Introduce yourself!

Hey Will,

Thanks for your message and the lovely introduction! I’m happy to be in this community and appreciate you highlighting our signature services :slight_smile: There are so many opportunities for dynamic experiential marketing and I’ll gladly do an article!



Not yet, but I’ll look into it, what a great idea!


WomenGrow is fun and informative. I highly recommend you check one out in your area!

Guys, don’t let the name fool you: WomenGrow events are very inclusive and are aimed at empowering EVERYBODY! I sometimes attend the Phoenix WomenGrow and I always come away from the event with more knowledge in my head, new friends and connections, and sometimes a fun swag bag!

I would love to get WomenGrow on GNET…has anyone else here ever attended a WomenGrow event? What was your takeaway?


My partner who is female introduced me to them a while back. I love their YouTube channel! Absolutely informative and plan on attending events in the future for sure! WomanGrow is a great resource, no matter how you identify.


Nick – what are logistics for us to get on for our 11 AM Mountain webinar today? How do we load our slide deck – Do you do that?

I am at 416-315-7477. Thx Sam.

Good morning! Are you ready?

I’ll call you in a little while. The AMA will start at 11am MST. I will send out a reminder email an hour prior. If you would like to load the deck, you can do so on the AMA. You can upload files right from your message window by clicking on the “upload” tab (it looks like a little upward-pointing arrow right above the body of your text).

Click Here to go to today’s AMA with John Archibald, CEO and Director of CO2 Gro

Hello everyone,
I am currently an assistant manager for a small dispensary called Ganja Gourmet, Ive been in the industry since 2016. Even though I am new in the Industry I would like to hopefully in the future start my own concentrate business in the next 3-5 year. Yes it is going to be a lot of planning and work needed to make this dream a reality but I am willing to do what it takes. With the help of this community I believe that this goal is attainable. Thank your for your time and knowledge and I look forward to comunicating with all of you.


That was terrific Nick and Hunter!!

Could we get a transcript of the questions and answers?

We want to put that up on our website.

Best Sam.


Welcome @samuel.horton21! What products do you serve at the Ganja Gourmet?

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Hi Sam!

We don’t have a tool yet to post the transcript from the Discourse. There is a way to do it though, by disabling javascript on your browser and downloading the page as a PDF, as detailed here. When we reach 12:00 MST, I’ll go ahead and do that for you if you’d like.


Hi everyone! I’m Amye King and I’m happy to be on this network with so many brilliant people - the real movers and shakers of the industry! We are a captive insurance firm that was originated after the devastating CA fires last fall - so hard for us to watch those fires ruin so many crops that had no insurance on them. We have been doing captive formation and management for over a decade for non cannabis clients but at that point, we knew we needed to form a new company that could help growers, producers, distributors and others who struggled to find insurance coverage. Lately, my days are mostly spent talking with hemp investors and farmers who are looking for outdoor crop coverage, but with a captive program, we can work with anyone to tailor the coverage to your unique risks - So whatever risks you have, I’d be honor to talk with you about getting those covered! We also do a free risk assessment of your current commercial policies to see what gaps, exclusions and additional protection you may want to look into.

[email protected]


Hey @amyeking! We have heard so many tragic stories here in the GNET office resulting from those fires! Those fires underscored the very real need for farmers to insure their crops. Thanks for recognizing a need and standing up to help resolve it!


Captive insurance has been used to cover various cannabis businesses interruption, product recall, investigation defense, environmental liability (pesticides, smog etc) and another big one besides outdoor crop has been for trace and track cyber risk liability. We’ve have made our solution affordable and obtainable - it’s not just for the guys making all the green, it’s for anyone since whether you buy the insurance or not, the risk is still there! :grimacing:


What a great forum, congrats @hunter.

I am a San Diego-based consultant ( JD, MBA) with an interesting journey into state sanctioned cannabis. For almost two years I have been helping a very noteworthy “cannaprenuer” with his multi-state, multi-function brand - including a farm, an innovative extraction lab and a hot concentrate brand.

In CA, I also work for a firm that combines my business acumen with a land-use expert and his team to develop local and state applications that the authorities LOVE! Our packages are 200-300 pages minimum and full of everything they need to approve.

Many of our clients have the real estate locked in but a great deal of them need help identifying and acquiring rights to operate. For this latter group, we offer discovery services. We even run across potential investors looking to support or participate in existing operations from time to time.

If any of this sounds interesting, please reach out.

WHATEVER YOU DO > Please don’t pay a consultant to “get you a license” or accept guarantees of any kind. This is an unreasonable expectation/promise and most likely a sign of bad things to come in your relationship.


Hey there, @coachchriscahill! What a diverse background you are coming from! It sounds like you have created a great family of brands! Your expertise will be very welcome here (and I guarantee you will learn more!)

Awesome to have you here!

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Welcome Chris,

Look forward to visiting with you.



Hi, my name is Christina Weed. I am a Co–Founder of Weed Law, PC:

Our law firm assists clients in the cannabis industry with federal and state taxation, business law, tax and business disputes, civil litigation, licensing, advocacy, and estate planning. We are located in the SF bay area but assist clients throughout the state of California. In addition, we are involved in lobbying efforts at the state level through the Conference of California Bar Associations:

Excited to have been invited to this group!

  • C. Weed

@cweed…I’m sure you get this one all the time: is Weed your REAL last name, or did you change to appropriately suit this industry?!

Either way, it’s very cool to have you and your services here! I am looking forward to your contributions!

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Ha! Yes, it’s my REAL last name. Nice to meet you!


So fortuitous! :grinning:

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