Inkfromblood's grow #3

You’re totally right.
The vegetative growth is going fast, but unfortunately the stem is still pretty weak.
I strapped it to a support, and hopefully that helps!


Day 26 - June 19, 2023

Wow! Lots of growth.
Same feeding schedule as I’ve been doing.
The large ones are ready for a repotting and topping very very soon.
Perhaps should have even done that this weekend, but it felt like only 1 week in the 1 gallon pots was too quick. Though, overall this grow is MUCH faster than my previous.


Day 31 - June 24, 2023

How did so many days go by without an update?
Biggest update to date - lots of change.

Yesterday, I repotted all the plants - Wedding Cake and White Wedding to 3 Gallon air pots.
Unfortunately, the 413 Diesel - despite it starting to get a thicker stem - had a very weak root ball and so, I took it out of the tent for good. I trimmed it down and burried it a little deeper int he medium and put it outside - just to see what might happen. Not attached to it, so that is now an experimental plant.

But the WC and WW looked good.

This morning, I gave them a good feeding and went and topped them and started on the ole LST.
I really love training the plants, I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.


Day 32 - June 26, 2023

I’m always extra cautious after a transplant and topping, but these plants showed this morning that they are happy and continuing to grow beautifully.

This morning, just fed both 1000ml.
I didn’t touch any of the LST yet, I’ll wait till there is a bit more growth.

I recently got a 3D printer (resin) and will hopefully be making up some training devices to make things easier.


Day 34 - June 28, 2023

Been home with a cold.
This morning, opened the doors to that lovely odor of these plants. Love that.
Regular feeding, 1000 ml each.
Added some new ties for further training.


Day 38 - July 2, 2023

Did some serious hair cutting and training adjustments with a normal feeding.


Day 44 - July 8, 2023

What a difference a few days makes - when you are slow on the updates.
Full feeding 1500 ml today. Everyone is looking happy!

AND, that 413 Diesel that was not doing so well, its been oustide this whole time and really building itself up. I may play to repot it up sometime soon.


If you’re gonna keep it outside, you might want to repot it soon because it won’t be long and flowering stretch will start. Would be good to have roots established in the new pot when it happens. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Day 46, 2023

Had previously cranked up the lights, but I think it may have gotten too intense for the left side plant, as it started to get brown spots. But also will be monitoring for some deficiencies as the right side plant is looking totally fine. So I toned down the lights slightly and raised them up a little as well.


Day 47 - July 11, 2023

Not looking so hot this morning. I guess it wasn’t just the lights.
This plant has some issues persisting, and unfortunately I have little time this morning to address it.

Any insights or help is appreciated!

Looks like a potential potassium deficiency?

Strange thing is the other plant in the same tent, getting the same feed is totally fine.


Day 56 - July 20, 2023

Wow big time skip.
So, today I gave the gals a BIG Haircut…and every time I do this I think “this is too much” but in the end its been working out fine.

Gave the Wedding Cake just some PH’d water for that deficiency but the White Wedding got a normal feed. Also trying out some of those 3D printed training clips to see how they work out.

The outdoor 413 Diesel is growing slow but looking good!


Day 62, July 26, 2023

Plants are looking good post haircut.
WW looks full and gorgeous. Gave it a full 2000ml feed.

WC is coming back, a little on the yellow side - started reintroducing nutrients after just PH water for the past few days. 1/4 nutes, 3/4 water. 2000ml.


Day 65, July 29, 2023

Welp, I cannot figure out the WC plant. Seems to still be dealing with that brown spotting and yellow leaves and slow growth. Maybe I’ll try just water for a while.

But the WW is growing beautifully…so at the least I could stretch that to fill the tent if I need to axe the WC. Should be flipping soon.


Day 69 (Nice), August 2, 2023

Oh what a crappy morning.

Woke and that Wedding Cake has shit the bed. At this point in the grow, I don’t think its worth any effort to try to resuscitate.

Luckily, the White Wedding continues to look super flush - so I’m gonna do what I kinda wanted to do from the start and fill out that entire tent with just one plant - and I’m glad it gets to be her.

One question I’m debating is whether I should transplant from the 3 gallon into a 5 gallon.
I’m leaning towards yes.


Sorry to see she didn’t make it. But everything is a learning experience. Good luck with your other one.


Yes, Up pot to a 5.
Is that white wedding cake an ethos? I have one going myself. :+1:t3:


Yes i would up size the pot and out of interest pull theWC and see how the roots look. I am wondering about it being rootbound?


Im wondering if it has to do with your heater. That is a heater in the middle of them? @inkfromblood .
Maybe its to close to them


I would be surprised with it being root bound in an air pot.
BUT, I’m guessing the culprit is some root rot though.


Nope, just a fan.