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How to Get the Most Value from Growers Network

Getting the Most Value from Growers Network

In this topic I’m going to discuss how to you can increase the value of what you are getting from Growers Network and to maximize your investment and time spent here! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask via reply and I’d be more than happy to help answer them!

Let’s get started with some general topics that are must-see!

The Introductions Topic

The Introductions topic is a great place to not only start your Growers Network experience but to welcome in new members as well!

If you have not done so yet, you are highly encouraged to introduce yourself to the forum! A short message about yourself, your role in your company or your place in this industry, etc.

It can be formal or informal; the idea is to break the ice and simply to know who is who and who is new!

Already said hello? It’s a great opportunity for existing members to greet new members on the site which is the basis of networking!

Click Here for the Introductions Topic!

The Badge Directory

Did you know that you can search for specific members not only by their self-identified profession but by individual state too? Our badge directory makes the process easy and streamlined!

Enter in the specific state that you are looking for a particular type of member in. Then, select from the drop-down menu the type of profession you are looking for. All members identified by that state and profession then show up in the result list, giving you direct, fast access to more of the connections you are here to make!

Click Here for the Badge Directory!

Vendor Corner

For members with paid Vendor Corner memberships, this is your home base as a company.

Anything related to your company that you would like to post you typically would place within your vendor corner. Advertisements, promotionas

Click Here for the Vendor Corner!

Interested in purchasing a Vendor Corner? Send me a private message to @Jordan and I’ll get you more information on what that all entails!

Ask Me Anything

The Ask Me Anything, or AMA, is a 1 hour long Question-and-Answer style interview that takes place right here on the Growers Network private forum.

Members are allowed and encouraged to post their questions via typed response and your chosen representative(s) for the AMA would then answer those questions via typed reply.

The AMA’s take place typically every other Wednesday at 11 AM MST.

Send me a private message to @Jordan if you’d like to know how to schedule one and get setup!

Growers Spotlight

Growers Spotlight is a collection of interviews featuring the leading commercial cannabis professionals discussing the top issues in the industry.

Articles and interviews are submitted to Growers Network to Hunter Wilson @Hunter for consideration and review and if and when approved, built out on the public side of Growers Network for the world to view!

Click Here for Growers Spotlight!

Performance Testing

Growers Network offers crowd-sourced performance testing for verified equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

You place your products in the hands of top cannabis growers around the world, receive feedback, and iterate upon your product development life cycle.

Growers document the performance testing process and give real world, unbiased feedback on how the products perform!

Click here for more information on Performance Testing!

Discounts for Growers Network Members

Did you know we have a topic specifically for members on here to post up special discounts and promotions just for the Growers Network community?

If you have any sort of discount, promotion, or voucher you’d like to share with your fellow community members (or if you want to create one specifically for Growers Network,) feel free to post them up or message me and I will add them in!

Click here for the Discounts for Growers Network Members topic!

I will be updating this topic as we go, check back often! I hope this helps out!




Thanks, Jordan!