required training all employees must go through.


Hi Stone - if you need qualified employees or training for your dispensary (we are awaiting the state to approve our required responsible vendor training) check out our website


@Growernick best way for interested parties to continue the conversation is by emailing me


Yes, thanks @thegirlwhogrows. We were wondering when and who the approved vendors were going to be for training. I know they are opening the opportunity for training and funding under the R3 program as set out after July 1st but we haven’t seen anything tangible yet.


Thanks @HempStaff_Recruiting. Will do and will reach out to you.


Hi Stone,

If you need help with lighting layout and design or higher level facility or workflow design, please reach out. We don’t charge for consultations and I can guarantee you will get a lot of info out of a 60 minute call to review your project.

Black Dog LED


Stone (what a name for this industry!) hi! I am interested to discuss my thoughts and plan with you ASAP. Please email me here:

@stone check out . They may be able to help you. Let Aaron know I referred you.

Welcome Stone!

Hi Stone!

Welcome to the GNET! Always great to meet anyone from Illinois.

Our organization is happy to help with debt financing and equity funding your operation. We also now assist you with insurance, banking and payment processing, along with selling any smokable flower, dry biomass, isolate, crude, and refined oil (distillate).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tony Rullo
CoActive26 LLC - Business Solutions



Hope all going well your end and things are blooming nicely

Thought I would touch base with you and see if you would be interested in my range of seeds.

I run which has most of the established seed banks, though I have been active in the cannabis industry for over 25 years and have built up a large network of breeders , so can pretty much source any strain to suit your needs; access to over 6000 plus strains covering all your requirements - THC, CBD, Autoflower, CBD Hemp ( Farm Bill compliant ), Landrace etc.

We ship worldwide and our packaging is very discreet and stealthy.

Fellow GN members will be given a 10% discount on all orders and large / Bulk orders will get a better discount and extra free seeds as well.

If interested please drop me a message and I will do my best to advise and happy to jump on the phone for a chat if easier.



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Hi @stone

At United Label, we offer printers and compliance tags + labels that can increase the efficiency of your business.

  • Wide range of thermal printers that integrate with all Seed to Sale software options.
  • Full line of color printers for branding.
  • Our printers are able to print high quality bar-codes, QR codes, encode RFID labels, vibrant colored graphic labels, and more on both paper labels as well as durable labels and tags designed for use in a horticultural environment.
  • Label applicators vials, tapered tubes, jars, boxes, bags, etc.
  • We also offer custom printing. Let us do the printing for you! Send us your size(s), quantities, stock type and art files and we can quickly turn around ready to go labels.

For companies that are not yet printing labels, we can provide you with a label printing solution to save time and money. We are a one-stop shop for printers, ribbon, labels, label generation, label application and tech support to help you get up and running quickly. If you are already using any of these materials, contact us for a quote to make sure you are receiving the best pricing.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Kevin Brennan

United Label & Sales Corp.

Office (216)226-4030 | Mobile (314)713-8449

Thanks @SaferGro

Thanks @sensibleseeds. I’ll check you out and message shortly.

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