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My name is Nick Morin and I am the creator of Growers Network. I’ll tell you more in my post below. I may have created this community, but our community backbone is our members: people like you!

I’m here to help maximize the success of the Growers Network community, so let me know how I can help improve the value of your membership

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Hello GNET community! It’s a great pleasure and honor to be your Community Manager! Like you, I harbor a love and passion for everything cannabis has to offer; I am eager to share that passion and my experiences with you all. Along this journey together, I very much look forward to learning about you too!

I have been a cannabis grower and aficionado for most of my life. After a serious accident while hiking when I was a bit younger, I became a medical cannabis patient. I have worked at all levels of the cannabis industry and on the supply side of the industry as well. I have been fortunate to get to work with growers, suppliers, vendors and professionals all over the world. It is my mission to educate and empower my fellow cannabis professionals to succeed in their respective cannabis businesses.

Thank you for letting me be a part of our growing community. I am very excited to be your CM. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or advice you might have. I would love to get to know you!



Welcome to the community! I am an entrepreneur inspired to make a meaningful impact in the world fueled through my business endeavors. In high school, I founded a consulting firm that focused on helping small business owners with their marketing and advertising. While attending the University of Arizona, I launched two organizations, InnovateUA, the number one resource on campus for student startups and Hack Arizona, the largest collegiate hackathon in the southwest.

Originally from Washington, but currently residing in Tucson, Arizona and proudly serving as the CEO of Growers Network.

I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you!


Hi Everyone!
I’m Ian, currently working toward a Masters Degree which uses both BA-Global Business and BS-Management as a foundation. Some particular interests are; finance, medicine, clean energy, along with sustainable agriculture. During statistics class we learned ANOVA (analysis of variation) which Ive reconstructed to identify the most economically efficient LED horticulture fixture using a 20 factor matrix, a Lighting Passport, and IBM-SPSS statistical software.

When we think about the global population growth, deterioration of the environment (global warming & pollution), we can see its wise to research and develop LED technology that will help create a economically sustainable food production system. This system can be used for all crops and eventually used to help establish a ozone atmosphere for Mars.

The YouTube videos below help explain some foundation principals for the ANOVA.

I’m Nate and I live, breathe, and sleep everything involved with growing cannabis. My day job is running, and my night job is…testing new inventory :wink:

I grew up in New Jersey and Washington State. Went to school at the University of Oregon, then swiftly moved down to the San Francisco area where I worked as a manager at the Green Cross dispensary and From there I broke off and started with my father. Goal is to build the one-stop-shop for everything related to the production of cannabis.

I have been known to do a lot of informal testing of products on our Growers House Review Lab.

Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning even more through this group of cannabis professionals!


Thanks for introducing yourself, welcome to Growers Network!


Hello, I’m George from California LightWorks. Glad to meet all the outstanding talent on this forum.

We manufacture LED grow lights and related controllers. Our goal is to take the latest in solid state lighting and controls technology and apply them to the indoor horticulture industry.

I come from an extensive background in the high tech industry. We also have a group growers on our staff who have some serious experience growing with LEDs.

We’re based in Southern California. We’re here to help and are looking forward to being part of this forum.


Welcome George! Glad to have you be part of the community.

Welcome George! We’re talking about LEDs with one of our future Growers Spotlight articles, so it’s great to have you on the community!

Hey George. Its great to see you on here. Hope everything is going well for the holidays.

Glad to have you be part of the community Erin!

Hi I’ve been a grower since 2006 mostly indoor hydro but do soils also. I have grown over 30 strains both Indica and Sativa. My passion is cannabis and with cancer I infuse oils for edibles. I also infuse topical oils for treatment of skin cancer. I pride myself on pest free organic use but hydro is chemically grown with advance nutrients. I love the types of strains that I have kept which never fall below 20% and as high as 28%.


Welcome espx! What are some of your favorite strains to grow?

Welcome to the community, both of you!

Good to see Hydrofarm, Erin. They’re an excellent supplier!

Welcome espx! I’m curious about the skin treatment oils you use. What have your clients said about them?

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Hello everyone. My name is Gary Morgan and I’m the owner/manager of a State of Alaska licensed - Marijuana Cultivation Facility located in Southeast Alaska. My cultivation company is doing business as SE Moog Droog LLC, and I’m located halfway between Juneau and Ketchikan. I’m currently still in the licensing process, but expect to be fully licensed by mid January and starting my first grow in the facility.

My facility is newly built with just under 500 sq ft of canopy. I’ll be growing hydroponically in a sealed environment using the Current Culture Recirculating Deep Water Culture system and will be using Current Solutions Nutrients.
My Flower Room design is as follows;

Under Current Double Barrel 16XXL13 - (16 site - 13 gallon Growth Modules)
24 vertical 1000 watt HPS lights.
8 burner CO2 Generator
1 Quest 205 Dehumidifier
1 Penguin 1/2 HP water Chiller
RO Filter with rainwater catchment/reservoir
8 - 12" air circulation fans
2- 12" Carbon Filters and inline fans
DIY - Far Red spectrum flower initiator lights
DIY - UV Lights for room sterilization

I’m happy to see Nate from Growers House here… I’m a fan of his company and have begun purchasing many of my materials and equipment from his company. They have a very good online ordering catalog/site and great customer support. On top of that they have the most competitive prices around, including special pricing for commercial growers.

I look forward to learning and sharing with this community, and look forward to discussing all topics.


Thanks for sharing your setup Gary, and welcome!

Welcome Gary!

I’m curious to see what your facility looks like! Got any pictures to share?

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The building is still being built. Give me another two to three weeks. By the end of December I should have it pretty close to completed, and I’ll share some pictures.