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INDO Expo - Denver Mart - Jan 27th and 28th

Metaphase Lighting Technologies will be @ INDO Expo – January 27th and 28th Denver Mart Booth # 235

An LED solution that yields more than HPS?.. see the report down below!

Metaphase Lighting Technologies will present two new LED fixtures that were designed for your agriculture and horticulture applications.

Available now is our grow light and our insect deterrent device (IRD fixture)

Following show benefits of each light… see them at the Expo…

The results are from field tests that were performed by growers… such as yourself. Metaphase Lighting Technologies wanted to share this information with the Denver growers and owners.
Both products are UL and CE approved. The Metaphase Lighting Technologies Grow Light is one of the first lights to pass the new stringent Horticultural UL standards… which is now required for any new or modified horticultural fixture.
The grow light and the insect repellent device are manufactured in the Metaphase Lighting Technologies EPA authorized manufacturing facility to offer insect repellent devices.
Please review the two pages featuring our grow light and our insect repellent device. Please contact Metaphase Lighting Technologies if you are interested to learn more.

Less Stressing of the Plants Allows for higher yield

Insect Repellent Device = LED Insect Deterrent = New Lighting Technology


Aphids Thrips Spider Mites


                    Whiteflies                                                    Japanese Beetles

Samples of each LED fixture for view in the Denver area… in case you are not attending the show.

Pilot Grow Study (Maine)

Would you like an opportunity to talk to our grower?
Either at the show or at your location?

• LED group exhibited fully formed colas on lower branches
• During vegetation LED Group had robust leaf growth even on lower branching
• Control Group appeared to initially outperform LED group during the first weeks of flowering
• Size of LED Group plants were smaller, but the buds were denser, heavier, and grouped together
on lower branching that behaved like a typical top single cola.
LED group 3.7 #'s yield vs. HPS group 2.2 #'s yield

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see the study…



@g.sigman were you guys at CannaGrow in Denver this last October? I’ll be walking the floor at Indo Expo this year, will stop by for a chat for sure!


Yes. We were at CannaGrow. Please drop by the booth.

Hunter is working on our first spotlight feature… sharing our independent testing results from experiences throughout the world.


I’m laughing typing this, I’m pretty sure we talked each other’s ears off at CannaGrow already. If you have a lighting product, I likely talked to you (I love grow lights!)


You would have remembered us… only grow light that had all four growing stage lighting in one fixture. You probably were talking to Max Random or Ian.

We had the insect light and the grow light… one on each side of the booth.

Keep in mind that the insect deterrent light doubles for a well being light for humans and animals. Acts as an animal calming light. Works on sleep deprivation.

I posted this on the Cannabis Canada group site…

Cannabis Treatment with Melatonin Friendly Light may be More Effective

The technology developed is to allow subjects with melatonin deprivation illnesses or conditions to aid with rest and sleep. This technology was developed to allow circadian rhythm entrainment to be used as a substitute for blue light therapy that did not work with a depressed subject, a previously depressed subject, or a prone to be depressed subject.

Field test results…
Fibromyalgia sleep deprived patient tried sleeping for 22-24 hours… but did not get any rest.
After using the light for 3 days the patient was sleeping 6-8 hours a night. Subject became energetic instead of sluggish. Her speech became clearer losing the slur that accompanied the sleep deprivation. Her son experienced his mother talking on the phone while knitting… something he did not see for many years.

A child with ADHD on the Autism spectrum could not get back to sleep after getting up during the night. The child would roam the house at night going from room to room. Every light in the house had to remain on. The child now can go back to sleep and the only light in the house is the well being light in his room.

The light may allow many patients to discontinue synthetic melatonin usage. There are many conditions that depletes melatonin. Age related illnesses are real culprits.

By far the most interesting experience was reported by a woman who used the light for sleep deprivation. Her three cats turned out to be parties in this experience as well. One of the cats was a feral cat with a nasty aggressive temperament. Within two hours under the light, the feral cat for the first time became docile and nuzzled its owner. Within two days the cat owner, who had only getting 2-3 hours of restless sleep, was now experiencing 6-8 hours of restful sleep. The owner was away for a day and the light was not used. She wanted to see what would happen to the cats even though she was losing needed hours of sleep. The feral cat became a feral cat again after two days with no light.

Gary Sigman
215-639-8699 Ext 504

211 Sinclair Rd., Suite 100
Keystone Park
Bristol, PA 19007

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You have someone on your team named Max Random? That is awesome!


Jack Herer was his mentor. Max has 25 years experience growing cannabis and non-cannabis.

Max is a “true cannabis folk singer”! I know he was looking to do a “walk on” performance somewhere near the expo… like he did when we were in Michigan.

Max was our grower for the crop in Maine… and will be in the booth. #235


Learn How to Combat Microbes
Agriair’s PHI technology safely eliminates 99% of pathogens, mold spores, VOC’s and other pests such as leaf aphids, in turn maximizing yields and insuring the purity of your harvest. The PHI technology used by Agriair proactively sanitizes every square inch of your HVAC system, flowering room, trimming, drying and packaging rooms. Come visit us at booth 128 to learn more!


I know that you may have a ton of growers struggling with the Colorado Russet Mite. The company that did this study (rid the mites on their cannabis clones using our light, and saw the difference in their root structure and stem color… green instead of blue) is also going to be at the show. You may have already heard of them… Brighterside Vertical Farms. I would recommend that you also stop at their booth. They performed the study when they found out that our light repelled aphids, spider mites, and thrips.


I’m making a list of all the vendor booths of people on here to visit! Should be a fun time, getting excited! Would like to figure out a way to post some live video feed on here (then I can put you guys on the spot haha!)

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@Jordan let’s get Brighterside Vertical Farms on the forum. I’m sure everyone would greatly benefit from reading that study!

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Brighterside has just applied to be a member. They will be just down the aisle from us at INDO Expo… just trying to make it easier so you don’t have to walk too far!


Perfect, Frank Haughton from Brighterside just applied. @BrendanW is calling them now!

Thanks for inviting them. :slight_smile:

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You made a good decision to accept them. Brighterside has a very interesting product portfolio… and has modified for the cannabis industry.


Trying to send you a letter that I just rec’d from the European Union League. Believe that it was intercepted by our email security system.


Did you e-mail it? Nothing in my inbox yet.

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Gary, just read that attachment. Is that something you can share with the group here? Because that is awesome news if I read that correctly! (Plus now inquiring minds are going to want to know!)

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Absolutely… just refer to it as European Union League… don’t use any of the names that are referenced on the letter or the attachment.


Here it comes!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it tomorrow to Indo Expo (my wife just had some major dental work done today and while she gave me her blessing to go, I can tell she’s hurting pretty bad and I don’t think I’d have much fun knowing she’s in pain and I’m doing something like this.)

But Sunday? Oh man. I am going to pump her full of edibles and I have a list here of people that are going to get a visit from THIS GUY! :grinning:

If you haven’t reached out to me yet or posted up your booth # and you’re attending, definitely do it up and I’ll stop by and say hi!

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Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. All the best to the wife! Hope she feels better soon.